Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Illegal Immigrants guilty of murders

Two men who murdered two of their mugging victims in separate robberies have been jailed for life.

South Africans Gabriel Benghu, 27, and Jabu Mbowane, 26, both of Court Road, Whitmore Reans, Wolverhampton, were also found guilty of seven robberies.

Neil Williams, 41, died in Telford, Shropshire, and Andrew Owen, 42, died in Sedgley, West Midlands last April.

The judge at Wolverhampton Crown Court recommended that the men serve at least 30 years each.

He also said they must be deported after serving their life sentences.

'Victims vulnerable'

Both victims were walking home from a night out at their local pubs when they were grabbed around the neck, attacked and robbed.

Passing sentence, Mr Justice Goldring told the men they had selected their seven mugging victims because "each was in some way vulnerable".

"Some were women walking home from the shop laden with bags, one was an older man smoking his cigar at the end of an evening," he said.

"Two, those whom you murdered, were on their way back home from the pub. They, you knew, were affected by drink."

Mr Williams and Mr Owen were killed within a 10- day period in April 2007.

Benghu and Mbowane had admitted mugging the two men, who were attacked near their homes, but denied intending the kill them.

Benghu was found guilty of two counts of murder and Mbowane of one count of murder.

Benghu and Mbowane are known to have entered the UK legally, but their visas had expired by the time of the murders and other muggings.

A third defendant, Kashia Allen, 22, of Crosby Close, Wolverhampton, was cleared of murdering Mr Owen but found guilty of his manslaughter and of seven robberies.

She will be sentenced later, after reports have been compiled.



Anonymous said...

Two African savages, living in Wolverhampton......What a shame that Enoch Powell, who represented the town, is no longer with us. His prophetic wisdom becomes more relevant with each passing day.

Anonymous said...

I was talking to a South African (white) guy on Sunday.

His views on "blix" are enlightening, especially when you hear about what they do to their own.

Savages. Tribal savages. Ugly, violent, hate-filled and lazy. They hate each other but have a special place for whites.

He laughed and said: "Europe helped the marxists and the blix destroy Rhodesia and SA. Now the blix will help the marxists destroy Europe because what happened to us is going to happen to you."

Just 4 years ago I was a firm believer in multiculturalism, wallowing in ignorant bliss. I've woken up to reality and unless more of my countrymen do we are going to be royally f**ked.

Here, take a look at what the blacks have done to SA:

JBURG Then and Now

Check out all of the galleries ansd see how the blacks have turned a jewel into a turd and ask yourself: Will London go the same way?

They're coming for us Britain, and either we fight them now or you leave it to your kids and grandkids who will face a mightmare.

First step is join the BNP.


Anonymous said...

How i agree with the above statement here in the UK we are having forced upon us another Zimbabwi with the indigenous becoming the white farmers!
Police are looking toward northern Cyprus for the killer of the young lad slashed across his throat at the weekend..A TURKISH IMMIGRANT.
Labour have imported rapist, killers, paedos you name it labour have blood on their hands!!

watling said...

On the subject of South Africa I'm guessing that there's no way they'd have got the World Cup in 2010 if whites hadn't been heavily involved in putting the country's case forward. I'm guessing it's white engineering and logistics skills which will be required to get the event to run smoothly.

No "black" nation could hold such an event without white (or possibly Chinese/Japanese) help.

watling said...

Has anyone found a blog anywhere dedicated to black victims of black murderers? Thought not.

Reminds me of something I read in Bob Geldof's first autobiography. He was in the middle of organising Live Aid in 1985 and wanted the most commercially successful bands to perform in order to raise the most cash.

Some black bloke rang to ask why no black acts were performing. Geldof told him the most high profile bands were going to perform because the important thing was to raise the most money possible to help African victims of famine. He added that if Bob Marley were alive he'd have begged him on his knees to perform.

Apparently the black caller shouted in a Jamaican accent: "Them's black people dying, man!", having just sworn at Geldof in pure Cockney.

I recall that some black artists also approached Geldof with a view to putting on a separate show featuring black acts. Naturally Geldof agreed to help. But he heard nothing more about it (even though "Them's black people dying, man!").

Black can't organise shit.

Anonymous said...

Spot on Watling and not only can't black orgnaise shit, they can't take any responsibility for their own shit either, it's always the fault of "whitey".

Well no it isn't. Blacks have had handed to them on a plate two countries that were the jewels of colonial Africa. Bread baskets that fed not only their own people but the whole continent. Now look at them and look at what black does to black.

That ain't whitey, man!

And if you want a very curious parallel, look at what black has done to one of the finest industrial cities in human history, Detroit USA. Another modern city handed to black on a plate and now it is decrepit just like J'burg.

Coincidence? Whitey to blame? Or will black finally admit the evident truth: it's all down to black?