Monday, 26 May 2008

The GLA, white victims, Victory

OK, here I go again. You simply must watch this video and LISTEN to the lyrics of the songs sung. Tell you what. Lets do a deal. If I post a video then it goes without saying that I really do want you to watch and listen.

This one is about....well watch and see for yourself.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Don't yer just love those results?
Had the BNP been in power all those British people would still be around enjoying the summertime instead of in a cold grave. put there by those we never asked wanted or invited to come here.
Don't say your English....Know it's not fitting with marxists but i'm English and proud to be part of the UNITED KINGDOMS WHITE FAMILY.

Anonymous said...

If the British people knew the truth about Islam, as distinct from the 'Religion of peace' propaganda from the BBC and LibLabCon, then they would realise the necessity of voting for the BNP.

Might I suggest producing an A5 flier which briefly summarises the main features of Islam as they will impact our children in the near future. The points should be few (I've listed ten below as an example) and expressed very simply without justification or examples. Each point should refer to a page on a specially set up website which gives justification and examples, and links to websites of Islam experts such as Jihadwatch, so the enquirer may research the topic to any level of detail. The fliers could then be distributed far and wide, pushed through letter boxes, slipped into library books, left in pubs etc etc. The BNP logo should not be prominent as some bleeding-heart liberals have the reflex action of binning any identifiable BNP publicity without reading it.


(1) Islam is an arrogant domineering religion that will tolerate no competition once it has the power.(Link)

(2) Hatred of non-Muslims is central to Muslim beliefs, attitudes and actions.(Link)

(3) Non-Muslims are seen as second-class citizens (dhimmis) to be intimidated, exploited, humiliated and legally discriminated against.(Link)

(4) Crimes against non-Muslims are not regarded as wrong.(Link)

(5) Sexual predation against non-Muslim women and children is widespread.(Link)

(6) There are high levels of sympathy for terrorists and acts of terrorism among apparently law-abiding Muslims.(Link)

(7) Muslims have recklessly high breeding rates in attempts to swamp the native population.(Link)

(8) Mohammed is the role model for all Muslims for all time. 'The perfect man' was a bandit, torturer, liar, rapist, paedophile and mass-murderer.(Link)

(9) Islam cannot be reformed or modernised since the Koran is the unchanging and unchallengeable word of God.(Link)

(10) Spreading Islam takes priority over everthing else and must be carrried out by any possible means, including lying (taqiyya), killing (jihad) and silencing any criticism.(Link)

Anybody think of any more points?