Friday, 30 May 2008

If we tolerate this

A brief video that tries to show the scale of sexual abuse carried out
against women and children in Britain.

The above video is from Statistician14's site on YouTube. After you have watched it you might like to click on this link to the UK Enrichment News. It is a search of paedophile attacks carried out against our young by the enrichers. Use the Next Page option to go through the pages. Frightening stuff and God only knows how many other cases I have missed by not checking the papers every day. If you read about any send the links please.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008
Me and You and a Dog Named Allah
by Baron Bodissey

This is yet another example of the insane topsy-turvy world of Political Correctness. In PC Land a person from protected minority has an absolute right not to be offended, and that right trumps any rights that people from the oppressive majority might have.

According to Al Arabiya:

A prison officer in the United Kingdom was transferred after he caused a stir amongst inmates by calling his sniffer dog ‘Allah’, press reports said Monday.

Although officer Chris Langridge, 28, insisted the Labrador’s name was in fact ‘Ali’ not ‘Allah’, a Muslim inmate filed an official complaint with Britain’s top Belmarsh high-security jail, The Sun newspaper reported.

“This is political correctness gone mad,” a Belmarsh officer was quoted by The Sun as saying.

According to a prison source there is no suggestion that he did call the dog Allah but it was thought it would be better to transfer him, the paper said.
- - - - - - - - -

Belmarsh contains the highest number of Muslim inmates of any UK prison, including some notorious extremists such as hook-handed Abu Hamza.

What’s notable is that Mr. Langridge didn’t actually call his dog “Allah”. The perception that he called his dog by the name of the Mesopotamian moon-god was enough to bring official sanctions down upon his hapless head.

God help Britain Gates of Vienna.