Thursday, 15 May 2008

The good times are over? What good times?

We all want change and we all want Our Country back

The Bank of England is warning the nation, Our Nation that the good times are over and that we had better prepare ourselves for a time of austerity.

First of all what good times? There have been no good times in this nation for a long, long time. The British Public are nothing more than milk cows being farmed on an Island Prison for the benefit of the "elite" and to help pay, along with the rest of the White Western World for the creation of their mad New World Order in which we are all leveled down to mud.
  • Gas, electricity and food bills will get even more expensive this year and will push inflation towards 4 per cent, possibly even higher;
Deliberate and unnecessary. The need for old age pensioners and the poor to freeze is so that fuel consumption goes down whilst the profits for global business go higher. The same applies for the food bills. The "elite" should remember that all Nations are only one meal away from a revolution. They should also be advised that once the British People do kick off, then those that have upset them had better shift their butts damned fast because they are going to get a serious kicking.
  • Economic growth is likely to slump towards 1 per cent by the end of the year, and there is now a risk of recession;
It would slump with all investment being poured into Asian and Eastern European countries where again, global business can make greater profits from an almost slave labour force.

The British companies who build their international businesses on the backs and sweat of British Workers, betrayed those workers when they closed British Factories for greed. The British National Party never forgets. Are you listening Dyson, you profiteering piece of filth?
"This latest export of jobs by Dyson is confirmation that his motive is making even greater profit at the expense of UK manufacturing and his loyal workforce. Dyson is no longer a UK product.
  • The housing market will continue to fall after worsening 'markedly', but it is impossible to say how far values will tumble;
Engineered. See the job losses. The long term plan is that all property in the future will be owned by the state or rather the global businesses that are in alliance with the Marxist Rulers of Eurabia. The repossessions that you see are just the start. Wake up and fight back or lose your home.
  • Pay rises may be curbed, further damaging employees' quality of life;
And their ability to afford their own homes. They have flooded Our Country with immigrants to deprive the British People of their livelihoods and the ability to support themselves. In the New World Order, the British must be totally dependent on the state until it is time for them to vanish from the face of the earth.
  • And the banking crisis could continue to run well into 2009, keeping mortgage costs painfully high.
Every drop of tax blood must be squeezed from the British to fund the growth of Eurabia, their illegal wars(£1 billion), quangoes(£124 billion) support global businesses such as Northern Rock(£50 billion) when they fail and to pay for all their ill conceived plans such as the Millennium Dome, the Olympics, I.T. projects given to their chosen friends that cost billions. You can find the links and figures. I have to move on.

In 2007 the nation was taxed £152 billion on its income, £95 billion on national insurance and £80 billion on VAT and according to the Institute of Fiscal studies, families now pay £5,600 more tax in real terms than families in 1996-97. What good times?

British Workers have been treated the same as the faithful workhorse Boxer in Animal Farm. Unless we unite and fight back by supporting and joining the British National Party, we are finished and our fate will be the same. The glue factory.


Ray Boyd said...

As for oil, why should we pay multinational companies OPEC prices? This is our oil, kick out the multi nationals and nationalise the oil fields and sell it only within the UK to benefit our economy.

It won't happen, of course, everythings too far gone.

antifed said...

Yes GA my conclusions are, like yours, that this whole devastating Credit crisis is engineered.

I point out that as Britains homeowners are pushed into negative equity, the flip side is that the banks that hold the paper on these mortgages are seeing the value of the asset securing the debt devaluing; this means a British sub-prime crisis is being deliberately engineered.

The media seems in awe of Bernanke at the Fed. But Bernanke is merely a puppet to the Rockefellers strings. I believe the Fed has made matters worse with its very speedy reflex to lower its rates down to 2%. The massive rush to print dollars coupled with the Feds actions have sent the dollar into a dive that has resulted in the price of oil going sky high: or is it?.. I would guess the price of oil is largely unchanged, it is the "dollar devaluation" that accounts for the seeming rise in oil prices. So a sham, just like global warming.

The trouble is that the media hype by a largely controlled press suppresses the actual size of the scam being perpetrated upon us.

The Big german and french energy companies blame oil prices as causing the rise in the wholesale energy costs...what rubbish. Just look at the profits of British gas for the first quarter of this year..nearly £7000,000,000, this is profits, a years profits in one quarter. This alone gives the lie to the whole energy "rip off". EU firms can do whatever they like to labours "rip off britain". All dangerous stuff designed to asset strip a nation.

Britain really must wake up and confront our traitors in government before it is too late.

We are legion, and are slowly getting angry. But it is too slow. We have been demoralised by the damage done to our country through immigration for the most part. Come on England get up and be heard. Let us declare war upon our treasonous leaders as they are at war with the English people.

Anonymous said...

A Tax strike is just and required to get the traitors back inline and reminded it's our money not theirs!!
New Book out titled "Squandered"
Example while our troops are on stavation diets in need of emergency food hand outs..the MOD is to spend just under £5 billion..yes BILLION on their building in London and half of it teaching civil servants their job.
This is just one example of why a tax strike is justified!
Then this one;Brown wants higher taxes to care for old folk.
£1000 BILLION goes for the very comfy nest egg for civil servant pensions.
The Billions paid to the EUSSR PRISON.
The author has written this book because he's sick to death of politicians moaning about our need to pay more taxes for everything under the sun yet fail to tell us where the money goes.
NHS virtually privatised, all utilities have been,Transport also privatised, post offices closing and now postal service to go private.ETC ETC ETC.
That's a cost cutter in one swoop...expenses..gravy train most now seem to spend their time doing their own radio talkshows.
We should follow the example of John Harris become freemen of England thats' telling them to get STUFFED!

bernard said...

Antifed & Anon.

Powerfully put.

This blog seems to b attracting some articulate respondents.

Anonymous said...

anon 13:47

as noble as your tax strike sounds have you thought about what money is these days and where it is generated and stored. Cash is paper for the most part, but that too will soon disappear as we become a cashless society. Figures on a computer screen can and are manipulated by the banks who are among the globalists in control. Yes it is engineered the globalists have documented their meetings decades ago where they stated what they intended to do and how they would do it and they have.

Anyone who listens to Alex Jones radio show will know that all we are experiencing now is what he's been screaming at the American people for years. The Fed prints or conjures dollars out of fresh air (no gold behind it) At the end of the day technology could allow banks to completely stop you getting at your money and the government with banks cooperation could easily take your money without your consent or simply make the paper stuff worthless, which it is anyway.. It's paper!! Precious metals are the wealth, but even then what use is gold if you have nothing to eat and no land to grow any food. True wealth is land, water, shelter, and the knowledge and skills to work with these fundamentals to provide everything needed to survive.

The peak oil scam is just another tool along with man made global warming and the deliberate tanking of the West's economy to bring the West in line with other third world nations bringing us into total servitude.

I listen to Genesis radio 24/7 to Alex Jones and other shows, they have many high profile, knowledgeable guests who know what is happening and who is behind it all. Evidence, documented and declassified, proves they are not conspiracy theorists. Every day I see something in our national media which incrementally expands the control the powers that be have over our lives. Alex Jones has been warning about all this for years.

I recommend everyone listen to these shows.

Back to anon... I think a national strike would be far more effective. they can't stop you from withholding your labour, the labour that has given all these bastards their wealth because they produce NOTHING. They are all parasites of the worst kind.