Wednesday, 17 June 2009

No Surrender

Ulster - Always Loyal

If you watch the news today, you will find The Establishment shooting their big mouths off at the fact that the put upon people of Ulster have retaliated for having hundreds of "Romanians" dumped into their community.

The fact of the matter, that the BBC will not tell you, is that the "Romanians" are actually "Roma". You might know these people by other names. None of them favourable.

And you will read that these immigrants are required to do the work that the lazy people of Belfast will not do and that again is a lie. Their women are ferried on mass into the City Centre every day, where they spend their time begging. And God only knows what their men do. But it is not work because there is hardly any work and daily there are reports of job losses throughout Northern Ireland.

No, these people are brought in to dilute and undermine the unity of the people of Northern Ireland, the same way that the colonisers are being used throughout the rest of the United Kingdom. To deny us the right to be ourselves.

But you know all about what is going on. You, unlike the voters of the Lib/Lab/con alliance are fully aware of the evil being carried out against the British People in Wales, Ulster, Scotland and England.

What is going to get your goat is the Irish mass murderer and MP, Martin (the murderer) McGuinness of Sinn Fein/IRA.
"We need a collective effort to face down these criminals in society who are quite clearly intent on preying on vulnerable women and children.

We are going to do everything in our power to ensure these criminals, these racist criminals, don't have their way.
What breathtaking hypocrisy from a marxist killer who came to power with the Armalite in one hand and the ballot box in the other. A foul mouthed racist bog pig, who still sucked up £306,806 of taxpayers money last year for doing nothing but verbally attack the English. Marginally better than blowing their children to bits, I suppose. That is one man whose grave I would dance on. Oh and the other baby killer, Adams.

And now of course the Ulster people are to be branded as "racists" because they dare to question the Establishments decision to use their homeland as a dumping ground for unwanted colonisers. Well we are all racists now Ulster, so welcome to our world.

Belfast Council is painting over of these displays of Loyalty to the Crown

And replacing them with this kind of muck

And what does Lord Mayor Naomi Long have to say about the colonisers?

"They have a right to be in Belfast. They are part of the fabric of this city. I want to see them treated with the respect and dignity that I would demand for any other citizen,"

NO YOU BLOODY TRAITOR. They have NO right to be in Belfast. Did you ask the people of Belfast? NO. Because you would have been told where to go.

And the same applies in Our Part of the British Isles. We were not asked whether we wanted Our Country to be swamped by aliens from other cultures. We are not racists. We just want to keep what belongs to us and hold for our children. And damn you all. We will.


Police struggle to cope with 800% rise in crimes committed by Romanians in UK