Friday, 30 May 2008

A perceived crime and wrongful arrest

And right at the end we get it. This arrest is not about the law or the truth, it is about what they, the police, the political tools of the establishment "perceive" to be the truth.

Hopefully, one day, this brain dead PLOD will will be prosecuted for wrongful arrest and have his pension stripped from him because he is about as useful as a used nappy.

Hey Sarah, surprised you did not flag this one for the forum. I saw your comments:)

UPDATE and Hat Tip to Anon

According to McPherson (pbuh) A racist incident is any incident which is perceived to be racist by the victim or ANY OTHER PERSON.

So anybody can make this into a racist incident by merely perceiving it as such.


Anonymous said...

Kick the lot out and start again...


addition to putting out two general leaflets and an election address, South Somerset BNP canvassed 80% of the homes in the ward. We understand that the branch set one team of relatively inexperienced Chard activists to work delivering leaflets whilst a second team of more confident and seasoned activists, spent their time on the doorsteps of this quintessentially English shire market town.

Congratulations to candidate Robert Baehr and his campaign teams for a tremendous result from a first time effort. As one activist said earlier this evening: “Five years ago 17% was the kind of vote you hoped for in places like Burnley or Stoke, whereas you would be lucky to get 2% in a rural town like Chard - not that you would have even bothered to contest it”.

How times have changed!

The result.

Chard, Crimchard Ward.

Lib-Dems 423 votes
Cons 320 votes
BNP 154 (17.2%)

labour now relies on union income by 80% the public are speaking.

Nationalist said...

On the plus if that turban-lacking lad wasn't BNP before he is now.

Anonymous said...

The only exception is for a white person, and especially an English one, who if they were to dare to insinuate that they were the victim of a racial attack would by default show themselves up as being being racist, and there by of asked for the attack, and furthermore warrant prosecution by the police, because they are an easy target.

I only hope that support for the BNP carries on growing as quickly as it has of late, for there is no other part that has the strength and vision to reverse the tide.

Anonymous said...

What a complete PR**K that copper is. This piece of s**t is performing for the camera and his political maters.

Well, folk, I think his showing off should be punished. GA, I strongly suggest that this video (and any info I can get on SCUM "PC" PAUL HUGHES) should remain at the head of this forum for at least a week.

Message to any decent coppers -unfortunately you are all quickly becoming the enemies of the people. Can't you all see the threat that this will bring to both you the police and to the public?

Any PROPER copper who knows the cretin "PC" Paul Hughes should post the info on this blog.

This is a war enacted by the insane and evil over the innocent sane and good -we, the latter, will defend ourselves by any means necessary.

Self-defence is NO OFFENCE.

The Green Arrow said...

Davo thank you for the link to the site that produced that image you mentioned.

I see no point in posting a link to them or the red sites they link to as I am sure you agree if you think about it.

Anonymous said...

Now, if he had said "I'd rather NOT wear a Turban." Next I don't like Indian food, or carribean music, will be punished with 3 years in prison too. After that, I think the koran or the tora is a piece of crap, with capital punishment.

Besides, I'd rather wear a bowler hat.

Anonymous said...

That copper is a utter knob head, I hope that lad has some bottle & tells him he can shove him arrest up his fat arse, get him in court.