Monday, 26 May 2008

The Cycle. A choice.

Posted by Loughrigg on the Green Arrow Forum

Currently our country is run not by " government" but by powerful economic groups.
These are multinational corporations with billions of pounds turnover. Nulabour attempted to form a coalition with these groups, in the belief that, unchaining them from restraint, and giving them freedom to develop , they would raise a bounty of tax which would be redistributed fairly among the poorest most vulnerable sections in society. Now, most of us with common sense , would say that once the last thing holding the corporations back is removed, then we are really at their mercy, and mercy they aint got in abundance.

In order for these corporations to make vast profits they needed to break up the last remaining opposition from us, the labour force. Immigration is only a part of it. One key component was the development of the public sector, the creation of department after department to monitor and control and weaken the population. The other was to figure out how to get back any redistributed tax wealth, tax credits through debt - look at the interest on two trillion quid, and think what is paid out in health education child and tax credit, not all of it but some of that cash is there. So where's the rest coming back from?

Well, what you have to do to get that back is find cheap labour. Your workforce is just too expensive. You do two things you outsource production and services overseas, ( a product costing £13.00 to make here, costs £5.00 in China) . Your essential services that can't be outsourced like plumbers and electricians? Simple import cheap labour here, make sure the public sector "departments of multiculturalism" is up and running to ensure no opposition from the natives. This forces wages down across all occupational groups. They start earning a little too much put up the price of fuel, interest rates and food, in fact why not put the prices up anyway if you have the freedom to do so.

And, here's the clever bit, get the indigenous population to pay their taxes to run it, because by now the big corporations have learned they have so much freedom and power they can avoid paying tax. It's become a money machine running itself.

The economy booms and wave after wave of labour is imported. The country fills up
and like a nightmares beginning, edges of sky darken over our heads. We, the natives, suddenly realise what situation we are in.

Let's be honest here, we probably can not restrain world wide corporations , they run this government, they run multiculturalism , they "own" the CCTV cameras that watch us and the TV we watch ourselves, they control our supplies of food and fuel. Many of us are chained to the system through mortgage and debt.

Here's one hope. As the economy goes into it's downturn, it may become uneconomic for them to retain migrant labour. Also they may have to weigh up the cost of tensions between communities as the phenomenally expensive multicultural enterprise starts to come apart at the seams. Corporations might find economic favour in restoring the ethnic balance in our country. They might even put huge sums of money into reversing the process that is no longer profitable. Remember these guys want invisibility and never dirty their own hands, they get others to do it for them.

So , do we do that deal with the devil?

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Anonymous said...

The British Political Choice.

What party do you choose to complete the DESTRUCTON of OUR COUNTRY and RACE.
Liberal Democrat.

Or you can vote for our survival,

Inns Trapp.