Monday, 29 June 2009

Brown is pandering to the British National Party

Well one thing that has shown up in the last few weeks, as been the fact that a vote for the British National Party, is never a wasted vote.

Because when the people start voting BNP, the self survival instincts of the the corrupt politicians kick in and they start to worry about being ejected from the Gravy Train they have ridden for so long. They even start to think twice about their mad, New World Order Agenda and creating La La Land for madmen.

They know, that if they are thrown off the train, most of them are not capable in surviving in the shite new world order they helped create and so however much they hate doing it, they are forced to listen to the voice of the people. Too late for that now - more and more of the people have woken up to their lies and false promises.

Lies, like the one given by the unelected, snot eating Brown Clown yesterday.
Local residents will also be given priority over immigrants and people from other areas on council housing queues,
They will not deliver on that. They cannot deliver on it. The laws they put in place will not allow it. The local authorities they have jammed pack with their La La Land supporters will not allow it. The colonisers(they are not immigrants) will still be allowed to jump waiting lists.

Government plans are already in place to build five and seven bedroomed homes across the country, I have seen the documents. Now who do you think those new homes, with "specially" designed cooking facilities and toilets are for? Not you. Not me. Not the Smiths, the Browns and the True British people.

Meanwhile the colonisers will still get this kind of treatment, when white people in similar circumstances would have their children taking into care, their familes broken up and separated by the state.
The family in the £147,000-a-year property moved in last July, after they were assessed as needing to live in a home with at least seven bedrooms due to the size of their family group.
But just as as the government of the day throws money into constituencies where their MP has only a slight majority, so to, do they throw money into areas that they now perceive as being under threat from the British National Party. Which these days, is all of them. You want things done, then the answer is simple. Vote BNP, your vote is never wasted.