Saturday, 17 May 2008

BNP. Red, White and Blue festival decision date

Scenes from last years RWB

The British National Party will be celebrating our British culture, history and heritage at its annual family get together, the Red White and Blue Festival in August of this year.

A decision on whether to allow live music and alcohol at the event will be made by Amber Valley Borough Council on June 10th.

Last years event was a marvelous success with many local residents praising the behavior of those attending the festival.

A real family event, there were no incidents and just one lonely protester at the gate. He was well treated and provided with refreshment. The BNP feel that endangered species, such as genuine left wing activists, should be protected, so rare on the ground are they now.

As usual, we can expect there to be objections from the local lib/lab/con members who are feeling increasingly worried by the continued growth of the BNP. I suggest they put their copies of The Guardian over their heads and go to sleep for the day and let those people who have a life and pride in country get on with it.

Failing that, they can go protest about the murders,muggings, rapes and assaults each year at the Nottinghill Carnival and the huge cost to London ratepayers of policing the Capitals annual Dance of Death.

Hat tip: Sedgefield BNP


Anonymous said...

Video re arrest of the cartoonist he speaks out why he must not bow to islam.

ISLAMSTERDAM..he now re-names Amsterdam.

watling said...

I remember the lone protester. He held out a small sign with the message "Say no to racism".

Stange because no-one had asked me a question about it.

Even stranger, he was on the opposite side of the road to the site entrance.