Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Kosovo - Christians harvested by Moslems

Evidence has emerged that whilst our shameful government was aiding the occupation of Kosovo by Moslems, those same Moslems were abducting Serbian civilians, shipping them like cattle to Northern Albania and then removing their vital organs for sale on the black market.

New York-based Human Rights Watch said it had further information which to a “great extent” confirmed claims by the United Nations' Yugoslav war crimes tribunal former chief prosecutor Carla del Ponte.

Del Ponte said that the KLA was involved in selling on the black market human organs taken from abducted Serb civilians during the ethnic Albanian rebellion in 1998-1999.
Since Kosovo was stolen from Serbia by the West and handed over to the colonisers from the cult of the dead paedophile, genocide has been practiced against the true lands owners.

The Christians, whose population is now less than 10% and whose numbers continue to decline as the Moslems maintain their attacks on them must either die in their homes or flee the Country of their birth in order to survive as the locusts swarm onto their sacred land.

Kosovo is Serbia

Yugoslava The Avoidable War 1

Yugoslava The Avoidable War 2


Anonymous said...

I don't what's more heartbreaking GA. The plight of Kosovo or the cowardice and complicity of Britain.

Those who were responsible for Britain's criminal involvement in this tragic war should be tried for war crimes and if found guilty, they should be executed.

Kosovo is Serbia.


The Green Arrow said...

Reconquista, I still feel a terrible shame over the bombing of Belgrade.

I pray I live long enough to see the war criminals who betrayed Serbia brought to justice and if the law is changed. Hung.

Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

Those of us who remember Yugoslavia before Perestroika and the eventual breakup of the old Soviet Bloc, perhaps from holidays or other visits there could never have imagined at that time the horror and bloodshed that was just around the corner for the region and it's warm, peaceful laid back people.

Likewise those of us old enough to remember this country before 1975 could never have imagined the horror and bloodshed looming just around the corner for us today.

I could hang my head in shame for what was done to the people of the Balkans by my government in my name. Fate is not without irony.

Anonymous said...

We know the truth GA. Many of our fellow citizens do not.

If you don't mind, I'd like to post this video here again for those visitors to your blog who may be thinking we've lost the plot:

Yugoslava The Avoidable War 1

Yugoslava The Avoidable War 2

Yet another war built upon a pack of lies. The deceipt practised by our leaders is disgusting. Shame on the lot of them.


Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

The whole process of immigration in the West is a form of digestion of its people.

Celtic Morning said...

Kosovo today. Britain in fifty years or so. When will the mass media bring truth to the people? They dare not so they never will.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

This is just the way it starts, and we have not seen anything yet. we have allowed a savage race into our home.

You only have to look at what they do to their own people, including the dozens tortured to death every night for belonging to the wrong branch of Islam (or, if women, for wearing high heels) to know what they will do to us when there are enough of them here

Spook said...

This is the kind of crap that happens when we bail out on an ally. We have been on the wrong side since day one.

Thank you Pres. Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, thank you CNN (The Communist News Network) and Christianne Ammanpour you Palestinian-apologist b*tch, thank you EU, and now thanks to Pres. Bush for continuing the railroad job that they all started on the Serbs.

What a great idea, let's create a future failed muslim state in the heart of Europe.

teacher.paris said...

An alternative from America:

We know that with our integrated minority population America has one of the highest violent crime rates in the industrialized world but without them, we would be on par with the crimes rates of Iceland! And Iceland has the lowest per capita crime rates in the world. Who would dare argue that 40,000 Black on White rapes in 2007 be a good thing? Well, we can solve it overnight with Segregation.

Who would argue against cutting the murder rate by 80%? Segregation is the answer.

Who wouldn’t prefer to keep exotic disease, parasites, and infections—fungal and viral at bay while simultaneously fixing our hospitals and the ‘health care insurance crisis’? Then close the border and deport our third world populations.

Want to get rid of gangs and all the maladies which accompany them? Deportation and Segregation will out-perform all of your community workshops and social programs hands down.

Anonymous said...

What worries me some is, Zanulabour have created the base here for much worse to happen than we saw happen to the poor Serbs.
The indigenous people of the UK placed in the same position as the white farmers in Zimbabwi.
The hatred this government over the past eleven years has shown towards the British, just breaking up and destroying the country won't be enough!
Jack Straw justice minister gave it away when he said;there is nothing worth saving about the British people.

Anonymous said...

The BBC issuing the EU news re Serbs, made me shout out loud good for the Serbs.
Today Serbs are on the streets in their thousands singing national songs lovely to hear these brave and unbending people.
This weekend elections after the western puppet was brought down over Kosovo.
BBC treating the news with dread nationalists are expected to win.
Serbs will not any longer send anyone else to the Hague due to they have released moslem mass killers.
Only Serbs have recieved punishment posters are on every street with the face of the Serb now at the Hague on trial.
They added the support from some westeners have encouraged this Serbian attitude.
The EU of course say it's a backward step!
Wish we could get a copy of the song they were singing it sounded fantastic all those voices.
The EU are talking to some young brainwashed Serbs that would like to join the EU but one must forgive them their brains will soon recover.
Good-Luck Serbia as you take your country back God-Bless you for not giving in to Thugs.