Saturday, 24 May 2008

I do not believe a single word they say.

Yes of course he is. Now go sit down somewhere quiet

And in the unlikely event that some of them do mean what they say. I do not care. They are all tarred with the same brush. Sorry? Who am I on about? Have a guess. Check these statements out.
"I absolutely hate terrorism. Islam does not condone it. It says if you kill someone you are destroying a creation of God which is a major sin
"We do not go out to convert anyone to Islam or force our views on anyone but if someone wants to learn we can teach them. "I cannot imagine anyone being radicalised in Plymouth and if anyone has taken advantage of this guy it is quite sick."

Yep those turnips are at it again. Research as shown at almost a quarter of a million of the colonising turnips from the Cult of the Dead Paedophile support the acts of their madmen who try to blow people and toilets up.

And would you believe people who hack off heads, encourage relatives to blow themselves to bits so they can have free entry into hell? Of course not. Would you believe the Leaders of a Cult that encourages mothers to strap bombs to their children and tell them to go play with the soldiers? No you would not. Well not if your a True Brit that is .

But you might believe those statements if your a barking mad Dhimmi fool like the leader of Plymouth City Council who responded with the following statement on hearing news of the blow the bog to bits failure.
"All our communities in Plymouth, including our Muslim communities, are deeply shocked by this terrible incident.
No they are not. Many of the turnips are disappointed and the True Brits who still have a functioning brain have been expecting it.

The police said of Reilly, the White traitor:
"He has a very low IQ and has received treatment on more than one occasion for mental illness. He would be very easily led.
Of course he has a very low IQ. Anyone who voluntarily becomes a turnip is sure to have a low IQ.

By the way, for those of you interested in Islamic toilets and the use of them, then check this site out. No wonder the disease rate is so high.

And if your into football, why not visit Brussels and see what the Moroccans have been up to.


Anonymous said...

When is islam, and all its manifestations, going to be considered the dangerous ideology it really is. Evidence after evidence, and still there are mosques, veiled women, arranged marriages, bearded men shouting against native cartoonists or against their own apostates that we have to pay millions for to protect. Is the West blind? deaf? dumb? If islam is tolerated, than terrorism and the death of our civilisation is tolerated. It is an abused wife making excuses for her abusive husband and deciding to have more kids with him to hoipe it will solve this terrible marrriage of inconvenience. Someone can't help being born into a muslim background, but when they live in the West, they either adapt and know that they never will have the right to influence our way of life, our culture. If they do try to impose their culture and ideology, then deportation is required. Furthermore, they should not be allowed to multiply and programm their kids to jihad machines on our soil, even less with our money.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if old Vivien Pengwirion will be as shocked as that sad sap mayor of Kirklees, when those all embracing and loveable misoginistic men from overseas refuse to have their photo taken with her or give her the time of day?. I suppose its in her council contract to be all inclusive, especially to the special ones, but I wonder if she really believes what she says though?

xoggoth said...

He may well be easily led but obviously someone has led him and aided him. If he has such a low IQ it seems unlikely he could make a working bomb on his own.

Yet more extremist Islamic groups posing as moderate. Will the police thoroughly check his associations and make arrests or will it be another whitewash?