Monday, 26 May 2008

Home of the Green Arrow-BNP ALERT

So what does this nice Pakistani girl think of the Green Arrow?

Most of you already know all there is to know about the colonisation of Our Country by the crazed followers of the Cult of the Dead Paedophile and their intention to impose Sharia Law in their new home, so we will have a break and take a look at what the colonisers are saying about us.
More on my increasingly disgusted review of the BNP. The home of the green arrow is a freaky, annoying and frustrating site set up for BNP Propaganda. Why is it of note?

While plugging issues like abuse of Pakistani wives etc, the site proposes sterilization of immigrants (in so many words), it mentions issues like honor killing and forced marriage, but in a way that simply demonizes Muslim communities for neo nazi ends.

If they were concerned about forced marriage then do they have a program to prevent it? No, their program is simply to force every non white Briton- man, woman and child out of the UK.

So why even mention issues like honor killings and forced marriage? Why exploit our pain and suffering, are you really that feeble and cowardly?

A trip to the Home of the Green Arrow is really a depressing voyage into the neo fascist mind. I resent their cynical misuse of our cause and i think Islam’s dissenters should come out and condemn it. You don’t want our British patriotism just cos we’re brown, fine- we don’t want you misusing our issues to abuse our communities.

Or here’s another idea, how about we all start thinking about working together for our common country? I don’t expect a reply any time soon from the bootboys down at the Home of the Green Arrow.

That little lot is from the Pakistani Heretical Girl, who were she to dress in the style of her banner image in Pakistan, then she would soon have her face washed in acid. But that is why she is living in Our Country. Sensible girl.

Now I will have to pop back over to her site and respond to a couple of things but I will answer them here, on this True British site first.

Never, ever have I proposed sterilization of immigrants. Deportation of illegal immigrants and the descendants of illegal immigrants yes. But never sterilization.

Now then my little Pakistani wannabe stripper, let me make one thing clear. This is not our common country. This country belongs to the indigenous population and they intend to reclaim it.

India wanted their freedom and own land. Pakistan wanted independence to turn the land into hell on earth and now we want our own land back. However.

The British National Party recognizes that many immigrants are now legal citizens and providing they obey the laws of Our Land the same as the indigenous population, they have nothing to fear. However should they break those laws, then a BNP government will deport them.

Well thats my response out of the way. If you do visit the silly girls site, then please be polite and civil if leaving comments. Especially about her body. She is a bit of an exhibitionist as you can see from this page on her site. And not a word about her having a big bum.


Anonymous said...

She is another one that hasn't read the BNP policies, seems to me she's enjoying her freedoms in Britain she wouldn't be posting pics of herself like that in Pakistan.
Where does she get the idea of sterilization of immigrants from ?
They seem to want their own country run by their indiginous peoples ,and good luck to them , how many English are running their governments?
Whilst using our hard fought freedoms to dictate to this country.

Issues like honor killing and forced marriage yes we are against it, what link is that to do with nazi,s.

She should be more concerned with her own "democracy" in her own country don't they assasinate the ones calling for freedoms in Pakistan, and as for India they have the caste system based upon skin colour, hence the "untouchables"
We don't hate anyone but we want a say in our own country!

Anonymous said...

No mention of her big bum promise!
But she has a saggy belly!!
Love how she uses the race/ colour card failing to regognise the real issue that of our not wanting our country turned into an islamic shithole like those we see around the world.
And on their past history these cuckoos just love stealing other peoples homes!
We object to their polygamy legalised prostitution.
We object to what amounts to near incest leaving we the tax payer with the bill for birth deformities.
We object to the fact most are on benefits they being the highest unempolyed.
We object to their colonisation of what once were British vilages and towns.
When Churchill made his remarks about islam then i take note he being far more learned than i and certainly more learned than the array of self serving labour/fabian politicians that would sell their soul for a vote.
We object to one drop of blood of a briton or a Serbian being shed for these peasant backward oiks.
I personaly would prefer that she and her bunch packed their bags and returned to the country so many Hindus were slaughtered for to give moslems their OWN country.
Independence means no clinging to our apron strings just because your own corrupt politicians lie through their teeth to you about some past terrorist they use to keep you lot controlled.
The BNP dear are far more moral than your own country are.
Chrisitians pay taxes in Pakistan but yet your corrupt leaders subsidise only moslems food stuffs!!
You think that fair or just another law of allah that you and yours work to inplant here?
The club of Rome and dare i say Fabians are the sterilisers not the BNP although Pakistani numbers should be controlled outside of their own borders Brits are not at work to provide your sprogs with benefits!
GA i'd not dream of going anywhere near her site i know more than enough how they lie to get their way!
Plus i just see more of that flabby belly bringing back my good English breakfast!!
i have a very smart pair of winter boots but at this moment i'm wearing very delicate navy slippers to match my navy and white clothing.
I have small ear-rings with diamond crosses to match my necklace.
Above on the wall a picture of Mary holding Jesus.
Should that make me a German national socialist party member SOBEIT!
Wasn't it Bosnian moslems that worked hand in hand with the NAZI extermination patrol i don't recall any BNP members being mentioned in history at all?
Perhaps the Pakistani brainbox would like to enlghten us all!
However she claims to deslike our national party i can tell her hand on heart it's nothing compared to the hatred that i feel for islam.


Like The Roman said...

What a bizarre girl! She seems to have an identity crisis, after all her blog is entitled The Pakistani Heretical Girl, and yet she talks about our ´Common Country´.

It is our own fault, we believed that these people would integrate. Powell knew better, however, he saw what happened after the partition of India and warned us of the consequences of Multiculturalism (he referred to it as Communalism):

"Communalism has been the curse of India and we need to be able to recognize it when it rears its head here."

If the Salmon Rushdie protests, the 7/7 and Glasgow Airport attacks and the fiasco over Danish Cartoons are not sufficient to wake people up, then God help us! These people do NOT see themselves as British (at best they identify themselves paradoxically as British-Pakistani). In the words of Enoch Powell:

"It is more truly when he looks into the eyes of Asia that the Englishman comes face to face with those who will dispute with him the possession of his native land."

This girl is trying to conflate our warnings with neo-Nazism (the sterilization jibe was completely unfounded) in a bid to stigmatise our message and silence us. They will use every trick in the book.

johnofgwent said...

I could not resist posting this. It is awaiting moderation. I wonder if others will see it ...


> Or here’s another idea
> How about we all start thinking about working together for our common country?

A great idea. Pity that New Liebour have been hell bent on splitting england and wales to the point where the gravy train riders in westminster and cardiff now routinely buck-pass health and agriculture issues while bending over backwards to appease the former gun and bomb wielding irish, and the Scottish New Liebourites are now trying to force the SNP to hold a referendum on independence knowing that having it sooner rather than later is the only hope it will be defeated.

And anyway Gordon Brown has already shown he’s got no interest in retaining the UK as an independent sovereign state.

Wake up young lady.

I was born into a United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and in my childhood, fear of extermination by a Russian Nuclear Strike gave us all the common purpose we needed. But that unity vanished in the late 1960’s

Anonymous said...

Sterilisation GA?, that sounds the sort of thing crazed Labour ministers would dream up!, cant see any mention of sterilisation in the BNP manifesto either, she must be getting confused with Fascism, you know that ideology that was helped along by ......Muslims!!

Anonymous said...

i had a quick peep at her pics,i notice she says she will not sleep with negroids or whites(her words not mine).Now i may be wrong but isnt that racist?!

odin said...

She fancies you GA, that's why she posted the pics & wrote about you. :)
All the nice girls, love a sailor, for they.....

Anonymous said...

Her body is bad but there's worse. She's got a hideaway little mobile clip innocuously titled "Top Class Pakistani Girls", which if not her in it herself, and it wouldn't surpise me if it is her, is her mates back in the old country and they're all snogging each other. It's gross, she's gross, her LIES are gross and I'm joining the BNP. Serious, she has almost made me lose my lunch.

Anonymous said...

forced sterilization?

that sounds as insane as honour killing, persecution of christians and blowing up political candidates.

however sterilization is a figment of her imigination yet the rest is very real, perhaps she should deal with those very real issues!

xoggoth said...

She has a big bum? Needless to say she can do no wrong with me.

Like The Roman said...

I have just left the following comment on her blog:

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

I cannot believe you have the gall to you tell the likes of me to go and live somewhere else, my family have lived in the British Isles as far back as I can possibly trace them. My gran lost two brothers fighting the Nazis and my grandad served in the RAF during the war, too - I imagine this was before your family had even arrived in my land.

Unfortunately for you, we (the British people) were never consulted about immigration - polls after Enoch Powell´s speech indicate that upwards of 80% of the population wanted an end to immigration and many agreed with Powell that repatriation was the answer to those already settled here. So there was never a mandate for this transition into a multi-racial and multi-cultural society.

May I add that you should look up the word ´repatriation´, as you are wrong in thinking it is synonymous with ethnic cleansing as you have stated above. Are you deliberately trying to mislead people or are you just ignorant? It was once official policy of the Conservative Party. Here is a link to the definition:

There are good people of all colours and religions, I accept that. However what I won´t accept is that we the British people are to be dispossessed of our land and have our culture eroded.


As for you meanies implying the girl is unattractive, I think that´s a little unfair. I hate to say it but I think she´s got quite a nice bum...let´s stick to the facts and not be needlessly insulting.

c.o.s said...

Garside has made an appearance and no doubt the lesbian queen with a penchant for asian cuisine will be mailing the confused girl for a date.
btw Go to hell Garside,still got the account on i.c personals?What name do you go under now?

Anonymous said...

That silly little girl should have her fat arse spanked and then be sent to bed.

This is what happens when children get ahead of themselves and and start playing as grown ups and creating websites.

What a hideous, exhibitionist creature she is.