Saturday, 10 May 2008

Police investigate postal vote fraud allegations

Did you vote for the importation of this new breed of politician?

If you remember, the other day, I made a post about how, who governs Birmingham is decided in places like Pakistan, Bangladesh or Kashmir.

We were also talking about the very dirty war being fought between Labour and the Lib Dems in the Aston Ward of Birmingham, where they are really ripping each other apart, much to the delight of observers like myself.

Well it is confirmed now, that Plod, has taken time off from arresting people from dropping apple cores on the floor and will be investigating the claims and counter claims of wrongdoing made by both sides.

One of the claims made by Labour is that Lib Dem Councillor Khan was elected by the traditional Pakistani method of intimidating voters. Mr Khan had this to say:
"I won fair and square. If people were intimidated into supporting me it was without my knowledge.
Well to be honest, it does not take a lot to make me laugh. Thank God for a good old British sense of humour, so you can imagine, that line had me rolling around on the floor.

Labour, who are no strangers themselves to vote rigging as you can read here on our sister site, Liars, Buggers and Thieves pretend to be outraged and scream:
"It is absolutely incredible. Some people turned up to polling stations and were told they had already voted, we have got party workers going into houses to collect postal votes and cases of intimidation.
And back on the floor again, laughing at the antics of Islamic Politics in our decaying country whilst tears roll down my face. Oh well.

When we agreed with the Moslem world to accept their overspill population for continued oil we really screwed up big time. Better to have gone back to the horse and cart and steam trains then destroy the world.

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Racist, Racist, Racist.