Tuesday, 20 May 2008

We'll Keep a Sick-Bed In The Hillsides

by john of gwent

Having problems getting medical attention ?

Are your doctors not quite up to the job ?

Do you find it so inconvenient to have your care team bugger off to the mosque five times a day - leaving your continued existence in this world up in the hands of allah until the mullah says they can come back to your bedside ?

Did the shrapnel from your last suicide bomb attempt not quite do the job ? Leaving you in need of patching up a bit before you have another go ?

No problem, boyo. We at the arse end of the madness of the Welsh Assembly have just the thing for you.

Just get yourself on the next Eurostar and then find a way to have your mates carry you west of Offa's Dyke. Once here, our lovely NHS in Wales will welcome you with open arms and bottomless cheque book.

You think I jest ? Read this and weep.

Failed asylum seekers in Wales will now be given free health care - unlike their counterparts in England. The Department of Health in England is taking legal action to restrict free access to the NHS to this group. Previously, the Welsh assembly had passed regulations to introduce charging for secondary healthcare for refused asylum seekers.

Now let me say right here, right now, that I believe if you fear persecution in the country you live in, through your colour, your politics, your religion, or a dozen other things, and you jump on a boat, a plane, a train, or yes even a rubber raft in that country and that boat, plane, train or piece of shipwrecked flotsam deposits you directly on our shores you have the absolute right without fear or favour to fall at the feet of our immigration officers, to plead for protection from that persecution, and have your pleas heard without fear or favouritism. Yes we have a duty to hear your case. This is not Zimbabwe. This is not South Africa. The United Kingdom's Government signed up to an international treaty agreeing to protect people from such persecution, and we are bound by that obligation. It is an honourable one. If you disagree with that position then perhaps this is not the site you are looking for.

But I say that if your case fails to persuade our authorities then out you go.

For our resources are not limitless and the numbers of people with just cause and rightful claim are growing. And I'm picking up the bill.

And right now, I see a pathetic New Liebour do-gooder making a useless gesture that condemns all with just cause and rightful call upon the limited resources of the NHS in Wales to have their access rationed further by a tidal wave of people with no rightful access to those same facilities were they trying to get them East of the River Severn.

This is what you get for leaving New Liebour holding the reins of power.

Don't think they wouldn't do it to the residents of Crewe and Nantwich next given half a chance.


Anonymous said...

I do not believe that failed asylum seekers don't get free health care in England.

Anonymous said...

Anybody can get free healthcare in England it's just politicians lie saying they don't.
Who checks?
Record numbers leave the UK. more pouring in.
Record number given citizenship every few minutes we get another to add to the 77 million+ already here.
Guess what?
The British people welcome them........BS.
Since Prody of the EUSSR gave the nod january 07 any moslem health tourist is welcome to the UK.


Anonymous said...

Neither do I!! I think they get much more than is reported. This is nothing to do with having no sympathy, i's all to do with not being able to treat the whole world and his wife!!
This is the type of stupid move that's just lost Labour over 400 seats. Indigenous Brits are sick to the back teeth of our tax money being ill used.

youdontknowme said...

Failed asylum seekers get free healthcare here by accident too. Any foreign will be given medical treatment and then they have to pay. Unfortunately failed asylum seekers are poor so can't pay so get free healthcare by accident. Wales isn't really changing anything.

Anonymous said...

Italy...Foreigners want their own food in Italian schools....NO WAY.
Ethnic food may be removed from government schools in the Italian capital, Rome, in the latest gesture by the city’s new centre-right government to target multiculturalism.

Laura Marsilio, city councillor for schools in Rome, said the local government would re-evaluate the ethnic menus of public schools, and replace it with what she called “Italian regional dishes as well as typical mediterranean cuisine.” Marsilio spoke to the media on Monday and said that the ‘ethnic menus’, introduced by the previous centre-left government of Romano Prodi “gave insufficient results.” Marsilio reportedly also plans to look at centres where parents of immigrant children and their relatives are taught Italian, the laws of the country and computer classes. “We need to see if they are really effective for integration,” Marsilio said. The councillor also plans to ensure laws are respected with regards to the number of Italian and immigrant children in schools, because in some cases, immigrant children outnumber Italian children. The 40-year-old Marsilio is a member of the post-fascist National Alliance party, a member of prime minister Silvio Berlusconi’s conservative coalition. In an interview with Italian daily Il Nuovo in 2002, Marsilio, a city council member at the time said “To give housing to nomads (Roma Gypsies) would be a social injustice” and that they should live in “isolated camps under police surveillance.” “They have to learn to respect the rules. They steal and mistreat minors, I don’t like them. Not because I am racist, but because they don’t obey the rules,” said Marsilio. Source: AKI (English


Anonymous said...

"The CURACAO User Group is a select gathering of 20 EU cities who take the lead in road pricing strategies for urban areas. The User Group has been asked by the European Commission to formulate concrete actions regarding road pricing in the follow up to the Urban Transport Green Paper."

It includes: 15 councils to start.

• Belfast
• Tyne and Wear
• Durham
• Nottingham/Derby/Leicester (both County and City)
• Shropshire
• Cardiff
• Plymouth
• Cambridgeshire
• London (TfL)
For further info read...
This will drive the poor off our roads.
promising low charges and then inflate them..

Anonymous said...


With the ascendance of Lega Nord in the recent elections, good news emerges from Italy fairly frequently.

The latest is this story from La Repubblica, kindly translated into English by Gaia:

Oriana Fallaci Square in place of the mosque

VERONA — Goodbye mosque. In its place, Oriana Fallaci Square.

This decision was taken by the committee of Oppeano (Verona), where yesterday morning a building used by Muslims for prayer was bulldozed. In its place, the Municipality will create a public square named after the writer of The Rage and the Pride, which promoted a bitter campaign against Islam.
- - - - - - - - -

The decision to raze the structure which had been opened by ONLUS [translator’s note: Organizzazione Non Lucrativa di Utilita’ Sociale, a non-profit registered Italian charity] “For the success of Muslims”, was taken by the municipal administration, which acquired the area for €70,000 in order to transform it into an open area for parking and green space.

“My citizens did not want this takeover,” explained the mayor, Alessandro Montagnoli, deputy of the Lega Nord, “above all because it could create problems of practicability and cohabitation with the residents.”

johnofgwent said...

Interesting comments, all.

But to fail to apply the rules through indifference, incompetence or systemic failure is one thing....

Taking the deliberate political decision to remove the rules and shout "FREE TREATMENT TO ALL COMERS REGARDLESS OF ENTITLEMENT GIVEN HERE" is quite another.

ivan said...

the college situation is a farce. i was called into to ***** college,west midlands some years ago to do a bad debt report.it was simple you go through profiles of mostly african students that have left after 2 to 4 years.you try all the contact numbers and if there is no response or you get a gone away it has to be written off.in the 1st week i wrote off £800,000 in bad debt to the college.imagine that situation for me or you not paying our council tax or credit card bills ?

najistani said...

Wales, soon to be the most Tuberculosis and AIDS enriched country in Europe.

Allah is indded bountiful with his gifts.