Monday, 22 June 2009

Should Europe be scared of the rise of the far right?

QT Audience
"4 legs good - two legs bad"
"Ethnics good - white people bad"
"Establishment good - BNP bad"

The Green Arrow has received the following email from Johnny Miller of Press TV.

Hi there

We are filming a show in London this Thursday evening, entitled, “Should Europe be scared of the far right?” It is hosted by Andrew Gilligan with 4 panelists and a studio audience. The panel will be made up of Labour and UKIP MEPs, political commentators and campaigners.

We are always looking for interested audience members who we think might be able to get passionately into the debate. I came across your blog and thought you might be interested in attending. Invite below. Please get back to me if available.



0208 *** ****

07766 ** ** **

Every Thursday, 18:00 to 19:30

West London

25th JUNE

“Should Europe be scared of the rise of the far right?” Hosted by Andrew Gilligan

This is your chance to put your questions and arguments to MPs, Ambassadors, newspaper editors and activists in front of a global audience!

Press TV is pleased to invite you to join the audience for a TV current affairs debate show, Forum. The hour long programme, hosted by British Journalist of the Year, Andrew Gilligan and Sony award winning LBC radio host Nick Ferrari features 4 specialist panellists who will debate a different issue each week in the format of BBC’s Question Time. We broadcast on SKY and around the world.

It is filmed every Thursday evening in West London discussing everything from from US global hegemony, Iraq, Afghanstan and environmental issues to political sleaze and the rise of the BNP. Recent panelists include Tony Benn, Palestian Ambassador, Manuel Hassassain, Lembit Opik, Guido Fawkes, Lord David Steel, countless MPs, Minsters, Journalists and political comedians.

We are looking for people who will be able to put their questions and passionate arguments to those in power to help invigour global debate. However, if you just want sit and listen to a great debate there’s a place for you to.

If you are interested in attending one of our events, please email for more info. Audience members are also paid a small fee to attend and refeshments are provided at the studios.

Hope to see you soon!


No guys, sorry but no. However, thank you for the opportunity to provide me with the chance of having a platform to promote the British National Party on your show but feel that you would have been better off, inviting either Nick Griffin MEP or Andrew Brons MEP of the BNP to have sat on the panel.

However, if neither of those gentlemen are available then I would be prepared to be one of the panellists, providing you were prepared to play a tape of two death threats that I have received from supporters of the political thugs of Unite Against Fascism whose Chairman is Ken Livingstone. Incidentally good work on revealing the truth about Lee Jasper.