Thursday, 15 May 2008

BNP Councillor to feature in TV documentary

Councillor Pat Richardson, British National Party and proud of it

Recently re-elected British National Party Councillor for the Loughton Broadway ward, Pat Richardson is set to appear on TV again. This time it is the Dispatches programme which is scheduled to be shown some time in July on Channel 4.

Pat will be speaking candidly about her attitude towards the Moslems during an interview by the Dispatches shows producer, James Jones. During the interview, Pat said:
"I told him I think there are many moderate Muslims living in Britain just going about their day-to-day lives, but that they end up being treated with suspicion because of radical Muslims who carry out attacks which devastate peoples' lives."
Quite right Pat. The trouble is, over 10% of the so called moderates support the actions of the militants. That is one heck of a large loose canon to have rolling around on the deck of Our Country.

However, Pat, an experienced Councillor is wary of the shows intentions. Mr Jones appeared to be very interested in the fact that Pat is Jewish. Something that does not bother the BNP or the people who re-elected an hard working Councillor. It will however upset the Searchlight crowd who seem to feel that Jewish people should not be supporting the British National Party.
"Hopefully they will show me in a positive light but you never know how these things are going to be edited - so we'll just have to wait and see."
Yes, we will just have to wait and see. Meanwhile you can read the press report here.


Anonymous said...

I believe the term "moderate muslim" is another anaesthetic for the kuffars.

How can anyone who believes in the psychotic paedophile mohammed be moderate? How can anyone who believes in sharia law be moderate? It'sa bit like calling someone a "moderate nazi".

And where are these "moderate muslims" protesting against the jihad? They protest in their thousands about cartoons yet are nowehere to be seen after yet another act of Islamic terror (over 11,000 since 9/11 alone).

And let's say there is a moderate muslim. Will they always be moderate? Will their offspring be moderate?

Islam is evil. Every single person who believes in Mohammed is our enemy and they and their vile "religion" shoud be banished from our shores never to darken our land again.

Don't be fooled. Islam is what it is and westerners ignore the truth at their peril.

It will be very interesting to see how Pat is portrayed in this programme, just hope the makers can be honest and fair.


Anonymous said...

"Moderate muslims" will do as they are told by the imams whatever they believe in their hearts.

Muslims are not allowed to leave the faith, marry out of the faith, criticise the faith etc. without a price on their heads so how on earth does anybody expect them to show any solidarity with other than muslims when push comes to


There are no "moderate muslims",if they are moderate they are not muslims,do you or pat realise that it is incumbent upon muslims to give "charitable donations" yearly,and it is obvious that white English people are not the recipients of this largese,it goes to muslim organisations worldwide,and is then siphoned off for all the terrorists by being laundered through supposedly legitimate "charities",even the red cross and red crescent are funding the jihadis,so how can any muslim be " moderate"when they know fullwell where theier money is going,and what it is being used for?As for the programme ,this is just an attempt to try to ridicule the BNP in front of the general public,and they should not touch it with a barge pole.

Anonymous said...

But who will the moderate Muslims support when the 'peace walls' are built?

Yet while the extremists create headlines, the peaceful demographic shift continues.

A Muslim PM and a Sharia Parliment could come about democratically as numbers of moderate Muslims increase - the suicide bombers are actually slowing down the moderate takeover with their poor grasp of PR.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

London: Jewish community targeted with Jihadi graffiti

London's Jewish community has been targeted by a wave of anti-Semitic graffiti.

Residents were today warned to look out for suspicious activity following the racist attack in north-east London.

Vandals sprayed shops, pavements and walls outside four synagogues in Clapton Common and Stamford Hill on Tuesday night. Worshippers were yesterday confronted with slogans such as "Jihad to Israel" and "Jihad to Tel Aviv".