Monday, 26 May 2008

Rainy Day Monday

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Well another nice day if you have to sit at a keyboard and type away. The rain is beating down again and the wind blowing. Not so nice if your on an bank holiday break.

One of the problems with keeping a few sites going and trying to maintain any semblance of a family life is that you have to try and balance the things that you care about. I learned that lesson the hard way. It is not a mistake I intend to repeat.

But I would like to spend more time responding to posts and taking part in the debates and reading the thoughts of the members of the Green Arrow Forum. Truth is, by the time I get over there, all I feel like doing is reading.

Well I just came from there now, and some really excellent posts have been made. From now on I am going to ask the guys if I can just cut n paste some of them to the blog. Not just for increasing output but because they are too good to be left buried in the vaults of a small forum.

Now about the forum. The Green Arrow Forum. It is coming along nicely, membership is now above 200 and there is an hardcore of totally dedicated news posters, each responsible for various parts of the world but we want more members. If you are not one already, then we want you to join us.

Much of the news and information posted, you are not going to find anywhere(except the source) else. Not even on the UKTabloid site which is the only online newspaper you or I will ever need if you do not wish to trawl the net.

The forum hides nothing. Not even its readership. This is displayed on the home page that is open to everyone. Well the bit, I want to draw your attention to is the Active Users in the Past 24 hours. On average we will have 30+ members visit and post during the day but sometimes we will have between 200 and 500 "guests" dropping in to read the articles in the open areas. We want a slice of that pie.

For those who have not visited the forum, we have the lot. Videos, Music, Sport, Entertainment, The Environment, News, International News, Links. Like I said the lot.

Oh yes, there is even some stuff in there about the British National Party. Election results, forthcoming elections, answers to questions, press reports, videos. There are also quite a few BNP members also and those guys are always willing to debate and answer any questions people might have about the resistance leader of our time.

The forum, although it is very proud to be an unofficial BNP support site, also welcomes members from those who are not members or supporters of the only patriotic party in our sad land. In fact it positively welcomes them. Cards on the table. We hope that by reading the information posted and communicating via the forum, that it will encourage those people to become members, supporters or at least voters.

I was going to mention a few of the characters on the forum who do so much to keep it and this blog "fresh" and full of content but there are too many. Besides what if I missed a name? So drop in and find out for yourself. If your a members already then loosen up and start shooting your mouth off. Let it rip. It is our club.

Now for another shameless plug in support of the Green Arrow. Check this link out.

Have a nice day and you all come back now.


Anonymous said...

heres one to cheer you up on a rainy day.
The success of the BNP the media forgot to mention.

Anonymous said...

Dont know how you do it GA but keep up the good work, so many of us depend on you. Thats enough brown nosing for one day. Great Rain rhyme. Where did you get it?

The Green Arrow said...


Thank you for the pat on the back. I cannot recall where I found the image. I visit so many sites and if something appeals to me I file it and I am fortunate in much that appeals to me, also appeals to other True Brits.

Anonymous said...

Great video not surprised the MSM ignore it!
It points out two important facts the killing of white Brits and BNP gains and WINS.
The GA Forum, i just love it getting to know other like minded people. debating every conceivable issue of today plus uncovering issues the MSM would not dare!
Well done GA much appreciaited!
No rain here but windy. fed the birds and the cats so hopefully a nice lazy day ahead.