Monday, 26 May 2008

For the young, the war as already started

According to the main stream media, an Asian teenager has been found dead in a park and already the press are putting it out as being a racist murder, after reports of clashes between Asian gangs and white youths.

By the way, when they say Asian, I take it they mean Pakistani or Bangladeshi. Because Asia is big. Really big and more than half the worlds population live there(those that have not come here, that is). But the press try to steer away from the words Bangladeshi and Pakistani. Don't blame them. Not my favourite words or people either come to that. So moving on.

West Yorkshire Police have interrupted their blitz on motorists and litter dropping people to investigate the crime and the Dewsbury MP, Shahid Malik appealed for calm saying:

"It is crucial that people put their faith in the police and not jump to any conclusions."
Well I will jump to conclusions in an heartbeat. It is a clash of cultures. It is a clash of colour. It is a territorial war between two tribes. And it was organised by this government and its predecessors a long long time ago.

The state controlled press of course have wet themselves with excitement and plans are already afoot to build a memorial in North Yorkshire to equal the one to Saint Stephen in London.

Why not just rename that big pile of scrap, Angel of the North, and call it, Monument of the Martyr who was murdered by White Racist Bastards after we came and colonised their country and some of them got hacked off. Or is that too long?

If I appear to be callous. I am. Our soldiers are dying in illegal wars overseas and back home, white youths will be eating porridge because some Dhimmi politicians, decades ago decided to flood Our Country with colonisers to create hell on earth.

What the heck did they or you expect. The young are on the streets. They are bound to be the first victims and be the first in action and it is all our fault for allowing the scum of the Lib/Lab/con alliance to get away with their social engineering.


Oh dear. All those papers screaming racist murder and it turns out that the turnips are turning on each other. Mind you this bit in the Guardian made me laugh, but I must confess to being thankful that no white youths are going to jail.
Dewsbury MP Shahid Malik said the three arrested men were of Asian background, suggesting that there may not have been a racial motive to the killing.
No kidding Sherlock. Your worth every penny of that quarter of a million you suck of the British Taxpayer each year.


Anonymous said...

25 May 2008, 12:24 PM Sir Henry Morgan wrote:
Slightly off topic, but definitely related in respect of the behaviour of the msm:

You will have read this story

But why isn't the press telling us this bit?

"" Lee Howard, 19, a friend of Robert who saw the trouble, said: “We were in the bar, just having a drink on a Friday night as normal, when word went round that someone was coming down, tooled up with knives.

“We told the bouncers on the door but they told us not to worry. “Then two black men in an Audi A3 turned up outside. The bouncers didn’t seem to search them and let them into the bar. “It kicked off straight away. One of them went up to Jamie and said, ‘I’m going to get you. I’m going to slit your throat.’

“This man threw a chair at Jamie and a big fight erupted. We were all just trying to get the knife off him. “It all spilled outside the bar. We got the man in the bushes but he pulled out another knife. “He had one in each hand and was just lashing out. There must have been six people who he stabbed. It was terrible.” His accomplice fled. One of their group, 21-year-old Dean Saunders, is thought to have been stabbed three times on the left side of his neck. ""

28 teenagers murdered with knives so far this year, ten of them (at least) in London. All - or almost all - one or so of the perps might have been white - by blacks and/or muslims. Fukit, they've all got to be gone from here, and frankly, I've reached the point where I don't care how. The corporal's methods are starting to look acceptable. After all, this is Europe, and Europe has form. They are fools to be antagonising us like this. Don't they know anything of European history? Historically Europeans take and take and take ... then they snap and all hell is let loose. Keep your eye out for a rider on a pale horse, because I think I can hear hooves drumming just over the horizon. You want to see a serious war? Then look at Europe - Europeans (including the rest of the Anglosphere) sets the benchmark for the definition of war. Britain did not create the biggest empire the world has ever seen by being a bunch of wussies.

Throat cutting is an Islamic proclivity. Anyone want to run a book on the likelihood that these two are Muslims?


Anonymous said...

"It is crucial that people put their faith in the police and not jump to any conclusions."

Of course it's crucial. The Police are the white-hating enforcers of the marxists. They'll side with the colonisers and this paedo-worshipper knows it.

Where's the monument to Kris Donald? To Keith Brown?

Don't worry GA, we won't forget and those responsible are going to pay and we'll give our fallen the justice they deserve.


Anonymous said...

Fxxxxxxx Great BBC giving full coverage they even have a BBC guy in the park.
We're they at kriss Donalds killing field?
Well never even reported it...
Well SXXX bricks but at least we know the BBC reactions.


Anonymous said...

Apparently three "Asians" have been arrested...they're killing each other...bring it on.

Aberdeen Patriot said...

BBC News it was 3 Asians arrested for the murder.

2 x 15 year olds and a 20 year old.

Must admit Malik did not exploit the issue, quite a turn up.

Sarah D said...

Apparently the peopel who have been arreseted are all Asian, however, the contrast between this and Rob Knox's murder is stark.

Most of the press have not yet admitted that the suspect in Rob's murder is black.

However, the moment that an Asian is killed "race" is the first thing they mention.

Anonymous said...

A fascinating BBC News 24 bulletin not an hour ago revealed that three men have been detained in connection with this and all are asian.

In a half hearted attempt to put out the flames that various sources were wetting themselves after fanning, the BBC News Link Man asked their woman on the spot if she had any comment on the "clearly now discredited" reports that this was a racist murder.

The journo on site suddenly wore a face that suggested a lemon had just materialised in her throat, from thin air, minus its peel.

'Well, such matters are now best left to the police to report on as they continue their investigations' she said.

Funny how a white kid whose neck was slashed by a turk doesn't deserve the truth being told.

Anyone know the colour of the guy who took out Harry Potter's latest sidekick yet ?

Come along people, it's getting like it's murder in here

Fyrdist said...

GA, that is by far your best article yet! "Saint Stephen" -love it!

A lot of passiona nd truth in that article. Keep it up, mate.

Sarah D said...

It may be in poor taste to say this, but it amusing to see how pissed off the news reporters are since the news that the suspects are Asian has come out.

Be in no doubt they are waiting for a wite kid to do one of these murder, because they will make it front page news for weeks.

odin said...

Dewsbury MP Shahid Malik said you must remember violent crime is down 37%, mind you he never said what planet that was on!

Anonymous said...

The fact that an asian was murderd by others doesn't mean that it was not 'racist.'

Just as neo-marxist theory dictates that only whites can be 'racist' (showing how stupid the whole rag bag of verbiage is) so it cannot comprehend that asians from the Indian sub-continent are just as racist as any one else - including towards a different ethnic group from within the Indian sub-continent.

Someone from there can spot, say, a Sikh, just by their physical characteristics - and so on.

And of course, the whole caste system has a racial basis. Now that really is institutionalised racism - not the fictitious sort dreamed up by MacPherson.

Anonymous said...

To top it off a white kid tried to resus the Asian lad when lying beaten on the bbc don't mention that!
Kids interviewed itv news York's

Watch for petrol demo London tuesday drivers thought good idea to boot brown while he's down...

Anonymous said...

Re JohnofGwent:

To Quote from a witness of the Robert Knox/(Harry Potter) murder....

“All I remember was seeing him stabbed in the chest. I ran over and me and my mate both tackled the black man. . . . As I tried to grab the knife, I didn't realize he had another in his hand. . . .,” one teenager told the Sunday Times. “There were a lot of other people helping . . . then I walked around the corner from the bar. That's when I saw Rob — it's too horrible to describe what I just saw. It was just red blood,”.

Of course this couldn't possibly be construed as "RACIST".....

The victim was WHITE...

LorMarie said...

Before learning the race of the suspect, you made the comment below:

"What the heck did they or you expect. The young are on the streets. They are bound to be the first victims and be the first in action and it is all our fault for allowing the scum of the Lib/Lab/con alliance to get away with their social engineering."

It appears that you were ready to capitalize on a tragic situation. But what could anyone expect? Your BNP is nothing but a borderline terrorist organization.

Michael said...

"illegal war?"

Trying to think of a way to say this not to offend you. There's a reason you're losing at home. Yes, because of your leaders.

But, you cannot ignore the larger war around you. If you think that isolationism will save you, you're wrong. You must engage abroad. I am very thankful for Tony Blair committing troops to both Afghanistan and Iraq.

I'm thankful for all the Brits who stand by us today. Deeply grateful. I was in London the day Baghdad fell. A few days before, an older man had asked me what I thought - being an American - if I agreed with Bush. And I said yes. He agreed. He was a WWII British veteran. I felt comfort knowing a man who had such experience supported America.

"Illegal war" is a common false assertion made by the left and is untrue. It is typically leftist propaganda so am suprised to see it being used here. Please show where the UN made it illegal. Or, show where the World Court made it illegal. Maybe you want to include the Human Rights Commision made up of Iran, Sudan, Syria, Cuba and Venezuela?

Please, understand I wish the best for you and Britain. But fighting a war against terrorist in Afghanistan and Iraq is not the cause of your problems at home. Bring all your soldiers home and you'll still have the same problem due to your current leadership and EU unelected officials, bylaws and what should truly be "illegal" authority over you as British citizens.

I understand your anger. But do not focus it against strategic wars that must be fought now in the Middle East. A war we must all win together. America is your ally.

It is the one good thing Britain did with backbone. If your leaders had shown the same backbone at home, you would not be in the current predicament today that rightfully upsets you. Politcal correct policies at home and abroad allowed the enemy to hurt all of us. All our leaders from Europe to America allowed this for to many decades.

Status quo Isolation is looking the other way while millions suffer and are brainwashed by enemy leaders. We can no longer afford to look the other way. We must take down the oppressors that brainwash people to kill us.

The policies of the past 50 years allowed todays current events. By allowing tyrants rule, Western civilization allowed hatred to boil over in the Middle East. Tyrants have brainwashing and trained their masses to hate us all. Isolating ourselves and not challenging these cultures, or Arab leaders did not help us.

You have the right idea at home. Fight hard! Take no prisoners! Well, you have to fight this way abroad too! Russia does. China does. Iran and Syria does.

If we do not strategically take down one by one each tyrant that produces the hatred of Western civilization, then eventually our nations will be hit again and again. Yet in the future with much more devastating consequences. We cannot afford to isolate ourselves or turn our heads while hatred is fed daily to the poor in these Islamic nations.

Our nations must join together and all must fight together on diplomatic, military and cultural levels across the globe.

This is a very long war ahead of us all, like the Cold War. Think about it seriously for a week or so over history lessons. Russia supported North Korea and America fought communist there. Same thing in Vietnam. And in Cuba. We were allowed to win and support South Korea when Democrats once stood for our nation. Look at that nation today. Top ten in GDP! But what about Vietnam? After our military won virtually every battle, including TET, a peace settlement much like South Korea was signed. Our democrat leftist however stopped funding the South. As a result Communist poored in, took over, millions died, millions fled in boats, drowned in the oceans. This war kept going on between us. USSR invaded Afghanistan and Reagan fought back in the 80s forcing USSR into total economic collapse. After the cold war, Russia got comfy with Saddam, Syria, Iran. And now we fight back again. This is the larger picture.

Understand that there are multiple levels in this giant real game of RISK. What your experiencing at home is only a small sliver of what is happening around the world.

As to legalities, America had full authorization to attack and invade Iraq even prior to UN 1441, but Bush waited for UN1441 to be passed. Saddam had broken all ceasefire agreements with UK and USA. The true tragedy of the past; much like Hitler, we allowed him to survive after first Gulf War. Much like Chamberlain, our leaders messed up again.

He proceeded to murder over 300,000 Iraqis, torture, oppress, imprision and pay for suicide bombers murdering hundreds more in Israel.

Strategically and long term, these first steps had to be made against Saddam. It is a first step in a long war around the globe and now is not the time to be weak.

We all must WAKE UP. We are at war around the world. We were at war since the 70s. Arab leaders, Muslim Brotherhood, the financiers and terrorist have been murdering citizens of our countries for decades. Lockerbie(sp?) anyone? What is more evil is Russia and China supplying weapons for years to these rogue nations. Russia supplying nuclear power to a bunch of crazed zealots in Iran who want to blow us all away. A nation with the highest reserves in the world of oil/gas. This is asymetrical warfare of puppet meisters in Russia. It allows countries like Russia to keep their hands partially not dirty, though they are filthy rotten to the core.

I thought maybe you get it here. But maybe I was wrong or maybe you're just focused on local issues. But favoring isolationism never works. It did not work with Hitler. It did not work with Saddam and it will not work with Iran. You eventually end up in a cave.

We have to work with people around the globe that favor the west. There are millions who want us to win in Iraq. A win there is a huge defeat to Islamic radicalization around the globe. Al Qaeda knows this. There are many secular forces in Iraq who have supported freedom. And there are millions of Iranians who want the same. The core of hateful ideology comes from Iran, Syria, Pakistan, Muslim Brotherhood and Saudi Arabia.

One by One in a long war each totalitarian regime will have to fall. They all know this. Russia knows it. This is why the battle of Iraq is so important today.

There are good people on all sides and all races who understand we must fight the radical islamic terrorist and their rogue nations like Syria, Iran, Muslim Brotherhood, Taliban, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, Sudanese and so many more from the Phillipines to Thailand, Somalia and India.

And yes, in Iraq, where millions for the first time experience freedom, liberty, justice. We are forming important relationships that can be an ally instead of an enemy. We not only knocked off Saddam, but we pushed out the Communist Putin and his totalitarian ideology that enables terrorist and enables rogue nations.

Ask why do communist and islamic radicals get along so well around the world?

Look outside of Britain and ask what is occurring. Why were the Russians in Iraq with Saddam? Why are they in Iran now? The cold war ended, but the proxy war still goes on and Putin, a former KGB agent from East Berlin is angry at the Soviet collapse of power.

So, I hope you see this as a friendly gesture. This is more than local politics. As terrible as things may seem to you in Britain, the war is all around the globe.

I wish you all the best.

The Green Arrow said...

Michael. Thank you for your comment. It is well thought out.

Do not worry I never take offence or take things personal.

With regards to America I am a big big supporter but not of everything they do.

If America wishes to bomb Iraq and Iran into the dark ages (well they are there already) then fine but leave my country out of it.

Blair took us into the war by lying to to the people. Perhaps if he had been more open or if Parliament had decided then fine. But he did not. So for Our Country it is an illegal war.

Whilst here, I must mention Kosovo and would be interested in your response because those attacks on Serbia were war crimes and your country and mine led the way. Shameful.

I would also like your thoughts on globalism?

I also wish you all the best and luck for the future.

Anonymous said...

The west supplies one of the most damaging bunch of arseholes on this planet. western leaders profit from their dealings with them at all level's so therefore my trust is on empty. SAUDIS!!
Was not Malik MP calling his troops to stand off with his statement ringing across the media?
Was he not making assumptions that white lads were to blame?
Perhaps were the MSM a little more honest in their reporting, ignoring the eussr censorship placed on OUR media then you just might wake up and smell the deceit and cover ups that lead's people in the North jump to assumptions.
No matter how i twist the letters BNP around i cannot make the word ISLAMIC from them.
Yet all honest un brainwashed folk know the only terrorist organisations in this country are the ISLAMIC ones!
Should you however know different then please by all means put your money where your mouth is by posting a few details...known only to you!!

Anonymous said...

England no more.........

Anonymous said...

Check this out GA.


Anonymous said...

Off topic but oh dear, only call moslems, moslems when it suits.
This idiot fails to see the danger when a gang of moslems think that it's their job to run the prison and threaten other cons.

Muslim inmates taking overr the world.........

This story is so stupid, even ciminals are classified as Muslims, as if the rest of them in there are angels, what trying connecting them with the law abiding muslims out here.... these storys are getting ridiculas by the day

what are they controling the world from there, still dont dont take the fact away that they are prisonors, yes just prisinors, they not become the governors or hold the keys to the cells, people want criminals locked up, not a daily report on thier activities in thier...
ohhh,,, they takin control over that prison

so now they not only ciminals for what they have done but criminals for bieng Muslims???

Anonymous said...

Good morning 'Michael'

To spell it out for you, The United States Of America considers it legal to carry out a military operation where the sole or main purpose of that operation is to bring about a regieme change.

The laws that MY country, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland signed up to long, LONG before General De Gaulle thought up the scam called the European Economic Community do not.

It is that simple.

Your president and our former Prime Minister collaborated to concoct a tissue of lies to spin to our parliament and to our people.

And they did so with the connivance of a large number of the current government including the lying shit that now leads it.

Some very honourable men resigned their posts in disgust at this. And a lot of dishonourable scum turned a blind eye.

And most of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition were wetting themselves with glee at the thought of a military showdown so they have no platform from which to tut-tut today.

You can argue all you like that the ends justify the means.

But it is a fact that our highest legal adviser to Her Majesty's government was minded to call the conflict illegal and then changed his mind in suspicious circumstances.

And your Colin Powell was little better. He stood up there and said either we come in with you, or you go in alone anyway.

There are many who think we should have said 'Fine. In You Go. And Have Some Free Body Bags You're Gonna Need 'Em'

I grew up at a time when britain's streets were being bombed by "christian" religious zealots using weaponry supplied by aethist zealots or islamic zealots, funded by Yankee Dollars through NORAID.

I know what it means to have the yanks funding a paramilitary campaign intent on assiting the bringing about of regieme change. There wasn't enough left of my mate from school thanks to one of those items of ordnance.

Sir Henry Morgan said...


I just watched your Brasschecktv link - all of it. That was about America - does anyone think it's any different here? Or anywhere?

I gave up the telly about twelve years ago, and even the radio about three years ago. Now I know why I see what goes on a little more clearly than most people I meet.

Thanks for that link - I learned a lot.