Saturday, 10 May 2008

The teaching of Islamofascism in the west

I urge all visitors to this site to view this 4 minute video in its entirety. The woman's voice grated a bit but what she is saying is very important to understanding what is happening to us.


Anonymous said... BNP and the lord that does not understand how democracy works....but then he ain't British!

Strider said...


That it takes a Lebanese woman to say this shows how pc the West has become.

Excellent vid, GA.

Peter said...

I'm sorrt strider but as soon as I finished watching that video I was going to say wow.

We all know the Saudi's are financing this worldwide push of Islam. Will our *hithouse Government do anything but appease the terrorists? Well I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for them to be booted out of Britain trying to stop them.

Superb Video GA.

Anonymous said...

I bought Brigittes book when it was first published a couple of years ago then passed it round friends.

"Because They Hate" is a must read can be bought at amazon or her website..

she also has a lengthy interview at Duke University on dvd which can be watched on her website along with others.


Anonymous said...

Poisioning the minds of children must be one of the most evil acts imaginable.
Islam is evil, rotten to the core.

bernard said...

It is not so much WHAT this Lebanese lady said (we all know about it) but WHO she is:
She's a Maronite Christian. A persecuted 'sect' of Christianity going back to 6/7th century, but not fully in accordance with the teachings of Rome.
Right now they feel abandoned in an increasingly hostile Muslem world, and are only now re-defining their 'connection' with the Church of Rome, and by extension, Judaism.
Her's is a case of 'special pleading' I think. But non the worse for that. We all need friends.