Monday, 5 May 2008

British National Party - Leadership Challenge

Nick Griffin - Chairman of the British National Party

So there is to be another Leadership challenge for the British National Party. Well, well, well. Just what are we to make of it.

Whilst British National Party activists were out leafleting, knocking on doors and winning new councillors and getting Richard Barnbrook elected to the London Assembly, there were others sat in locked rooms plotting to attack the Party for a mixture of reasons.

An attack they promptly launched the moment the election results were out, like drug addicts who could not wait for their next fix. They just had to launch their attack, they did not even have the decency to let the hard working activists and candidates have a week to celebrate. No, these people had to sour the whole event with their poison.

I am told the challenger, Colin Auty is a good man and I have no reason to doubt what I have read about him. But I suspect that whilst he may be a Councillor, he is not a politician and he has foolishly allowed himself to be used by others who do not have the interests of Our Party or Our Country at heart.

The Green Arrow Blog and Forum supports Nick Griffin, the Chairman of the British National Party 100% and if there is a rule that prevents members campaigning for any candidate via the internet, then I will resign from the BNP and campaign as a private individual.

There is more information to be found on the 21st Century British Nationalism site.


johnofgwent said...

Er .. GA have you got youself a bit of a 'world exclusive' on this ? I ask as google is silent on the subject.

ivan said...

if its the case it will be a X next to nick griffins name again for me. i strongly suspect roger roberston is much behind this.

Anonymous said...

scratch the surface of this latest challenge and you will find the voice of change gang. See how they ask for members to post their names in support.
If any leadership challenge is to be sucessful then the challenger has to have better poitical credentials than NG.

Q.Who in the UK has better, demonstrable, Nationalist credentials than NG?

A. No one

Anonymous said...

So these people feel its better to engage in in -fighting rather than follow up all the membership leads generated by the recent elections, do they?
There is a big smile on the face of the opponents of the party today!
Shame on these wreckers!

Anonymous said...

Colin who?
After having first hand experience of the new gangs sneaky little ways of going about thing's no thank's i stay with Nick Griffin 100%.
Just what the BNP needs is a mister nobody....NOT.

The Hundred Percenter said...

Nick Griffin is a superb leader. This leadership challenge is pathetic. It is nice to know there is democracy within the party but a challenger like Colin has no chance. All this challenge reveals is that there are forces inside working against us.

If it Ain't broke, don't fix it.

LeedsLass said...

This is ridiculous coming as it does at the end of the successful elections for the BNP - Barnbrook on the GLA and 100 councillors nationwide. NG has worked flatout for the party, a leadership challenge is just stupid.

Peter said...

Agreed, the timing shall we say is a bit suspect especially after Richards win, but I say the same as everyone else, Colin who?

I am fully behind the current chairman.

Anonymous said...

I am 100% behind Nick Griffin. I don't, however, see anything wrong in a leadership challenge. The BNP must be seen as, unlike the others, a democratic party. If there is a non backbiting challenge to Nick it could be publicised to the benefit of the party and let the general public see that we do things by the book.

Anonymous said...

im afraid mister Auty is very much mistaken if he thinks anyone is going to vote for him or his "voice of change" backers.The electoral success the party is having now is solely down to the vision and great leadership from Nick Griffin.So my message to mister Auty is simple if you dont like it i suggest you leave the party.

Anonymous said...

More info here:

The Green Fox

odin said...

As someone who is relatively new to the BNP, I would like to say from an outsiders point of view that NG is the biggest asset the BNP have. If he was replaced, the BNP would return to being just a small group of people even further on the fringe!

Anonymous said...

The best advice I can give Colin Auty with regard to his leadership challenge is stick to singing son. You may well be a nice guy Colin, I'm sure, but you dont have the ability to come close to Nick Griffin. Colin you are being used by evil forces who wish to remove, destroy Nick Griffin and thus destroy the BNP.

Forget it, it aint gonna happen.

The Free speech trial didn't stop the BNP, Kenny Smith and his crew didn't stop the BNP. The UAF didn't, haven't stopped the BNP.

So, to all BNP defeatist plotters FORGET IT! Just go back to your dark rooms with your dark thoughts and shove them wherever you like.

BNP is a light in the dark hour of our country and thats what you plotters dont like, well thats just too bad.

THE BNP is here.

Light will triumph over darkness every time. The people are waking up to that forgotten fact at long last. BNP is their light.


tbr said...

Just another chance for Nick to show that he has the support of the party members.

some people got sucked in by eie but as the smoke cleared it was even more certain certain that Nick was the way to go.

i am backing Nick 100%


Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

These individuals should be proscribed and any current member supporting them should be told to sling their hook.

What a pity no one saw through Sadie Whiplash before this crypto leftie joined the party and then allowed to reach modest prominence.

Colin Auty should stick to strumming his banjo and tell these stirring fifth columnists to go to hell. At the end of all this Nick will still be our leader, Colin Auty, a good man but no politician will be washed up while Graham and Single et al will plot their next victims.

This is exactly the same tactic as that which wrecked the NF, the BPP, the BM and every other Nationalist movement in our countries history and it has to stop and never allowed to rear it's ugly head again..

With you all the way Nick.

Pip pip

bill pugh said...

I"ll post my vote now 100% grifinite

bill pugh

Anonymous said...

I guess its a sign of the party's increasing popularity that there will be those who wish to better themselves within it and those who will back them for reasons both honourable and also devious. I would imagine that the smell of success is too much for some, and it ignites their ambition, which in the only real democratic party left in Britain is definetly a positive and should be openly presented as such, however to those involved in these power struggles please remember that the good of the party and thus the nation come first, and that there are many of us who aspire to leading our country out of the darkness, but realise that it does take a special kind of person with both time and 100% commitment to do it. Just beware that those who may have suggested your ascendancy may not have the good of the nation at heart!

Ernesto Ribeiro said...



The British National Party has shown solid steady growth in all areas of the country in the regions, taking seats from mainly traditional Labour areas, as that party's vote collapses everywhere.

* Labour Mayor knocked out in Rotherham

* One vote short of third gain in Amber Valley

* Huge swing in Halifax

* Seven second places in Barnsley

* 31 % in Daventry

* Tories, Plaid Cymru and Lib Dems trounced in Swansea

* Labour heartland of Jarrow gets BNP heart attack

In Thurrock, the BNP had a runaway victory by taking 40% of the vote, beating all the other parties hands down.

In Pendle the BNP also beat all oncomers, polling double the Labour candidate and beating the Lib Dems into a humiliating fourth place.

In Daventry's Drayton Ward, the BNP polled 31% of the vote, coming a close second to the Tories and leaving Labour in third place.

There were also a large number of excellent second places countrywide.

In Swansea, the BNP trounced the Tories, Plaid Cymru and the Lib Dems,

and in the spiritual Labour heartland of Jarrow, South Tyneside, a place where the Labour Party promised "there would never even be a BNP candidate", the BNP polled 33% of the vote, beating the Tories into third place.

Boris Johnson defeated Islamic extremists as well as Ken Livingstone

Greetings from Brazil,

Ernesto Ribeiro

Conservative Punk

PS: My anti-Islam dossies-sites got erased by the server itself, due coward Brazilian censorship, and I can be prosecuted for "hate crime" by the Communist dhimmi "progressive" Brazilian government.

Anonymous said...

When are some people going to realise that our cause is bigger than any of us! If anyone has issues or differences with the leadership (not that I have!) then they should go about it in a way that seeks to create the least damage and disruption to the party, not the opposite like this lot seem to want to do. Having said that, surely everyone has a moral reponsibility not to allow personal differences to get in the way of our struggle and to keep what often amounts to petty personality squabbles in perspective. The only ones who've ever benefitted from this kind of factionalism are our nation's

ex NF Salford BNP supporter who remembers.

Anonymous said...


Simon Derby blog.

Anonymous said...

Colin is being used he's a nice enough bloke but nobody I know sees him as a future leader the question is who's pulling his strings and why .

Nick Griffin 100%