Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Why is it?

The Police and The Press

Why is it that the first thing that both the media and the police say when a coloured person is found dead as a result of violence, is that the attack could have been racially motivated?

The recent violent death of an "Asian" (what part of Asia?) set the greyhounds of political correctness of on a false start, so eager where they print a story about attacks on Asians by whites as opposed to the regular stories of Asian Gang attacks on lone white mails that they usually try to hide.

The Daily Mirror, as usual, was amoungst the first to scream racist and although they have been quick to cover their tracks on their site they are never quick enough for the boys of the British National Party.
'Racist gang' murder: Three arrested in West Yorkshire
Mirror.co.uk, UK - 17 hours (from time of posting this blog)
By Andy Rudd 26/05/2008 Three men have been arrested in connection with the murder of an Asian teenager in what police believe may have been a racist gang ...
There the police go again and the Mirror prints what is wants to hear. Racist gang and yet whenever a white lad is murdered the press and police always say that it was just a violent attack that led to manslaughter and that they are not treating the crime as racial. Despite all the evidence to the contrary. Here you go. Here, here and here.

I have not posted the link to the Daily Red Mirror Rag, they have changed their story but I have edited the Blasts from the Pasts section to display a few previous articles that have been posted about this poor excuse for toilet paper.


Peter said...

I have to agree with you GA. It got so bad with the misleading false reporting with the radio media yesterday that they (I feel) were deliberately and falsley reprting the news to make it look like a racist murder. The imbecile Muslim MP from Dewsbury was on Sky news as soon as the murder was announced stating that it could be "white on Asian". By 6.30 pm he was on Radio five live stating that three Asian's had been arrested, he sounded devastated that this was the case. He had also stated on numerous times that Dewsbury had the largest BNP vote in the country trying and hoping to tie the both together should this have been a racist murder.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

You know Green Arrow the fact that both you, John of Gwent and I could all see what was happening over this story, must mean that other will have done so as well, especially after all the previous killing.

People know that guy suspected of killing Rob Knox was black and that the person charged over Jimmy Mizen is Turkish.

However, it is not until the victim is Asian that the press start screaming "racist".

The fact that they started screaming it so soon, show how frantic they are becoming.

When they eventually do get their long awaited white on black killing, it will be Lawrence pantomime all over again, but with bells and whistles!

Anonymous said...

Photo's of the MP Malik from back in the 2001 riots showed him to be no more than a thug himself!!
The BNP were no more to blame for this killing than they were for the rigged up riots of 2001.
Not long back the media denied all racial tension in York's so at least that truth has been dragged out of them.
What really turns my stomach is compare the coverage of this killing to the killing of Kriss where his death passed without a word.
We found out at the trial!!

Points out at least it's us and them...
English the Serbs of the UK!!

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Sarah - first I heard of this story was when my brother in Australia emailed it to me.

And even he had noticed what the rest of us have noticed - which is what the email was about.

The really amusing thing is that the politicians and press don't realise how ridiculous they have become in the eyes of even other liberals.

In my eyes - and in my estimation in the eyes of the overwhelming majority of the population - every time a perp is not identified or described, then that is because he's non-white, and/or otherwise immigrant ... because it's noticable that when the perp is white British, the description is immediately forthcoming.

We ALL think like this these days.