Saturday, 10 May 2008

Another racial and religious attack on a Priest

Turning the other cheek these days Father, is just an invitation for
another smack in the face. Time for Church Militant.

Back in March of this year, we reported a savage attack on Canon Michael Ainsworth by two Moslem youths who racially and religiously abused him before leaving him requiring hospital treatments for two black eyes, severe bruising and cuts to various parts of his body.

The article pointed out that these attacks by Moslems were all part of a well tried and tested routine developed over centuries to drive out real religions from areas that the Cult of the Dead Paedophile had colonised and now marked out as their land.

Now there as been another racial and religious attack on yet another Priest. The Reverend Keven Scully was beaten up in his own churchyard by yet another gang of Moslem youths. You notice they never attack alone? After beating the Priest to the ground, they then launched an assault on a Good Samaritan who tried to help Father Scully.

The beating was preceded by an incident where the Moslems had been using the Cross on the front of the Church as a basketball hoop. One wonders how long a group of white youths would have lasted bouncing a ball of the walls of a Mosque? Not long, thats for sure.

Father Scully obviously suffered some form of brain damage during the attack who despite reporting the following:

“There is a certain racial and religious element to this,”
“I have been and was taunted religiously — and that is a worrying aspect of it.
Went on to come out with the biggest load of nonsense I have read in a long time.
“They could probably have a very bright future ahead of them if they only did something about it.”
Obviously some form of brain damage. Probably the same sort of brain damage as the local police who consider the attack to be just a "simple assault".

If you do not want to see another Kosovo, with Churches burnt to the ground, Priests and Christian murdered, then you had better start thinking about joining the British National Party.

Because rest assured no other political party has the courage to face up to the tremendous dangers that now threaten not just Our Country but our very lives.


Anonymous said...

I agree GA, the guy is brain damaged. Yet another example of how people in Britain are cowered by PC instead of standing up for their culture.

We are surrounded by liberal cowards. They simply refuse to believe muslims hate them, they refuse to open their eyes and look at the plight of christians, hindus, zoroastrans, and bhuddists in countries where muslims thrive.

What happens over there is now happening over here. And unless we stand up and fight the Islamic filth they will subjugate us. That is what Islam is and always has been it simply will not tolerate non-believers as equal.

More about this on Front Page here:

What Islam Isn't

The only good muslim is an apostate. We have to fight this Islamic plague or we will perish.

Anonymous said...

How scary is that, for a man to be beaten up by a bunch of cowards and then praise them for their efforts? dhimmitude in its purest form, it puts me in mind of the playground bully instilling such fear in his victims that they pay homage to him.

Anonymous said...

Agree with above 100%...
The attack on the priest ties in with the numbers game again!
Moslems know roughly their number and play to that accordingly.
We need to put constant pressure on politicians nagging the baskets on numbers and what we think should now be happening, because their fear will end up with folk here being slaughtered and i aint about to wait around quietly for that.