Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Stereotyping of the BNP

The House of God
Closed to tall bald men

A man lighting a candle in the memory of his dead mother, who had died as a result of being attacked by a patient in a psychiatric hospital, was thrown out of a house of God because he was tall and had a bald head.

By all accounts the man, who was dressed in a shirt, trousers and brogues was thought to have been a member of the British National Party.

Canon Chris Chivers who called the police to question and search the man said:
"The BNP are known holocaust deniers and it was suggested to us that the programme would be an easy target for their disruption".
Since when has the BNP been responsible for attacking Churches or what passes for their pitiful clergy these days?

Would he have thrown an Asian out in case he was a Moslem, who have a proven track record of burning down churches and attacking Christian Preachers? I think not.

No wonder the pews are as empty as this mans head.