Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Cameron warns about influx of migrant labour

The new Australians

Thought that might grab your attention. Sadly, no. The drug taking Bullingdon Boy has not come to his senses and realised that immigration is killing Our Country. This is a different Cameron. One who appears to have a half a brain and love for his country.

It is the Australian Senator-elect Doug Cameron, who is warning that there could be a backlash against the flood of immigrants into Aussie. Are you starting to get the picture?

Pointing to the huge success of the British National Party in the UK, he said on ABC News that the Australian government should rethink their immigration policy.

Having said that Australia needs to learn from the UK and the British National Party he went on to spoil things with:
"In the UK, the British National Party have used this issue of migration to build a support base for an extreme right wing group and I don't want to see that happen within Australia,"

"The Labor Party has got long experience and good experience at managing multiculturalism and the migration scheme and it is very important that the Labor Party handles this sensitively, smartly and doesn't give any opening for any racist views arising from the introduction of this increased migrant intake."
That last bit made me fall off my chair laughing(I'm getting quite bruised) at such rubbish but a Labour Politician is a Labour Politician, whether on the top or the bottom of the world.

Well go read it and see what you think. In amoungst the rubbish he actually does make a couple of good points.
"I am just raising the concerns that have been raised right around the world and we can't be immune from what academics and the press are saying is happening all around the world - and that is a backlash against this immigration."
Happening all around the world? The planned destruction of the White European way of life and surprise, surprise. A backlash. Amazing.

By the way, if your into Australian patriotic forums, then you should check out the really good Australian Identity . Then there is the excellent site, The Midnight Sun which is always worth a visit. Give my regards to Aurora and read this article on E.U. GLOBALISTS DISCUSS ABORIGINES’ PLIGHT AND POVERTY OVER CHAMPAGNE AND CAVIAR.


Anonymous said...

Backlash - what backlash?

The article (below) by Serge Trifkovic is excellent. The last three paragraphs hit the nail well and truly on the head!

Aurora said...

GA, thanks for the link. Congratulations on getting rid of the odious Red Ken and probably now Gordon Brown, but I'm with you about David Cameron. Unfortunately, like you, I'm sure he's the same dough, different shape. Democracy has been overrun by the globalist overlords, I'm afraid. Keep up the fight!