Friday, 12 June 2009

Plaid - The Liars of Wales Party

Damn but I hate these articles where I have to think and link but it has to be done.

OK, our target for today. Is the nasty communist party of Wales, otherwise known as Plaid, who have been slowly and quietly dropping the word Cymru from most of their letterheads and push the wet dream One World under marxism agenda.

Plaid Cymru is the party for the people of Wales, representing everyone who has chosen to make Wales their home.
By everyone of course, they mean anyone who is not white and especially not English. But we will come back to that shortly.

In this article, entitled, Plaid Cymru's Communist links Exposed, the British National Party revealed how Leanne Woods, a Plaid Welsh Assembly Member, made donations to the Communist Party of Great Britain.

Now communists such as Adam Price, the Plaid MP for Carmarthen East, learnt a long time ago that being openly communist would get them nowhere and so they decided to infiltrate other political parties and seek to achieve their ends by changing those parties from within. With regards to Plaid, they have succeeded magnifcently.

Price, who has said of himself "I was a socialist before I was a nationalist", has never really changed. Once a liar always al liar. Price, who is openly homosexual and who prefers to eat Halal meat has a pakistani boyfriend, which may be a reason why he actively supports the moslem colonisation of Wales.

Price of course, is also famous for putting his foot, amongst other things, into his mouth, when he said that the voters of Wales would not be swayed by the British National Party, just days before Plaid councillor Merion Bowen bravely put Wales before Party and joined the BNP as one of their ever growing army of councillors, making the following statement along the way.
“I walked away from Plaid because I was being dictated to by party politics,” he said.

“People feel let down by Plaid and Labour and the BNP is prepared to address certain issues other parties aren’t.

“Labour and Plaid have lost their way while the BNP has more in common with the man in the street.”
Now getting back to Plaid, Price and the English. In the above video, where Price, reluctantly agrees to speak to Roger Phillips of Wales BNPtv, he refuses to answer our interviewers questions about his views on the statement by a fellow Plaid member, that all Plaid has to do is "get the English out of Wales.".

But talking to Price about Christianity is pointless, because Plaid, further reveals its communist links by celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Spanish Civil war and the part that some welsh communists played in trying to turn Spain into a communist country that would have elimanted religion, especially Christianity.

And in this article here, in which he tells his readers that some unknown person think that his head should be placed on a spike as a traitor (which he is), he reveals his racism and hatred toward both the Welsh and the English by saying:
The only traitors here are the Welsh who trample every minority underfoot with the Union’s old jackboot that once trampled upon us.
Boy has this man gone native and not just in his eating habits. But then again they do say that love can make you do strange things. Even betray your country. Does he even have a clue as to what his fate would be, should he be successful in turning Wales into an Islamic State? Is he that stupid. The answer to that of course, must be yes.

But Plaid People are not just stupid. They are Liars also. Liars on a grand scale. Because as you can see in this other shameful article, Plaids Myfanwy Davies says:
”The BNP's attitude to disabled people as a burden on society and their denial of the most basic women's rights - including protection from rape and domestic violence - means they cannot be accepted as part of ordinary politics. I can't imagine what it would be like to be a disabled person or an abused woman who would have to go to a BNP councillor or representative for help with their problems.”
Now, I do not know about you. But I find that statement deeply offensive and I am not usually offended by anything. They insult the disabled members of the British National Party and they insult the BNP lady councillors, officers and members within the only political party that really does give equal opportunites to women whilst giving them the extra respect they deserves as mothers of our nation.

I can assure you of this, if the women who are born into the slavery of Islam, had the courage of the BNP women, then there would be no Islam. They would not allow themselves to be treated like animals and deprived of their rights.

Having read the offensive article, I took the liberty of contacting BNP Councillor Kevin Edwards and asking him for his comments on the above. Councillor Edwards was kind enough to send me the following email.
This is just another ridiculous, vitriolic lie directed by Plaid Cymru against the British National Party.If they think such unfounded allegations carry any merit or credibility then they are wrong.Why don't they take us on in a debate over policy ? We have no problem with that but they do. The onus is now on Plaid ( I refuse to use Cymru) to prove that their accusations are true. Something they know they cannot do.

To spread lies about us as a Party to members of society and deliberately manufacture fear amongst vulnerable individuals is beneath contempt.

May I suggest that anyone who is as disgusted as I am contact Plaids Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Llanelli Dr Myfanwy Davies on the following links and ask her what evidence she has for such allegations


Mobile Number: 07800 902398
Thanks you Councillor. And we move on.

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