Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Up off your knees

Being martyred is not as much fun as it looks

Right, all you Christians out there? Up off your knees and pay attention. It is time that you stopped listening to some of your Dhimmi Padres and Priests and thought for yourselves.

Have you read the recent article at the online Church of England site? They are warning that unless you change your ways, religiously speaking, the UK will be an Islamic nation within our lifetime.

Consider this from the site and then go read the article in full:
While men-only gentlemen’s clubs are now being dubbed unlawful, we hear of municipal swimming baths encouraging ‘Muslim women only’ sessions and in Dewsbury Hospitals staff waste time by turning beds to face Mecca five times a day — a Monty Pythonesque scenario of lunacy, but astonishingly true. Prisons are replete with imams who are keen to inculcate conservative Islam in any inmates who are deemed to be culturally ‘Muslim’: the Prison service in effect treats such prisoners as a cultural block to be preached to by imams at will. Would the Prison service send all those with ‘C of E’ on their papers to confirmation classes with the chaplain?! We could go on.
And so could I. The Christian story is fading away whilst Islam spreads like a cancer. Islam is no religion. It is a cult of evil and many so called Christians have helped it spread in Our Country. Shame on them.

Instead of our Religious Leaders spreading the word of God, they spread the word of Marx and Lenin. No wonder Our Churches are empty. Learn from the almost extinct Christians of Kosovo and Pakistan how tolerant Islam is of our faith.

We do not want dead priests as Martyrs, we want full churches and a country that has Christian values. If you pray today, pray for the success of the British National Party, because if they do not prevail, neither will Christianity in the remains of Our Country. Now go take your church back. After you finish praying that is.


Anonymous said...

Two years ago november 2006 Gen Sir Richard Dannett head of the British army and staunch Christian warned that a vacuum had been created in England that islam was only too willing to step into.
His words were ignored completely!
Today Bishop Nazir of Rochester has repeated virtually word for word the same warning.
This was given two minutes just before 7am on radio 4.
Later a school kid was given almost ten minutes to read a passage from a story about Emily Pankurst.
Now which should our license fee have been used for. something that spells out danger to this country, or the story of a long ago dead womens lib idiotic female that ran out infront of the kings horse and got herself killed?
We've a government. and national media. an education system infact the whole caboodle hell bent on destroying everything that made this country what it once was.
And what have we done to let this lot know how angry we are?
Last night call after call on LBC radio there were men and women calling for an out and out demo across the country to stop what is going on.
The presenter even said; Whats' so wrong saying the country is full up when it so obviously is?
We are at a very dangerous time here and what do politicians do?
Ask for a pay rise and more ways to fiddle the tax payer but shamefully ignore all the dangers these problems have created.
I read yesterday at islam in Europe 50.000 in England alone have converted to islam.
So how come they can't say how many moslems are here.
And stop their converting young mentally ill people into this death cult?
Bring back assembly into schools. and in christian schools stop teaching our children about this filthy cult. otherwise we must assume politicians are colluding with islam aiding the islamnisation of the UK. in that clearly becoming traitors and as sauch thrown out of OUR PARLIAMENT!!
Tried or hung i'm not fussy!!
What happens when the pressure is not released on a pressure cooker?

Anonymous said...

The more general problem which we, the white British and indeed white people worldwide, have with Christianity is that it does not provide us with fighting spirit and is in essence a pacifist and all inclusive religion, which, as written down in the Bible many, many years after events, does not fully reflect the fact that Jesus was a hero and fighter from Galilee of the Gentiles (see Matthew 4:15) who physically combated narrow materialism (e.g. driving the moneylenders out of the temple with a whip) and died for his beliefs. This problem didn’t arise in the 19th century in an acute form because what needed to be done was done by our pioneers and soldiers many miles from the shores of these islands with appropriate reporting to the more faint hearted back home. What follows is of course just my personal view and repeats in large part a comment which has already been left on Simon Darby’s blog on 27/05/08.

The confused and ignorant drivel being regularly spouted about the BNP by the girly half-men who occupy and disgrace the top posts in the Church of England makes it tempting to conclude that the Roman Emperor Julian was right in saying that Christianity makes people think like slaves. The Emperor Julian, who certainly was not an atheist, said this in his writings about Christianity called “Against the Galilaeans” (as translated by Wilmer Cave Wright, Ph.D.), where he stated (among other things):

“Now this would be a clear proof: Choose out children from among you all and train and educate them in your scriptures, and if when they come to manhood they prove to have nobler qualities than slaves, then you may believe that I am talking nonsense and am suffering from spleen. Yet you are so misguided and foolish that you regard those chronicles of yours as divinely inspired, though by their help no man could ever become wiser or braver or better than he was before; while, on the other hand, writings by whose aid men can acquire courage, wisdom and justice, these you ascribe to Satan and to those who serve Satan!”

“Against the Galilaeans” can be found at either of the following web addresses:

together in each case with an introduction immediately before it.

Jesus himself was a hero and fighter who combated narrow materialism and died for his beliefs. However, the Christian religion as we have it presented to us today, including the stripping out of the proper words of our old fighting and patriotic songs like Onward Christian Soldiers and Jerusalem, just breeds subservience, pacifism and cowardice, which are in danger of selling us into the slavery of non-white peoples with less effeminised and more intolerant religions from the Middle East and elsewhere.

No thinking person who sees the marvel of creation around him or her, including things like the stars in the night sky, can doubt that there is a God or Higher Being or Force who created all this and whose intelligence is beyond our comprehension and whom we should acknowledge.

As the constantly declining attendance at Church of England churches reveals, what the white British people need is a rational and scientific based religion which we can take seriously and on which we and our champions the BNP can base our own defence, and which, true to our blood, involves a more simple communion with God and nature similar to that which our ancestors had in pre-Christian times.

A first step in this direction would be to have an ongoing program of installing a small observatory or high-powered telescope somewhere in, or in the grounds of all existing Church of England churches, so that people can look up at the stars and marvel at God’s creation rather than be looking downwards at some decrepit and possibly spurious scriptures being proffered in often uninspiring and unmemorable double-speak by what is often a bolshevised cleric simply going through the weekly charade of earning his living. (Apologies to the significant minority of Church of England vicars etc. who do not fit this description.)

In connection with the dichotomy between science and scriptures, readers might be interested to know that on the Bristol Astronomical Society website there is a scientific article which shows that the Star of Bethlehem story is almost certainly a fictional story; namely at the following web address

The installation of observatories / telescopes in Churches of England churches would be a much better use of UK government funds than giving aid to third world states where the vast majority of the money is simply horded by corrupt politicians for themselves, and the people, who in many cases just find our generosity bemusing, sooner or later get back to their favourite pastime of tribal war, as is again being shown in South Africa today. Many of these former colonies have now been independent for many years, and, if they are wallowing in misery, they only have themselves to blame, and should remember that “God helps those that help themselves.”

I hope that readers will give the above serious consideration, and will bear in mind that religion as it is espoused by the present day hierarchy of the Church of England, which does not encourage us to defend our existence, is no use to God or man.

Many thanks to the Green Arrow for publishing this lengthy comment.