Thursday, 8 May 2008

So you think you live in a free country?

Police state -


Fyrdist said...

EACH AND EVERY ONE, repeat, EACH AND EVERY ONE of those fascist laws was introduced after 1997 by the Neo-Communist New Labour Party and with the FULL BACKING (due to their silence and inaction) of the Liberal Democrats and the Conservative Party.

Welcome to World War Three, people -a war that is now waged by states not against states but against their populaces white and black, rich and poor, innocent or guilty.

You -the people- have been consistently warned and warned and warned... about this and yet what have you done? Why do people keep licking the Red despotic jackboots that continually kick them?

As the song so rightly warns, "If you tolerate this, then your children will be next."

If you are not prepared to act for the benefit and safety of yourself, if you are not prepared to DEFEND YOURSELF IN THE WAR THE STATE HAS DECLARED ON US ALL, then please at least think of the future and of your children.

Vote BNP for a safe, secure and free Britain for the future.

Your call, people.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Is the BNP website under attack again?

I can't get into any of the links - not even the comments.

LeedsLass said...

Everything beyond the main site front page is still inaccessible this morning. If this is yet another deliberate attack to deny access and silence the BNP then someone, somewhere is responsible and should be prosecuted.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

BNP website is working ok again now. Must have been a server error at the website end.

I checked this morning with a friend in Skel - he couldn't access the links either which does tend to indicate a problem at the site end. I was just bothered there might have been something wrong with my software.

Anonymous said...

May just be very busy after the commies demo in London saying they'd force out Richard, comments in London press tells of outraged people that have since visited the BNP site and add they will in future vote BNP had they known before how undemocratic the three main parties were behaving they'd not have given them their votes....

Re freedoms in danger.
They are much more than most can even have nightmares about.
Eu Laws do not protect the people they protect the state.
Property rights should concern every home owning person in this country for the first time ever property can be removed including ones home at the states behest.
Remember across Europe [eastern] when the commies took over property rights were thrown out together with the owners of said properties.
The state become all powerfull!
It can't happen here?
Maybe so far it hasn't happened to you but for sure it happens!

That ex soldier QC had five police bullits in him.
His wife of a couple of years was at work not as was reported by police at home with him!
She is devastated....i wonder what's really behind this?


LeedsLass said...

Anon @ 11.49 - if you're referring to the spate of police suicides, you could be right - it was too many in too short a time. The last chap (found on Snowdon) had something to do with the Jersey Paedophile investigation - but surely the oxymoron that is the Intelligence Service, couldn't have anything to do with that? The last eleven years will never come to light of the Lisbon Treaty is ratified.

Anonymous said...

Dunblane was covered up as was operation ore when it came to light certain people were implicated!
Yes, i meant the three police suicides more details should have been released about their past and present cases that way we could assess for ourselves what the smell is coming from these deaths.

Anonymous said...

arrow do you have the link for this video on you tube i cant find it,it is superb i want to send on to ex pats across the world.cheers

The Green Arrow said...

AX, The link is

For future reference if you watch a video on this on any blog to the end you can get to the Youtube page by clicking on the Youtube name at the end of the video.

Good Luck