Sunday, 18 May 2008

Boycott Islam

Peaceful protest and direct action against the rising tide of sectarian violence faced by the white/non-muslim community!


ivan said...

it is only common sense.they have boycotted our busineess's for years,when did you last see a muslim buying flowers ? when did you last see a muslim being driven by a white taxi driver ? why do you never see muslim names in the obituary column ? why dont muslims live in high rised flats ?

Aberdeen Patriot said...

Give the Glasgow lads a boost, post a comment to these Reds/

Anonymous said...

Your racism amuses and scares me. Before you claim you aren't racist, and you're just sticking up for the "indigenous" British population:
- This is a direct attack against a whole race (Muslim), with some emotive pictures at the end, which are hilariously misplaced seeing as in the First World War the British were fighting principally German troops.
- What counts as indigenous? I suppose you're all pure blood English then, without anything 'foreign'
- And yes, because someone was born a little way away from you over the channel or a stretch of land, that clearly makes them evil people who want to kill and rape you.
Well done.
In the interests of free speech I wonder if the "blog author" (as it says below) will permit this comment to go through. By the way, I'm white and English, so you might want to stick up for me and let my comment through.

ivan said...

thank you anon...... im am of ancestral maltese and jewish origin so you are more english than me.does that give me the right to hate all things english and british ? does that give me the right to hate a german neighbour ? does that give me the right to support a facist, marxist,socialist goverment that that try to prosecute people who simply say look around and see whats going on ? face it mate this country is ruined and the only people to save it from the gravy train of new world order are the british national ancestors fought and died for this land and now we have to listen to runny arse suckers like yourself that call us nazi's ?the only war you ever saw mate was in the bottom of your nappy,now run along eastenders is starting or in case you havent heard where is albert square ? or when is albert square ? because you should be moaning to the bbc about your license fee because there is not one muslim in eastenders,or did big macho ross kemp scare them all off ?

najistani said...

Muslims are a race? I realise that belief in Islam is to some extent genetically determined, but I thought that was purely the result of idiocy caused by successive generations of cousin marriage, and could be cured by abandoning incestuous relationships.

But our anonymous geneticist assures us that Islam is incorporated in the very DNA of the believers!

Allah is indeed Akhbar

Anonymous said...

to the anonymous poster on 20 may 17:28 If it amuses you so much why don't you go to Iran and force your values and customs into their society.

Good luck Britain other British nations like Australia are hoping you win against the pathological multicultists.

Anonymous said...

Much respect to the webmaster for posting my comment - at least free speech is OK here.
One sentence - what makes your/our culture so much better than others,
and what makes all Muslims suicide bombers? Try reading the Koran?
Also I notice how none of you tried to answer the questions which pointed out the massive logical holes in your horribly ill conceived belief system.
Oh by the way I hate Eastenders - it's Hollyoaks for me.