Sunday, 11 May 2008

The Burka Fashion Show

This gave me a laugh on a sunny Sunday morning.


Fyrdist said...

"Dressing up for morning prayer, or dressing down for midnight stoning, this burka is fetching"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Good find, GA.

Phil said...

Strange isn't it? One of the most beautiful parts of a woman can be the eyes and yet these muslim hypocrits allow the eyes to be seen on the females.

Anonymous said...

Ah but it's the fleshy signs of a females skin [any] that drives these moslems into satisfying their uncontrolled urge's that's another reason the west should keep em out!!
Wonder if they do a nice Tartan burka blueish cover that Scottish git with it at number 10?
would love to see the BBC put that show on!