Wednesday, 7 May 2008

UAF fail to mobilise support for London Protest

Despite a Nationwide call to arms, less than 400 rally to the Red Rag.

The Evening Standard have reported that 400 Marxist and fellow traveller protesters gathered at City Hall in London yesterday to "register their disgust" at democracy, because, despite thousands of spoiled votes, the British National Party still managed to get Richard Barnbrook elected to the London Assembly.

The Unite Against Freedom (UAF) state paid thugs are saying that the protest is the start of a campaign to "force" Mr Barnbrook from office. Do they mean physically intimidate? What do they mean by "force"? Is it the same type of "force" they have used around the country, with attacks on female BNP members? Is it the vandalising of property that we have also seen? No we know exactly what they mean. They mean force.

But something that others seem to have missed about this protest, is that it was not a "Londoners Only" protest. The protest details were blasted across the internet on every single red site and forum they have access to, urging their dwindling numbers of supporters to attend no matter what part of the Country they lived in.

In fact I even posted the details on the Green Arrow Forum for those reds who like to drop in and despair at the continued growth of the BNP.

Instead all that turned up, were some bussed in students on a free trip to Town and a bunch of trade union activists who were paid to attend the event. A pathetic showing.

If this is all that is left of the Mighty Red Army, then best go bury yourselves boys. Your Chairman has been sacked, his crony Lee Jasper is totally discredited and your protests have become a standing joke in political circles. Your movement is dead but your just too stupid to know it.


Anonymous said...

Richard Barnbrook became the far-Right party’s highest profile politician when 130,000 people voted for him last week. But musicians, including members of Babyshambles, university representatives and passers-by waved placards branding him a fascist whose policies encourage hatred and division.

So reads part of the article in The London Evening Standard.

Are these polititians and demonstators ( read as Demon strators I think ) not themselves indulging in policies to encourage hatred and division? Or are we indigenous scum white trash to fick to understood wot is going on init?

Boris has not spoken to Richard, and his other fine upstanding pillars of the political community (gang, mob, trough nosers, brown nosers, choose or make up your own word) look set to shun him.

Really, what a rude, uneducated and uncivilised way to conduct yourself Mr Boorish Johnson & Co.

They dont like it up em, Captain Mannering!

more great publicity for the BNP said...

loverly publicity! yum yum yum!

keep it up lefties, you gain us more support by the hour, shame you could only muster 400 nationwide, rather poor effort really, try harder next time eh.

xoggoth said...

If those of other parties do not like the BNP the most effective way to stop them would be to come up with some policies that address the legitimate concerns of ordinary people rather than try and deny them any say in their own society.

This is typical of the left. Even those of us who are not BNP supporters have noticed where the real violence always seems to originate.

xoggoth said...

I am not surprised at this low turnout. One only has to read public comments on every forum, and not just The Daily Mail or Express, to see how fed up people are with what is happening. Even some PC sorts I know are starting to express opinions they would have lambasted as racist a few years back.

Anonymous said...

What has happened to the looney left.When i read that all they could muster was 400,i coul,nt believe it.Whats happened to the days when they could bring 30.000 plus to break a couple of windows at the old BNP bookshop in welling.Any sign of the BNP and they would be out enmass.Dead is where they are along with there currupt ideology and there main backers slipping from power as i write this letter.I supose its good by to the looney left and a warm welcome at last in the main political theatres of power to the BNP.The pheonix has risen and now we can take are country back.The best of luck to R.B the god,s are watching and forward to final victory.Q.S