Saturday, 3 May 2008

BNP - Richard Barnbrook speech

If link does not work you can view it on BBC site here with the chance to read some utter nonsense quotes from the reds or go direct to youtube here.

Biggest image with best sound appearts to be this link here.

The fantastic speech made by Richard Barnbrook was missed by the rats who revealed their ignorance by walking out prior to the speech and those made by the other candidates in the election.

The British National Party salute you Richard.


Anonymous said...

what a guy!
congratulations on a magnificent success.
honest, strong leadership for the real citizens is what this country needs.

bernard said...

Got it at last. Very fuzzy soundtrack but audible.
Good for Mr. Barnbrook. That was a strong, forceful and unambiguous entrance!
It's already looking good for Londoners.

Ray Boyd said...

it's not available on the BBC link and the other links are not working.

Pity, I would have liked to see the speech.

redandwhite said...

Brilliant, brilliant speech. I got a real buzz listening to it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks GA, I heard it on the BBC link.

Excellent from Richard, his speech did us all proud and I know he'll do London proud too.

He will serve Londoners instead of Londoners serving corrupt cowards like Red Ken and Boris the Buffoon.


Anonymous said...

It appears to have been removed at the BBC site but then democracy hasn't been their strong point in many a year.
A seat though well deserved in the assembley. Galloway was crowing last night trying to convince everyone that he's no fascist just the BNP are.
Great job done by all BNP activists and voters!

odin said...
This one works I just watched it!

Anonymous said...

Brought over from BNP main site.
A poem written especially for the elections this year!
Here’s poem ‘wot I wrote’ to celebrate our election victories:


Dedicated to Richard ‘The Lionheart’ Barnbrook

The Lion’s been missing these many long years
In his absence the country has sunk to its knees
Its people once proud are brought down so low
by false-hearted rulers who don’t seem to know
that Britain is great by its culture and race
not the influx of strangers and their dissonant ways
that have nothing to do with our land and our soil
and the nation we built with our blood and our toil
and defended so stoutly for a thousand years straight
This is the reason that Britain was Great

The Lion’s been missing since the war that was fought
to save the whole planet from Hitler’s onslaught
He fought then so bravely and his power and roar
saved the whole world in that terrible war
But wounded in battle he soon disappeared
and no-one has seen him these many long years
In his absence our country has gone to the dogs
forgotten its pride, lost faith in its gods
The Lion himself is now held in deep scorn
by those whom he saved before they were born

It is said that the Lion has died long ago
but if that be the truth then why can’t they show
the bones of the beast, his skin and his teeth
The death of the Lion’s not a thing to believe
Missing he may be, but rumors run rife
that the great beast’s been heard, far off in the night
and some say his paw marks were recently seen
in the cities of England and on its fields still so green
The fools who have ruled us, the people will spurn
and the Lion, revived, to his den will return

Posted by Karl Baxter | May 3, 2008, 7:15 am

Anonymous said...

Here is a better quality version, captured in case the BBC remove their version.

Mr.H said...

Hi Green Arrow. VFRider here.
I would just like to know why I have been booted off the Green Arrow Forum, with out any explanation. I cannot even check my pvt. messages to find out if there is a message to explain why. An explanation would be appreciated, as I cannot understand why I have been banned.

The Green Arrow said...

vfrider. Since you make it public I shall respond in public. I personally found your attack on our Scots brothers unacceptable but that had nothing to do with you your ban.

That was decided by Brighton Rock who in my opinon serves the BNP and guards the forum superbly and has my full confidence.

The Green Arrow said...

Colonel. Thank you for comment. Much appreciated.

Pip. Pip.

Anonymous said...

Article can be seen in full at the Green Arrow forum!
From PJC wet the tells how British troops no longer allowed on British streets by an official!
Also what British MPs were told in Brussels by those at the fourth reich.

The news media say little about any of this, for it is now regarded as almost an offense to speak out against the gauleiters or against the European dictatorship, which in any event deploys an annual propaganda budget of $2.5 billion — an amount of which the late Dr. Goebbels could only dream. The BBC alone received $300 million from the Kommissars last year. It very seldom utters a word of criticism against the European Union. What do the British people think about this?

The few who know about it — and it is no coincidence that they are the same few who know what a false and dishonest scam the “global warming” scare is—are horrified. The people as a whole are now so uneasy about what is happening that, even though few know the full details, they are now making it clear in every opinion poll that they do not want the Lisbon Treaty. Indeed, it is now certain that if there were a referendum on the Treaty in the UK, it would be crushingly defeated.

The two functionally-Communist parties in the regional legislature at Westminster—the majority Labour party and the “Liberal” “Democrats”—each made written promises in their manifestoes for the last national elections that they would give the British people a referendum on the Treaty before it was ratified.

Recently, the leaderships of both parties, knowing that any referendum would reject the Treaty overwhelmingly, have accordingly reneged on their promises, and samizdat debates are now being held on the question whether their failure to honor those promises and their consequent transfer of our own elected representatives’ powers to the unelected hands of the alien power that the European Union has become constitutes treason.

It is indeed treason: but the UK courts are now mere rubber-stamps for the dictators. In the British constitution, the largest body of Members of Parliament not belonging to the governing party used to be known as “Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition.” However, the Conservative Party under its current weak, vapid, and policy-averse leadership has consistently failed to oppose the inexorable and soon-to-be-final extinction of what was once our democracy. In the absence of any Parliamentary opposition, millions of Britain’s leading minds have already fled overseas, taking their wealth and their talent with them, in a brain drain not seen since the ghastly days of Harold Wilson and the dominance of the Communist-led trades unions. I myself spent ten years overseas, but have recently returned and shall be doing my best to fight to regain my nation’s independence and democratic liberties.GREAT BRITAIN SPEAKING NOT THIRD WORLD BRITAIN.

Britain Now a Police State
There are those at present planning to take our country back Scotland involved also.

The HyPe said...

Spook said...

Hey Arrow, I'm glad you guys got a seat there in London, and I'm stoked that Livingstone got beat, that hadji wannabe scumbag.

You guys keep it up over there.

ivan said...

the failure of the politicians and as richard said "like rats leaving a sinking ship" really shows to any person out there that doesnt vote along the lines they are all the same.well wake up RICHARD BARNBROOK is in town.and fair play to the other candiadates that stayed on the stage when richard spoke truly prooving the old john steinbeck novel "of mice and men" each and every one of them should be on the assembly because they stood there to listen to democracy regardless of creed,colour or opinion

bernard said...


Small point here- walking out on someones speech is not anti-democratic. It's just ignorant.
Shouting him into silence would have been. That did'nt happen. He still gave his speech.

The Green Arrow said...

Yes a good point Bernard. It was ignorant. I shall make a small amendment.

Thank you

bertie bert said...

for anyone that suffers hearing problems here is the speech.

Amazing, like rats leaving sinking ships, well there you go there’s the great “element ” of democracy in this great capital city of ours, (heckles from the crowd ” get off!”) it seems like the same rabble outside has appeared inside here (more heckles of “get off”)

I’d like to thank um, the returning officer I would also like to thank the police for keeping order outside and more important than that I’d like to thank the hundred people coming out to put out around about 1 million leaflets across London, giving London a real choice and alternative .

What’s more important against the diversity and absolute corruption of our media Attack after attack I feel a little bit like Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone and also Mr Paddick when they are attacking them daily on their personal lives the only difference was, the comments the press the gutter press made about me were lies . and I’m quite happy to see the fact that Simone Clarke a person that stood up against Ken Livingstone’s barrage of hatred of telling the truth and having the freedom of speech still stands strong and she is a wonderful woman better than most of those people running around the streets outside putting down the whole aspect of democracy .

I have not been elected to mayor of London,but I will be in the assembly, and I promise to every single Londoner out there regardless of colour creed or of identity the nonsense of political correctness will be swept aside. The budget put forward by Livingstone or ,I forgot his name , the blond bombshell, will be
scrutinised second by second money that is diverted to political correctness , money that’s diverted towards a one sided positive discrimination will be brought to the public day in and day out .
If this city of ours is so great in its multiculturalism and its diversity why is it that a small minority get a large percentage of the finance paid by every tax payer in this capital city why is it broken down that the majority that fund this city get the lowest return for the work that they put in day in day out .

So that I make quite clear now to you, All Londoners every single one that walks If you need aid from a voice that will speak for you representing you clearly across this capital city without prejudice or without concern of colour, or identity my hands will be opened up as wide as that of the indigenous population and the first generation that came here to every single Londoner , as long as you play part within the identity of this great city and this great capital.
People should remain as individuals and belong to the environment they came from or they are coming to.

This is Britain, it is for the British people with the intent of its identity ,culture and belonging.
It is not for people to enter into this land dictating what will and will not happen to the people that created it and built it over generations.

Thank you .

Anonymous said...



Fyrdist said...

Does anyone know who the Huggy Bear look-a-like is (he's stood behind Richard the Lionheart wearing a beige suit)?

Well done to that "dude" for staying put throughout the Lionheart's speech.

This was a very commendable position from a BLACKMAN -unlike the petulant puerile behaviour from the WHITE bourgeoisie cretins who left the stage. Did they have to run home and report thus…

…"I've come home and brought my ball with me because I don't like people disagreeing with me, mummy. How dare they!”

Everyday I curse the fact that I have to share the same universe as these spoilt, self-righteous, sanctimonious head-cases who simply cannot accept that there is a "diversity" of opinion as well as a “diversity” of peoples.

I hold no empathy whatsoever with these distasteful pond-life -not even because they are supposedly fellow human beings.