Thursday, 8 May 2008

The BNP and the CSA

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I am wondering if some sections of the establishment have realised that by banning members of the British National Party for working for them, have begun to realise that their actions are in fact a vicious form of Marxism and anti-democratic that might be challenged in the courts.

It seems that two union officials were escorted from the Child Support Agency's St Leonards offices for distributing anti-British National Party leaflets. That's correct. You read it right. Two union officials were escorted from the CSA for distributing anti-BNP leaflets.

The leaflets that were handed out, called for the dismissal of a CSA employee, Frank Swayne for standing for the BNP in Hastings Borough Council elections earlier this month. The leaflet also carried an article by Hastings MP, Michael Foster who said:
"We should follow the example of the police who do not employ members of the BNP because they would be perceived to be racist when dealing with the public."
Mr Foster is a particularly nasty piece of work as you will see from his voting record. He is also well below average, with regards to the way an MP's work load is evaluated but that does not stop him gobbling up almost £200,000 per year of taxpayers money.

Mr Foster is obviously very concerned about the rise of the British National Party in Hastings, his majority is a wafer thin 2,026 which means that come a General Election, Mr Foster will be looking for alternative employment.

Mr Swayne had informed the CSA of his intentions of standing for election and the DWP took the enlightened response for a government agency by stating:
"The DWP makes it clear to any member of staff standing for office that their political views and activities must not interfere with their work responsibilities or their political impartiality in their work as a civil servant."
Let us hope that other government bodies learn from this and that soon the Police Service change their polices, because if they do not, one day a British National Party government will.


Mr Speaker said...

I am extremely surprised they let him stand, when last i looked the rules stated an employee must use his/her annual leave over the election period.

Anonymous said...

somebody just has to challenge this in the courts. If anyone is waivering over supporting the BNP,just take a look at the fascist scum who oppose us and you can deduce that we are right.

Anonymous said...

The CSA, anti white, anti male. the dreamchild of a select bunch of Marxists in the USA, designed as a tool to stealth tax mainly white males, with the added benefit of creating disharmony amongst families. Did you know that this organisation originally had little to do with collecting money from absentee parents?, rather it was designed as much of the later unaccountable quangos to be a deliberate prodding state intrusion into the lives of the sheep people who the "intellectual elite" deemed were unable to sort things out for themselves, the beginning of the nanny state. Also far from being inclusive, they have very clear rules on who they collect from, they make allowances for certain segments of the population, deciding its just too costly and potentially damaging to "community relations" to harras them, but never mind, daft old whitey male, reasonably honest and upfront, and above all easy to steal from via his wages (you dont get the option to pay in person, whatever they might say, the decision is always made to arrest wages if they can). No I could write a book about this vile organisation, oops sorry "agency" (since when did we become American ourselves). And to top it all off, a friend of mine went out with a high up woman in this outfit, who left him for someone else when he was diagnosed with cancer, and used money that had been collected for him by a bike club whip round to go on holiday with her new lover!!! Niicce. the type of people who work for the devil eh?...No wonder they build fortresses to hide in.