Thursday, 22 May 2008

Irish Referendum on the EU Lisbon Treaty.

Peter Mandelson - best unwilling No Vote recruiter

The Republic of Ireland's voters are going to the polls on the 12th of June to vote yes or no to the the EU Lisbon Treaty.

As to be expected, the Marxist politicians of Ireland have been waging a relentless campaign of lies and intimidation against the voters. Yet despite the huge sums of public money being spend to end the independence of Ireland as a free nation, the Irish people seem to be coming awake to their danger. The main site for alerting them is the European Referendum Campaign.

Back in Our Country, the I Want a Referendum movement are organising an event to show solidarity with the voters of Ireland who will be voting No.
At midday on Saturday 31 May we will be organising a short gathering outside the Irish Embassy in London (17 Grosvenor Place, closet tubes: Hyde Park Corner and Victoria). We will have a number of Irish, British and EU flags to hand out, so there will be no need for anyone to bring their own banners or flags. The aim is to send a message of solidarity to Irish voters, not to demonstrate about the denial of our referendum here in the UK. Free cans of Guinness will be available on a first-come-first-served basis.
If you would like to register for the event please email:

And the image? By all accounts, Peter Mandelson is the new poster hero of the ever growing Irish No Campaign, after this unelected crook, whose position at the public trough is due to his "friendship" with Tony Bliar and his continued silence, screws up Europe just as he screwed up his mortgage application.


Anonymous said...

I might be mistaken here GA but I'm sure I heard that the EU commissars have passed a resolution saying they will ignore the result of the referendum should the Irish have the intelligence to vote "no".

As Fjordman has often stated, there is no "no" vote in the EUSSR.


Anonymous said...

Lets hope the Irish also realise that Mandelson is also a number one Fabian!
Aims, destroy any seblance of democracy left in Europe inserting their marxist communism, and no doubt the rule of islam into our countries as wished for in 1936 by another great Fabian George Bernard Shaw when stating within 100 years he'd like to see islamic rule in England and Europe.
In the 30s we could have scoffed but with what we see now the reality is staring us in the face!!
Mandy signifies everything wrong with the west from start to finish.

November a new law direct from the EUSSR comes into force.
Great how this has been debated with the public...NOT.
EXAMPLE..Driving in any EUSSR country without your knowledge a road offence is commited speeding whatever.
Trial in absentia but should have been notified but imagine the country is Rumania,Bulgaria.
The EU arrest warrant then is used to come to the UK and cart you off to another country.
Westminster has been a force pushing this through and can do bugger all to help even should they want to.
When the presenter mentioned this on the radio...quick as a flash on comes a cop defending this law cross border crime etc....left me thinking that was a fix up!!

Anonymous said...

Correct the EUSSR did say during the UKIP video should the IRISH vote NO it would be ignored....

March/April 99 - I was Mandy's first victim
by John Booth
written for: Journalist - bi-monthly organ of the National Union of Journalists
Apparently this article was changed by the editor of Journalist magazine, very much against the wishes of JB - John's original article published below. Incidentally, on Tuesday 12th October 1999 on a phone-in on BBC Radio Five Live, political editor of the Scottish Herald Sarah McLoed threw further light on the way the Prince of Darkness works, by threatening journalists: He didn't like the way she was interpreting a story (Sarah was working at the Press Association before Mandelson's resignation last year) and said he could get her sacked if she didn't see it his way. [TG 13Oct99]

What was it Mandy said; THERE IS ONLY HIS TRUTH?

Anonymous said...

Forget the official Irish Anti E.U. website!!!!

This ones far better!! - As it educates you fully on this Communist hell!!!

Anonymous said...

I do try to be optimistic (difficult at times) but from what I understand Ireland is awash with EU cash, and that may swing it.
We have to get out on the streets!!!!

Anonymous said...

even if the TRY to ignor a Irish no vote it will send a clear message to the free people of the independant countries of Europe and expose the fascist sham for waht it is, ONE MORE NAIL.

Anonymous said...

Good luck (not)to the EU treasonists if they think they can push this through without listening to the will of the people.
I can see mass demonstrations in every country that even the new Europol Army will not be able to contain.
Italy has already decided it has had enough of immigration.
Once we go under things will get much much worse.