Friday, 30 May 2008

Somerset starts to wake up to the danger

Chard, Crimchard Ward by-election 29th May 2008.

Lib-Dems 423 votes
Cons 320 votes
BNP 154 (17.2%)

In addition to putting out two general leaflets and an election address, South Somerset BNP canvassed 80% of the homes in the ward.

We understand that the branch set one team of relatively inexperienced Chard activists to work delivering leaflets whilst a second team of more confident and seasoned activists, spent their time on the doorsteps of this quintessentially English shire market town.

Congratulations to candidate Robert Baehr and his campaign teams for a tremendous result from a first time effort. As one activist said earlier this evening:
“Five years ago 17% was the kind of vote you hoped for in places like Burnley or Stoke, whereas you would be lucky to get 2% in a rural town like Chard - not that you would have even bothered to contest it”.
How times have changed!

The Labour Party now relies on union income by 80% and Trade Union members and Labour voters should remember that those trade unions support the exportation of our jobs overseas for political reasons.

If you are a trade union member, you should resign your existing one and join the patriotic independent trade union Solidarity or keep funding your enemy.


Anonymous said...

Awesome result.
The fight continues.

Anonymous said...

Great news congratulations to the BNP and thanks' to those that voted for the party that stands up for you. refusing to turn it's face towards the EUSSR and the many Arab nations soon to become club members.
Unions are in the pay of the EUSSR and he who pays the piper..........
Be independent stick with your own not EUSSR yes men.
When the EUMED is up and running fully. by God you will need them more than ever before!