Sunday, 25 May 2008

Lazy Sunday Links

"Perhaps Sarah might write something later", he hoped to himself "or perhaps John of Gwent might tell us what is going on in Wales."

How lazy am I? Here we go again. Another Sunday and it is my kind of day for passing off my typing as writing. The rain is beating against the windows and the coffee machine is bubbling away. Great. Should do piles today then? Nope. Not in the mood.

It is not that there is nothing to write about. There is just too much and it is all depressing. I just wish I could find something good to write about. Other than the continued growth of the British National Party that is.

No, the good news today is that I am not going to write about the bad news. Like the title says, this Sunday is going to be a links day and an update day.

Yeah right. Quick cut n past the preceding article and it all goes pear shaped. The blog mail was fine. Just a few comments to publish. Then the secondary mail and then Norfolk BNP put me to work. They had kindly sent me a list of links to articles on dodgy Lib/Lab/con councillors.

Two new entries and one update of an existing conservative entry for our Liars, Buggers and Thieves site.

One of the new entries did not have political party details, so it was off to Canterbury Council to find out which political party had a red face and gone quiet. A Liberal accused of racism no less. Well again I fell to the floor laughing. I am going to get safety straps put on this chair.
she used threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour within the hearing or sight of a person likely to be caused harassment, alarm or distress which was racially aggravated”.
Liberals being racist? Whatever next. Well we could have a Councillor who is head of the Wigtown Licensing Board appearing in court in handcuffs after leaving a trail of destruction behind him on the A75 and being pulled from his wrecked car smelling of alcohol.

So that is the Liars, Buggers and Thieves updated. Thank you Norfolk.

Then something unpleasant. A mail pops up from one of our sites I never like to visit. The Fallen List. It is my sad duty to add the name of Robert Knox as the first entry for 2008. I suspect there are other victims and I am sorry if I have omitted them.

Whilst adding Roberts name, I think about the verdict in the Keith Brown trial. Manslaughter.
That is not justice. But I promise you this Keith there will be justice for you one day. We never forget.

Enrichment is a wonderful thing for keeping lawyers employed, jails full and True British families grieving. To be honest, I just wish I had time to keep the UK Enrichment News more up to date. I can only input just a few of the crimes the enrichers commit daily but at least it give people an idea of the scale of the problem.

Consider this. There would be many True British people alive today laughing with their children, walking with their partners and living life if it were not for enrichment. Those politicians responsible are as guilty as those who plunge the knife into the backs of our fellow countrymen.

These same politicians are also as guilty of the rapes of our young women, the acts of paedophilia on children, the assaults and all the other crimes committed by the colonising enrichers. They will be brought to justice.

And where would Sunday be without Football? God I hate that game. Sorry Cymru Bach and Merseyside BNP but I do. However, I sometimes wish we could harness the energy of football supporters and their passion for their teams into passion for Our Country.

Then again when things like this happen over in Brussels, then perhaps they do. It seems that over 200 people were arrested after a huge riot when football fans and Moslems fought pitched battles on the streets after a Moslem website called for "an attack on all white fans of Anderlecht footclub". And boy don't you know it. When the turnips are told to hit the bricks they do it big time. I have said it before, they are a disciplined army out of uniform and eagerly waiting for their orders to take what they want.

And as people were bleeding and people being arrested, how did their state media report the riot. Hold on to chairs. They reported that the fighting was between football fans and local youths. Yep. Local Youths. Moslems are about as local to civilisation as Uranus is to Mars.

Finally I leave you with A Thought for the Day. I was lucky, my father survived the bullets that ripped into him from a Spandau machine gun during the Normandy Landings. Others did not.

Remember why we fight - Freedom


Anonymous said...

Learning Lessons from Lebanon

Mark Peters has pointed out something everyone else seems afraid to say, but even he doesn't quite say it. Peters says nations with high 'North African' immigrant populations should give careful thought to the plight of the Lebanese.

Islamists bearing automatic weapons in the streets; that's what nations which appease or acquiesce to Islamists ultimately get. Appeasing Islamists of any stripe is to sow to the wind and to eventually reap a whirlwind. Only fools or arrogant elitists embark upon such a proven path of destruction.

I agree with that statement, but that's not the real lesson from Lebanon. The real lesson is the one Mark Steyn laid out for Europe; that Muslim birth rates will overwhelm Christian and post-Christian birth rates anywhere they're in competition. This is what happened in Lebanon; the country fell apart when the 6:5 Christian/Muslim ratio was changed to reflect a new Muslim majority.

We can expect the same thing here if that ever happens here and that's the way things are going with our current open-door, family-reunification-based immigration policy.

So, on that point, yes; we'll see Islamists bearing automatic weapons in the streets too, and sooner than most people think.

Muslims is what they appear to be too scared to say.
The Above aimed at Canadians where mainly North Africans go although i now see the hue of my town turning.
Why wouldn't i though when the EUSSR set up employment offices in African countries?
No Jobs here for whites but that hasn't stopped them pouring in.

Anonymous said...

The BBC have been notified yet again of the riots in Brussels by their wondering BNP reporter.
Asking why do we pay a forced license fee. are we to take it it's not for news but the ever present bullshit?

Challenge them you pay their wages!

Anonymous said...

More black on white crime.. I wonder if our young people and our women are realising they have been badly let down by the vile Marxists running the show?. Now when are they going to join in with the men and start fighting back?. Better that than continuing to be targets for these very apparent racist gangs, and yet we are still led to believe that only gangs of white skinheads are racists. Sick.

Anonymous said...

Exodus after South Africa attacks
Thousands of Mozambicans and other foreigners flee South Africa after days of violent attacks.
At least 42 people have been killed and some 15,000 have sought shelter from the mobs, who blame foreigners for high crime and unemployment.
Some questions -

1. What country are foreigners desperate to get into despite racist attacks and infrequent racist murders?
Great Britain.

2. Which country has frequently been labelled racist?
Great Britain.

3. Which country are foreigners desperate to get away from fearing for their lives including over 20 racist murders in one weekend?
South Africa.

4. Which country proudly proclaim it welcomes all races?
South Africa.

5. Where do people who dislike mass-immigration get labelled racists?
Great Britain.

6. Where do people who murder immigrants on a large scale get labelled xenophobic?
South Africa.

7. What country thinks there's always another reason for obvious racism?
South Africa.

8. What country thinks all attacks on immigrants and all criticism of mass-immigration is racist?
Great Britain.

The list goes on, I wouldn't be surprised if South Africa now goes the way of Zimbabwe and blames Great Britain for these racist attacks, or maybe the previous white rulers.

It couldn't be that black and coloured South Africans are just as racist as the rest of us, and when faced with mass-immigration their baser instincts come through.