Sunday, 4 May 2008

The Enemy within

By Sarah Maid of Albion

I recall that, as a teenager, during the early 1980's, I, like many others was a huge fan of an American TV series called “V” where malevolent Aliens sought to take over the Earth, and consume its current inhabitants (literally). Initially, these ill intentioned space beings seemed kindly and benevolent, and indeed they looked so like us it was heard to tell who was earthling and who alien.

That was until some accident would rip away a section of their false skin revealing the green reptilian scales beneath, and exposing the invaders true monstrous intentions.

“V” was in a genre of mostly 'B' Horror movies, such as “The invasion of the Body Snatchers” They Live” and “The Thing” where mankind is either threatened or ruled over by creatures which look like men, behave like men but are actually extra terrestrial invaders intent on the destruction of humanity.

It is a compelling and terrifying thought to believe that dreadful beasts walk amongst us disguised as us and indistinguishable from our own, but committed to our demise. Indeed the idea of alien creatures, or different species, taking on the form of humans in order to achieve their wicked aims is an evocative one and exists in many cultures and legends .

More fantastically, the one time sports presenter and sometime, self proclaimed. son of God, David Icke has from time to time taken the legend (or fact?) of The Illuminati quite a few steps further down the evolutionary chain and claimed that the world is ruled by shape shifting reptiles, capable of adopting human form. According to Icke's version of reality, many prominent people, and all world leaders, from George Bush, Hillary Clinton to members of our own dear royal family are, when viewed in their natural form, huge Komodo dragon like lizards.

Why is it I wonder that this same concept is repeated so frequently in our entertainment, our myths and legends and in our conspiracy theories? What attracts us to this much repeated scenario where people who look like us, but who are out to harm us are, in truth, aliens who bear no similarity to us whatsoever physical or otherwise.

Could it be that it is altogether more comfortable to imagine that our foes are scaly green aliens or shape shifting lizards, than it is to accept that there are people within our own community, people who not only look like us, but who are like and yet who are working tirelessly towards the aim of our destruction, and that so many of these people are in positions of power and influence?.
In fact such people now so dominate positions of power and influence, and have such control over the media and of most means of communication, that they can all but silence any dissenting voice. I am sure that many BNP voters were over the moon with delight to see that for almost the first time ever someone they had voted for was allowed a tiny amount of coverage, when Richard Barnbrook won the BNP's first ever seat on the London assembly.

Usually anyone who does not share the politically correct ideology favoured by our masters in the nations newsrooms finds access to any public platform is barred to them, and it is almost impossible to get their message heard.

Don't be fooled, you can be assured that the status quo will be resumed shortly. Our media overlords had no option other than to give Richard air time after Thursday's election, but he would be a fool to believe that aberration will continue, or that he will not shortly find that his speeches, policies and initiatives will join the blooded legion of racially battered white boys in the news exclusion zone.

The media is not alone, all 24 of the other Assembly members have already decided to deny the almost 131,000 Londoners who voted for the BNP the representation to which our democracy allegedly entitles then, by agreeing to “shun” Richard Barnbrook. Which apparently is their idea of democracy!.

It seems that democratic rights extend only to those who voted for politicians with a Common Purpose stamp of approve on their behinds.

Why is the establishment so desperate to silence the voices calling out against mass immigration and for the fair treatment of the native British population?, why do they try and portray BNP voters and members as hate filled, jackbooted, fascists when a single visit to the BNP's website shows that could not be farther than the truth?

If, the BNP's message is so vile, and if, as is often said, “Sunlight is the best disinfectant” why are they so reluctant to shine any on the BNP and other white nationalist groups, surely if what they say about the Nationalists is true then the more they are exposed for what they are the more the public will reject them.... surely?.

In fact the reverse is true, just like the leaders of North Korea or the old Soviet Union knew that their subject peoples would no longer be so compliant if they learnt the truth about the outside world, the fat controllers who steer public perceptions have no wish for the public to know the truth about alternative viewpoints.

It is a cliché to say that they fear the truth, however, it is also a fact. They fear the truth because the truth would get in the way of the project (or Common Purpose), if the public knew the truth they might be less willing to accept the lies, and that would not suit the purposes of those who control our destiny. This very fact alone exposes their plan for what it is, if to succeed in their aims they must hide the truth from us, then their aims can not be in our best interests, and they know it.

There can be no question that they have defined aims, this is not about conspiracy theory, it is obvious to all that there is a project under way which is determined to change this country and this continent beyond recognition. The native peoples of Britain and mainland Europe are white, however, day by day they become less so, and it is our own governments, our own leaders, cheered on by our home grown press who are doing it, and not one of them has a slimy green scale under their skin (much as some may appear to have)

The only possible outcome from that campaign is that Europe's once proud status as the home of the white race will be gradually diminished and quite probably destroyed. It is no coincidence that it is only our continent this is being done to, and there are no plans to change Africa's position as the (main) home of the black race, or Asia's much prized racial integrity. Those cultures will be preserved because it is they who are the vehicle of our abolition.

It is only the lands of the white race which are under siege, and it is white politicians who are primarily responsible.

Our establishment are doing this to us only half consciously, they are doing it because they are the product of a radical ideology designed for an entirely different purpose. They and the generation before them were created and indoctrinated by people who hoped to see the West overthrown by a Communist East. Although that purpose no longer exists the mindset has long been fixed, Western Culture must be destroyed, and if the Soviet Union is no longer there to do it, Islam and mixed marriage will work well enough. So, although the aims have changed, they carry the project forward, and indoctrinate new generations because they have been programmed to do so.

Nobody but a fool is ignorant of the threat we face from Islam, and yet, despite playing lip service to a war on terror, our white European leaders cheerfully preside over the, not so gradual, Islamification of Europe and plans are in place to speed up the process as the descendants of the vicious Ottoman empire lurk again at out gates.

We are kept in in ignorance of the truth of the racial violence being inflicted on our own people, and lied to be by politicians and journalists who do not care about their own people, worse, they actively campaign against their own people.

These same people encourage interracial relationships, in the full knowledge of their failure rate and the huge numbers mixed race children living in single families due to the disproportionately high numbers of absent black fathers not to mention the increased risk of violence and the inevitable genetic effect miscegenation has. It is not racist to point out that once a child is born of a mixed race couple, a genetic line is changed irretrievably. Given that the promotion of mixed race unions is just one of a vast series of assaults upon the racial integrity of white Europe, only those deliberately and stubbornly blind to what is going on can not detect a deliberate common purpose.

That purpose is most certainly not the survival of a safe majority white Europe, and again it is our own politicians from our own main stream stream political parties, and not extra terrestrials in human guise, who are behind it

Like the embattled earthlings in “V” we, as a people, are under threat from people who seek to destroy us and our entire way of life but they are not green skinned aliens or poor David Icke's nine foot lizards, they look like us, because they are like us and hate us for it. They are the enemy within.


ivan said...

sarah.never a true word has been spoken,i sometimes think of quatermass and wish all these people would really descend on wembley stadium to be whisked off to the planet zarg after all they have no mission on planet earth.

Like The Roman said...

Excellent article noce again, Sarah. However:

´The media is not alone, all 24 of the other Assembly members have already decided to deny the almost 70,000 Londoners who voted for the BNP the representation´

I believe that was for the Mayoral election. London wide we received 130,714 votes!

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Thanks LTR

You are right, Ishall correct that right away


Anonymous said...

Icke's i must admit his lizard theory does go right over my head but everything this guy says is smack on.
He warned over common purpose long before the rest of us started to take it seriously.
His words; By the time the people see the bars the doors will be slammed shut, are now recognised by many to be fact.
I have listened to him for hours speaking and have started to believe, all the names he was called plus the slurs re his mental health way back in the early 90s which drove him off our screens are no different in their intent than is calling anyone that dares to speak up today a racist,
He just knew much more, than we at the time understood but for sure those he upset knew!

American now see that our own gutles politicians do not protect nore stand up for us at all.
They themselves fear Europeans will not just sit by much longer and watch our civilisation being destroyed.

A Lady from London posted a story that took place in the early 80s.
Some moslem friends came around for a drink, later when the alcohol took it's toll on the brain the guy started bragging how one day islam would rule this country.

Long term plans have been put into place and we can today see the outcome of a creeping islamnisation of the UK.
Richard is just another threat of this being put at risk with Icke his mental state was used with Richard he's called a nazi.
Were it Fascism or Nazism they objected to which it is not. they'd not be so quick at employing the muslim brotherhood.

Today in Egypt food shortages are causing riots and demos which the muslim brotherhood hope to use to take power there.

The USA sends aid. another country full of moslems that can't feed or support them. Why does the west insist on such idiotic practises while in the west women have to work to live, too busy for babies yet moslems women stay home and incubate in the countries where western aid allows them to continue breeding.
This is crackers we pour money in to what are failing states that just spread terrorism and evil aimed at we in the west.

defender said...

This is a good piece of work Sarah.
I will be reading your links with interest.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing I recall somewhere reading that in the crypt of Rouen Cathedral are skulls of creatures resembling gargoyles, and also no joking has anyone noticed the loose jowels of Mc Broon which dont seem to go in time to his speaking, this was also allegedly noticed in other world leaders (again I think it may have been Icke) almost as if they are reading from a script or pre-recorded ;-)... Maybe the old Bible wasnt far wrong after all!... ssshhhudddderr. It does make one think however that no matter what goes wrong for lesser individuals, none of the really bad buggers ever get injured or killed in accidents or assasinations etc do they?, do they lead charmed lives, is it that only the good die young, or is there something else, now where did I read that many young people go missing without trace to keep up a supply of body parts for the wealthy and powerfull?. In reality I guess that its more a case that the wealthier a person becomes, the more disposed to seeking power and kicks from evil means they become, unlike the rest of us they have no daily toil to keep them on the straight and narrow, the devil finds work for idle hands....

Vlad said...

I don't care whether they are lizards or not, when the time comes to clean up this country, I want to do the Milliband brothers.

And the rest of the reptiles.

Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

Great article and completely accurate. People need to not only support BNP at the ballot box but on the internet and on newspaper blogs.

Its also important to join anti-immigration lobby groups and
fax, call, mail, visit your representatives of whatever party to say you want immigration halted.

The Green Arrow said...

Brilliant piece of work Sarah. Just brilliant.