Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Keith Brown - Security cameras

I have never been a big fan of security cameras, but sometimes, just sometimes we should be glad that they are used. Even ones installed by people standing trial for murder.

Take the case of the murder of British National Party activist Keith Brown, where it seems a security camera is going to be a big nail in this case.

But first a little bit about the seventh day of the trial, which is reported in greater detail on the Simon Darby site.

Giving evidence as a character witness, was councillor Terry Follows. Mr Follows, as well as being a councillor also owns a plumbing business, with most of its trade coming from the Moslem colonisers. In fact he had fitted out the Normacott Mosque.

As expected his praise for the accused, Habib Khan was in line with his future earnings. Huge. Khan as well as being an accused killer is also trustworthy and well respected.

Then it was time for Habib Khans son, Azir Habib Saddique to take the stand. And now here is where it gets interesting.

Saddique claims that as he and his brother were driving by, that the murder victim was standing at his gateway holding a brick in his hand which is why his brother reversed the vehicle back up the road where a "scuffle" then took place.

However the video tape taken from Khans own security camera showed a different story. Mr Brown was not at his gate. Neither did the tape show Mr Brown holding a brick as was being claimed. The same same video was also instrumental in Mr Khan changing his statement.

"I have something to tell you, I've decided to tell the truth."
Well I wonder in these enriched times, with all the biased reporting and outright lies being published such as this gem, who a jury would believe without the supporting video evidence?


Anonymous said...

It looks as though the guilty verdict is a formality. What I wait to see is the judges summing up and directions to the jury and then the sentence. I expect it will be along the lines of a man acting under extreme duress and provocation and finally losing control. A man of good character, well respected in the community and no doubt a contributor to many charities and good causes. He will have already suffered enough while awaiting the trial and so a minimum term of imprisonment will be sufficient and it is hoped that he and his family quickly recover from the trauma of these events. I hope I am wrong. But if I am right then in any proud patriotic country, crowds would turn out and burn the courthouse to the ground. Unfortunately the British have little pride left themselves and certainly would never take the trouble to protest strongly against an injustice to one white man and his courageous family. Let us hope the judge is aware of the simmering resentment in many British citizens and let us hope that the man is found guilty and given a tarriff of something like thirty years before applying for parole. Some hope. Of course, in a decent society he would be quickly hung by the neck until he was dead.

Anonymous said...

I wish I was on this jury!
Any chance of a perjury case?

Anonymous said...

Wonder how long it is before the video tape "accidentally" gets damaged or goes missing?

Anonymous said...

i'd like to know who sat on this jury.
Keith's killer did not intend to kill him therefore the verdict in manslaughter.
The BBC each time stressing Keith was a BNP ACTIVIST like that made his killing ok.
Griffin was at the funeral again to excuse the killing.
Steven Lawrence was stabbed once and that was murder,
Who's to say they intended to kill him?
So now Keiths neighbours only took a knife because they wanted to puncture him?
They made it sound like envy due to the moslem having built an impressive house after knocking two down.
The scums sons verdict will come later the jury ajourned.