Saturday, 17 May 2008

Do not buy any Indesit product

Indesit will not see the above. They will be in Turkey and Poland

Indesit has released news that they are to end production at their refrigeration plant in Woodston with the loss of 420 jobs - and the rest. 240 jobs went in November, last year. Do they think we are stupid or have the memories of goldfish?

Peterborough MP, Stewart Jackson is crying crocodile tears and does not mean a word of this statement he made on Peterborough UK.
"I am very sad at this terrible news which will affect hundreds of my constituents in Peterborough. It will naturally be a very worrying time for them and their families.
Sad, is not good enough. It is the politicians fault for these job losses. They, in alliance with global business, have allowed these companies to take our jobs to third world countries where they can get away with paying slave labour wages. Their homes will not be repossessed. Their children will not go cold or hungry. They think they are the elite. Watch them fall.

You can read an article posted on this blog last May. You might gather from it that I was a bit miffed at the time.

You can also read a follow up article attacking Amicus and their pathetic response to the job losses here. Please read both links.

Come to think of it, I am still really miffed with the sheep people who continue to vote for the lying marxist Lib/Lab/con alliance.


Sir Henry Morgan said...

Nor Dyson products.

Yes, I have a Dyson vacuum cleaner, but it's an old one, bought when dysons were made in this country.

But then the twat got seriously greedy and moved his production abroad where the labour was cheaper. Frankly, I'd rather suck up the dirt through my nose than buy another Dyson. I believe Dyson also makes washing machines.

the left wings sick joke on the working class said...

In the global economy everyone is eventually forced to compete with the world slave labour market and third world conditions.

the unions through not rejecting mass immigration scab Labour have helped to speed up the process.

it is not in Labours interests to have anyone from the working classes become educated or upwardly mobile such as grammer schools once allowed, it is in their interests to keep us dumbed down to the lowest common denominator and poor, in order for them to continue to enslave us in our enforced ignorance under their governance to the giant corporations and NWO leaders.

we almost never see anyone of note come through the comprehensive system to champion the working classes or indeed inclusive of all classes as the comprehensive system is designed to produce morons, morons who cannot string a sentence together, cannot think for themselfs and not because they are not genetically incapable but because the comprehensive system wishes and makes it so.

it is all hidden under the marxist notion that we are all equal, and the only way to make us all as equal as possible is to make us as dumb as possible.

the Labour party ELITE are generally NOT working class, they are the political class. people who NEVER sought to live in the real world but people who sought riches on the publically funded gravy train where the only people they help are fellow political class parasites.

most of these elite parasites have private school educations or were the last of the grammer school crew.

what chance does the comprehensive generation have of being truly represented before the political class destroy us complete and the BRITISH idealism that our parents fought for BRITISH people to achieve regardless of background?

rather than the imported sick and destructive mix of social marxism and global enslavement and dependance upon the elite corporations.

the unions could have protected us but unfortunately the unions were infiltrated by the destructive neo marxist filth and the political class who with their incestrious relationship with Labour political class have helped to destroty the country, make it uncompetative yet not raising the std of living for ANYONE.

so any neo marxists looking in and any left wing working class labour supporters looking in, you have only helped to enslave and destroy the working class, an to claim that you are the saviours and protectors is the sickest joke of this century.

Anonymous said...

HP SAUCE moving to the Netherlands - an example of 'outsaucing'...(thanks to the 4rthur blog for the pun, which is marvellous...)

Outsourcing is the transfer of manufacturing and services from one country to another, generally in order to make savings on costs. This has been a common feature of the last decade, which has seen the movement of many thousands of UK jobs to other locations.

HP Sauce - this is a British classic, and has been made in the West Midlands from the start, but recently, plans were announced to move production to the Netherlands.

Salford Supporter said...

It's the same story here in Salford right now with the closure of the Colgate -Palmolive factory in Ordsall -in production since the 1940's but now relocating to Poland. Our 'dear' MP (prepare to retch) H A Z E L B L E A R S also blubs crocodile style to the local newspaper; ' This may have been partly due to cheaper labour, but the main reason were the growing markets for their products in India and China, and the cost of producing the goods here and transporting them overseas'.

What better testimony to the failure of global economics than this from this horse's mouth! She forgot to mention her goverment's recent pledge to give £850 million pounds to India - the outcome of which, no doubt, will be to make it an even better prospect for global investors than it already is. What better way to reduce the cost of transporting goods from overseas than, wherever it is possible, to produce goods in Britain for the home market and to reduce reliance on imports - which is the BNP economic policy.

Salford Supporter

najistani said...

Maybe someone could produce a list of all companies to be boycotted because of outsourcing and relocating . In a rational world you'd expect the TUC would be at the forefront of such a project, but don't hold your breath.

Anonymous said...

H A Z E L B L E A R S also blubs crocodile style to the local newspaper; ' This may have been partly due to cheaper labour, but the main reason were the growing markets for their products in India and China, and the cost of producing the goods here and transporting them overseas'.

As one of the workers now redundant from Colgate, i can say she is lying (well what do you expect) It was cheap labor end of story, Colgate wanted this, labour supported it (whitbread down the road went cos hazel said it was right)

Usdaw supported us?????? read what they say then ask the ex-workers what they think of usdaw