Friday, 30 May 2008

Pressure and threats on distributors of truth

The kind of message our enemies seek to suppress

A couple of cut n pastes next guys and both to do with the attempts(sometimes succesful) by the enemies of white western Europeans to prevent us disseminating the truth about the grand plan of the new world order and the planned genocide of the True British People.

Brian Gerrish’s and John Noakes website censored after
threats of court Action to Service Provider

You may, or may not, be aware of the “removal” of Brian Gerrish’s and John Noakes’s site,

From one of today’s posters: “..As I and a few others posted yesterday, the eutruth site has been "knobbled". Its material has been replaced by a travesty of the original, with all the original headings. Click on any one of them and you get a list of shopping opportunities!

This morning I spoke by telephone to David Noakes, who told me that a Belgian billionaire, probably a member of the Bilderberg Group, and an avowed supporter of the EUSSR, threatened David's ISP with court action if he did not withdraw certain items from the eutruth website. David complied, the Belgian Bilderberger still wasn't satisfied and forced the ISP to close down eutruth. Who concocted the mickey-taking substitute, he didn't say.

A taste of things to come indeed…”

Brian et al. need a new, and secure server. The material on their website is absolutely critical to getting our message across. Any ideas, folks?

Please. this important! Brian Gerrish who exposed Common Purpose needs your help!!!

If anyone is willing to help out with hosting or owns a server please let us know and we will forward your emails or phone pass the information on to the guys at UKTabloid.

The second cut n pastes comes from the British National Party site, although I was also made aware of the events by email earlier today.

IXth Estate-La Resistance!

will cease forthwith!

No more communication or newsletters will be sent out!

We have lost two more computers and the risk to us is too great. The people behind these attacks are Government we think!

We have also started getting threatening e.mails and phonecalls.

Guy wanted to carry on but his wife and children think the risk is too great. He is under sedation this morning after the hell of the last four days. And it has been hell!

The chances of getting a People’s Movement off the ground are minimal, so we (Sati, Tony, Pat and Delia feel enough is enough! We did try but the response was almost negative!

Thank you for your support even if at times we annoyed you. No offence was meant!

The European Soviet system will soon be here and so we will all have to suffer the consequences of our apathy and inaction. Freedom has a price that our parents understood but our generation seems not to understand the fact, that Freedom can so easily be lost. We only have ourselves to blame in the forthcoming hell about to descend upon us all!

Guy, Sati, Pat, Delia and I have tried to do something but we are out of resources and Guy frankly is burnt out! Seemingly for nothing!

Tony Jameson



Disappointing and unpleasant news. The state becomes increasingly more worried by the wakening of the True British People and like all Tyrants they fear the wrath of a people wakened to the truth.

They will now spend huge amounts of our money and do anything legal or illegal to prevent the growth of the British National Party by seeking to intimidate those who dare to write, print and distribute the truth.

If any person wishes to publish articles, but understandably fear for their family then send them to the Home of The Green Arrow. I will publish them and if the worst comes to the worst I will pay the price. This candle does not burn out, it can only be extinguished.

Guy and his people have done a great job and we thank them and I can assure them that their work was not unnoticed or in vain.


Anonymous said...

Well, home of the green arrow, this site has been a revelation, and I am icnredibly grateful for the hard work you are putting into it, to warrant freedom of speech. It may seem so simple sometimes, but this article proves THIS is hugely important. I may not always agree with everything. But a true civilisation can discuss differences of opinion, not just shut them down stalinistically.

Anonymous said...

That will be special branch it's not the first time they have paid guy a visit.
2010 is the year marked down for the jackboots to really kick in after the ratification of the EUSSR CONSTSTUTION 2009.
This from an Eu report re-muslims.
EU Monitoring and Advocacy Program United Kingdom


downplays cultural differences. In this view, for many Muslims, Islam provides a


Given that Islam is manifestly a sophisticated world religion which is at the very least
a match for Christianity, and better still its long historical role as Christianity’s ‘bête
noire’, it provides a wonderfully effective alternative with which to identify in
response to White, European post-Christian denigration. (Ballard 1996b:124)

Post democracy.Post christianity.
common purpose. the Fabians!
Just as was planned back in the 30s.
PJC jOURNAL no doubt will also be quitened.
Best now is to print out anything worth keeping.
We'd better get ourselves a mouth gag and wear the bloody thing all day just to remind us we are no longer free.
Where is the UN, the others that care so much about freedom or is it like i think a load of bollox?

By next year unless we do something it will be too late Gay Gordon together will the other traitors will ratify the EU shite bringing it into law and removing the sovereignty of the UK.

Any news re Birmingham 15 year old school girl raped by two boys while in school?

Anonymous said...

Alex Jones offers web hosting.. they can't shut him up .. here's a link if you would like to pass it on ...

Alex is going to heckle the Bilderberg meeting in Chantilly next week


Anonymous said...

Why can't the Eutruth clan adpot the stance of Redwatch and have multiple servers?

If anyone from the eutruth people is reading this PLEASE DON'T GIVE UP!! That is exactly what the system wants! You have a lot of support and friends in this struggle -please come back and rekindle the fight!

britnat said...

"David complied"


The Green Arrow said...

Britnat. Good question. Why?

Anonymous said...

The truth hurts these people and when you shine a light on a cockroach it tends to run. A case in point is the Pakistani Heretical Girl who when cornered with firm evidence that she had doctored a photograph to show the BNP leader outside a German concentration camp with BNP engraved over the camp gate displayed outright taqiya- or the Moslem ability to lie. She simply lied through her teeth and decided the photograph, now a proven leftie fraud, is still genuine. Such a shamefaced lying little cow, who if she is so British seems to veer off into Urdu with alarming regularity. I read her Police worshipping comments too and as an Englishman dedicated to freedom, I see how someone like that would love to be, in her words... 'in the police'. Yes, and when you get your uniform terrorizing innocent BNP patriots and their families. I don't think the Pakistani Stripper is funny at all and hearken ye who would defend our freedom, she represents to us what the Spanish Inquisition did to Sir Francis Drake. If you want to see the deceitful, arrogant mindset of a future EUSSR Commissar bitch- then ladies and gentleman, look no further than the half Communist racist Paki stripper.