Thursday, 29 May 2008

Keep my place in the line guys

"Where did he say he was going?"
"I think he said toilet"
"Well he better hurry up. It looks like we are going to be busy"

I am having a day off blogging to do other things but will not be far. In fact, I have no intention of moving from my seat except to pour coffee. Well and go to the toilet but you know what I mean. Like if someone knocks on the door then I will move from my seat to see who it is or perhaps if there is a fire, I might move then as well.

If I come across anything of real interest in my travels around the web, I will be sure to post them. I will also be around for emails and to OK the less crude comments.

Normal service will be resumed later.

By the way I checked out the Pakistani Strippers site after some of you sent me some of her comments. Apart from being a stripper, she is also a lesbian, an expelled SWP member, compulsive liar and to top it all she is a Pakistani with a big bum. Is nothing right in her world.


Anonymous said...

She seems to have psychological problems also. A suicide attempt and a breakdown no less.

Anonymous said...

I think she is atrocious and immoral as well as very deceptive. She has no genuine feeling for Britian whatsoever. I think she is someone who does challenge fundamental moral laws, hence her Pakistani homey video where they are all getting off with each other. She is dreadful.Her opposition to the BNP and Britain is entrenched and she will be scraping up whatever support she can get in the Pakistani community that THREW her out. She is so full of hate, had she not turned bent she would have made an excellent little homicide bomber. All this trouble just because her queer little girlfriend got deported to the Pakistani northern hills, ah, my heart bleeds.

Anonymous said...

Great picture and you and your blog are always uplifting. One thing people with an inferiority complex can't stand is our humour, and I really liked your earlier "Gordon Brown Loser" blog, with video, shortly after the elections on 1st May. Please keep at it, as I know you will. You are a hero.

Anonymous said...

If it helps, you can find the stuff in "Hitler's Table Talk" (as published by Oxford University Press in 1988) about who Jesus really was, and what St. Paul (formerly Saul) and Marx (formerly Mardochai) were really up to, on, among other pages, pages 76 to 79, and pages 721 and 722. There are also references to the wisdom of the Roman Emperor Julian (who has been unjustly known as "the apostate") on pages 76 and 87. I hope that this helps, although the whole book is well worth a read as it sheds light on a lot of other things like what was really behind Edward VIII being forced to abdicate (i.e. because he gave a speech shortly after WWI about making British-German reconciliation his life's work). This book contains lots of stuff which the establishment would rather have forgotten.

Anonymous said...

'No Platform' no longer working:
Update on the Grauniad's attempt to gag Richard Barnbrook's blog