Saturday, 17 May 2008

White Racism = Fairness For Bangladeshi

by john of gwent

Here's a little something I picked up while trawling round the various debating and other political sites I keep an eye on. I feel it is worthy of being given the oxygen of publicity. As always, I invite you to go read the information for yourself here.

It would seem those now controlling the Housing policy in Tower Hamlets are thinking of bringing back a policy denounced twenty years ago by the Commission For Racial Equality as racist. Now to be fair, I have just spent fifteen minutes looking for the CRE Report but if it's on the web, it is hiding from me. But people have made bucketloads of money writing books about these goings on, and even Diane Abbott says the CRE took various local authorities to task over these policies, so it must be true ;-)

So why are Tower Hamlets bringing back this racist policy ?

Could it be that as the job of evicting the white man has already been completed, the (majority Bangladeshi) community is seeking, through the power wielded by the (majority Bangladeshi) housing authority officers to ensure that they don't lose their control of the ghetto ?

No, they wouldn't posibly be allowed to do anything so racist.

Would they ?

I'd like to know what Trevor Phillips has to day about this. I really would. After all, it was his organisation that said when white men did this, they were racists. Let's see him explain why it's not racist for an asian man to do the same.

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The Green Arrow said...

JOG, that is a damn good find and a damn good article.

Would you be kind enough to post it on our forum with a link.

This is good stuff.