Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Saudi Arabia - The pinnacle of Islamic development

If you want to see the future for an Islamic world living under the control of the Cult of the Dead Paedophile, then look no further then their Mecca. Saudi Arabia, where Sharia Law is supreme.

Now were it not for oil, Saudi Arabia would be like other any other third world Arab country, standing in line with a begging bowl at the UN. Then perhaps we would be in a position to help their people and demand human rights in exchange for aid to this medieval land.

But they have oil and so their people must suffer and praise a paedophile prophet whose soul hopefully is rotting in hell but whose crazed mind lives on in the manual of hate, The Koran.

All Moslems aspire to turn their lands into mirror images of Saudi Arabia with their quaint customs such as stoning, beheading and honour murders. They want those things here.

Check out this article here, that is reporting on a Saudi man who has been sentenced to eight months in prison and 150 lashes for speaking to a woman in a coffee shop without a chaperone being present.

Saudi Arabia applies an austere form of Islam which bans women from mixing with men to whom they are not related, voting or driving, as well as punishing men and women found guilty of illegal encounters.
This is what the colonisers of Our Country wish to bring about in what they increasingly see as their land. Islamic Land. Sharia Land. Hell on Earth. Are you going to let them steal your children's future freedom or will you stand in line with the men and women of the BNP in their struggle to reclaim Our Country, Your Country?

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Here's a fascinating article on what President Obama can expect if he visits Saudi Arabia: