Sunday, 21 June 2009

The BNP is a baked potatoe. Mash the BNP

Seriously BNP, you must watch the video of the sad and pathetic UAFs retreat from Blackpool. It really is hilarious. You can see some of them actually blushing with shame.

The BNP is a baked potatoe. Mash the BNP. Are these people real?

Then when you have had a good laugh, go over to the BNP Chronicle for an excellent report and another really funny video of something called Tara Hewitt(still not sure what sex) giving a speech outside the Kimberley Hotel.

So embarrassing is Tara, that you can actually see the few people there, slink of as she rambles on and on.

And what a voice. If I was an a LGBT in its part of the world, I would seriously think of going straight, rather then listen to its voice at meetings.


Hmmm. Reading Tara Hewitt's blog I feel a twinge of pity for this poor, unhappy creature.