Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Are the BNP racist? Are the BNP fascist?

ED from Cheshire wondered if I would post an article he has written on the Green Arrow forum.

Delighted to oblige Ed. Here it is on the blog also.

Are the BNP racist, are the BNP fascist?. I say no to both those questions, however I'll leave you to decide. Read below then ask yourself are any of the policies below consistent with BNP policies, if your answer is no, then ask yourself who are really the racist fascist, bigots amongst us????????

The trend in politics over the last sixty years has been towards The New Fascism. This is simply the death of democracy and the end of the democratic political process itself. Whoever you vote for out of the establishment parties, the government always stays in power. Nothing changes and The System merely carries on perpetuating its own existence and increasing the power and privileges of the Liberal Elite that perpetually run the country.

The indigenous White community have been systematically and ruthlessly excluded from the political process itself. Along with being ethnically cleansed from their communities by immigrants imported into the country as cheap labour and cheap votes for the establishment parties, they have had to watch as the political process has ethnically cleansed them from itself.

In our modern societies the power to control society itself lies with the Gang of Four – this being the Media, the Government, the proponents of Political Correctness and the Judges.

The most pernicious forms of The New Fascism are listed below ;

A) Cultural Oppression – Whilst St.Georges Day Festivals are banned and the flying of Union Jacks and the English Flag defined as ‘ racist ‘ , our taxes and council taxes are used to fund ethnic and homosexual festivals in order to promote those groups in society.

B) Free Speech is destroyed – in order to stabilise multi-cultural societies free speech must be destroyed therefore affirming that free speech and multi-culturalism are incompatible. The right to Free Speech is the central core of our national and ethnic identity and its restriction and removal in order to create the multi-cultural state is an act of pernicious racism and cultural fascism.

C) Political Correctness is imposed and controlled through a cabal of self appointed race relations profiteers that destroys free speech and free debate in our society.

D) Minority Rule is imposed – the New Labour party only got the support of 23 % of the population of Britain, yet they are able to rule the other 77 % of the country through the government.

E) Institutional Racism – institutional racism against the indigenous white people of Britain has become enshrined in law through the Race Relations Acts. Positive discrimination schemes are racist schemes to disenfranchise the majority indigenous white community in favour of minorities.

F) Judges enshrine in common law and through statutory interpretation racism against the indigenous people and rule in favour of ethnic pressure groups.

G) Opposition parties are attacked – the leaders of opposition political parties are arrested by the politicised police force and charged with ‘ thought crimes ‘ and prosecuted by a politicised prosecuting authority before politicised courts. Members of opposition political parties are attacked by government thugs in the security services and state sponsored organisations such as Searchlight distribute state propaganda in elections to support the government.

H) The False Media broadcast lies and political propaganda disguised as news to the population and deny opposition parties a voice.

I) Political dissidents are persecuted by the police for thought crimes. Their phones are tapped and secret files kept on them.

J) Vote rigging and electoral scandals are widespread

K) The government enters illegal wars without the consent of the public

L) Political police prioritise crimes as demanded by their political masters – eg race attacks on ethnics are investigated whilst racist attacks against indigenous whites are ignored and not prosecuted.

M) A Corporate Fascist State is created where big business is rewarded contract on the basis of funding the political parties

N) Racist policies preventing white English football fans from travelling abroad on the basis of ‘police intelligence‘ are imposed, but an open door policy for illegal immigrants is imposed

O) The Church of England has become a political organisation for the PC Government not a religious organisation with its Clerical PC code more important than the teachings of the scriptures

P) Whites are being ethnically cleansed from their ancestral lands and being forced to abandon their own communities so that immigrants can take over their homes.

Q) Governments fund and assist illegal immigrants with housing and health care, but deny housing and health care to the indigenous population ( eg in cities homes are made available to illegal immigrants but in the countryside the white indigenous people are forced into homelessness by a lack of social housing and planning restrictions and whilst illegal immigrants get free hospital treatment , poor and overweight indigenous people are denied free health care)

R) Race attacks on whites are under recorded and under prosecuted whilst ace attacks on ethnics are used to enact political agendas that further damage the indigenous white people and our communities

In truth a racist is a person wining an argument with a socialist.


Thank you for that Ed. If anyone else has articles they would like published then send them to and I will check them out.


Anonymous said...

If, or rather when, the BNP manage to get into power then the first important step would surely be to withdraw immediately from the European Union. Once that had been accomplished, what other laws, passed during the last ten years, would have to be immediately repealed? The Race Relation, Human Rights, and Hunting Ban would be my first essential steps to freedom. Then we could start sorting out our immigration and Asylum problems though I should think the problem would have started, in a very small way, to solve itself once the enrichers realised that their gravy train was about to hit the buffers.

Anonymous said...

Enabling bill should be the first!
Just reverting to English common law makes all those laws passed void. it's due to their ignoring what is set in law that allows them and their lackies to bring in draconian laws to oppress the people.
Media censorship a very damaging aspect of life we now have.
When Germany was rearming and that had been kept secret what then?
Apparently the very violent far left has been causing much trouble in Gernmany.
It appears now that the right are saying bring it on the authorities there are scared.
May the 1st clashes between the police the left and right became violent a few cops hurt.
Worst clashes in years Yet the BBC failed again to report what should concern us all.
20 African women burned to death withcraft.
Palestinian guy living in Bethleham his hotel doing great.
What the FXXX do i care when it's news that effects my country is with-held?

Anonymous said...

Excellent post there, just what is needed.

LeedsLass said...

Here's another example of an emerging fascist state. It's the "Guidance for local authorities on community cohesion
contingency planning and tension monitoring" put forward by Hazel Blears. It's fairly long but worth reading - note especially the role of 'co-operation' by the media, the monitoring of political activists deemed to be 'extreme', the sharing of information with the EU. There's lots more and I'm sure you can draw your own conclusions. England = offshore gulag of the EU.

Anonymous said...

homosexuals do absolutely not get any government funding for any festivals, besides there is a big difference between a homegrown British group claiming its rights, or migrants who destroy exactly that part of British life which now still gives them rights. A governement under the BNP will in the end have no other result as a British versaion of sharia rule. What good is that? I wouldn't like the country to be governed by totalitarian people like the writer of the hone of the green arrow, as little as I wouldn't like a lib.lab.con reign.