Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Tribute to a Mother

HMS Wildfire during "Colours"

One of the best producers and finders of videos for this and other Nationalist Blogs has recently lost his Mother. He has produced a tribute that I think will be understood by all who have lost loved ones. The following is taken from 1kewldude3's home page.

In Memory of my Mother
A True English Rose, served her country with pride at HMS Wildfire, sadly missed, never ever forgotten.
Mum devoted her life to her 7 children, 26 Grandchildren and her Great Grandchildren. Mum was a dear and long time friend to all that knew her and will always be "Our" Mum and closest friend.

You can view the video on his channel at Youtube here.

I am truly sorry for your loss my friend and comrade.

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