Saturday, 24 May 2008

Nick Griffin on top of the world

The Chairman of the British National Party speaking from the roof of City Hall London. A good talk and then some scenic shots as Nick reminds us of Our History.

He makes an error when mentioning HMS Belfast (the only ship I actually had to sleep in an hammock on) - anybody else notice?


Fyrdist said...

Shipmate, am i right in saying that the Belfast was a cruiser and NOT a destroyer, as ouitlined by Mr. Griffin?

The Green Arrow said...

Ye be right Jim lad. She be a Town class Cruiser. My very first ship after leaving training. She was the accommodation ship for the crew of the Commando carrier HMS Bulwark during her refit and prior to her tour of duty in the Far East. After that she was towed up the Thames to where she is today.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sailor,
I was a Pongo and even I know a Cruiser from a Distroyer.
Col; Charles Henry Inns Trapp