Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Reduced jail terms for racist Moslems

Still don't see what is happening? Still voting Lib/Lab/con.
Good for you stupid.

Three moslems who were part of an Asian Gang of nine men, who were jailed for attempted murder, grievous bodily harm and violent disorder have won three year reductions in their prison sentences at the Court of Appeal.

In an unprovoked attack, the Asian gang left John Payne paralysed when he was struck over the head with a Bangladeshi machete and when down was kicked so severely that parts of his skull were left embedded in his brain.

Had this been a racist attack by whites, these men would have had their sentences increased or been deported to Texas where they could have been executed.

One law for all in Our Country now. The law of the jungle and the survival of the fittest.

About this "Asian" word that the press insists on labelling Moslems with. The turnips have put forward this theory over on their forum: MPACUK.
When Muslims get murdered, suddenly they stop being Muslim. After all, that might stymie the expected/invoked pity and outrage which should surround the murder of a human being. Instead, they become teenagers and Asians. Or victims of teenage gang culture. But generally speaking, not Muslim.
Seems for once we are in agreement. I am not sure that the ploy works though. According to a crazed Pakistani girl, I care not a fig.


For the full horrific details of the attack with images of the offenders who were actually part of a racist gang of 30 Moslems, please visit the: Illustrated Pig to Islam.

Hat tip: Red Squirrel


Anonymous said...

Mr Griffin was just speaking on radio 5 live re the case.
The presenter mentioned then the gains the BNP had made in that area where the MURDER happened he said INCIDENT.

najistani said...

There's a magic formula for any Muslim to get the murder of an English person (no matter how vicious or unprovoked) reduced to manslaughter - just claim the victim was a BNP supporter.

Peter said...

Radio five live are giving a lot of airtime to the Keith Brown Murder case at the moment. It seems that verdicts have arrived for Khans sons.

Anonymous said...


On the street [in Brussels],
Malika El Aroud is anonymous in an Islamic black veil covering all but her eyes. In her living room, El Aroud, a 48-year-old Belgian, wears the ordinary look of middle age: a plain black T-shirt and pants and curly brown hair. The only adornment is a pair of powder-blue slippers monogrammed in gold with the letters SEXY. But it is on the Internet that El Aroud has distinguished herself. Writing in French under the name Oum Obeyda, she has transformed herself into one of the most prominent Internet jihadists in Europe.

She calls herself a female holy warrior for Al Qaeda. She insists that she does not disseminate instructions on bomb-making and has no intention of taking up arms herself. Rather, she browbeats Muslim men to go and fight, and rallies women to join the cause. […] She was detained last December with 13 others in a suspected plot to free a convicted terrorist from prison and to mount an attack in Brussels. But Belgian law required that they be released within 24 hours because no charges were brought and searches failed to turn up weapons, explosives or incriminating documents.

Now, even as El Aroud remains under constant surveillance, she is back home rallying militants on her Web site -- and collecting more than $1,100 a month in government unemployment benefits. "Her jihad is not to lead an operation but to inspire other people to wage jihad," said Glenn Audenaert, the director of Belgium's federal police force. "She enjoys the protection that Belgium offers. At the same time, she is a potential threat."

Born in Morocco, raised from a young age in Belgium, El Aroud [...] operates from her three-room apartment above a clothing shop in a working-class Brussels neighborhood where she spends her time communicating with supporters on her main forum, Minbar-SOS. Although she insists she is not breaking the law, she knows the police are watching. And if the authorities find way to put her in prison, she said: "That would be great. They would make me a living martyr."

Source URL:

The Green Arrow said...

Hello RS, good work. Thank your daughter and add it to our forum please. Sarah could have used that in her article about slavery:)

Red Squirrel said...

Cheers GA!

I will tell her, I like the cage effect, my text was not good quality though, I got lost on photoshop CS2.:-)
That young Pakistani woman that you encountered, very strange. Did she not realise that she didn't need to strip off to be accepted as British? LOL, and now she's got Demise G after her body ha ha ha!

I've not been posting much lately because I have had oedema and in quite a bit of pain."Shakin those dice," as you so aptly put it!
But I'm rapidly recovering after changing my diet and cutting out the booze. I didn't really consider having a bottle of wine every night was that bad, until I turned into a dirigible!
Life is sweet!

Rob Chapman said...

The racial double-standards being applied here are more than an outrage- they're criminal.

For these Muslims to be shown the slightest mercy in this case can have no other consequence but to further encourage more attacks against Whites.

Quite sad. said...

Are you going to comment on the trial of Sheppard and O'Farrell?