Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Jack Straw. Not enough turnips in our garden.

Jack Straw - No friend of England

I see that Jack Straw, the Justice Secretary is at it again. This time, he is complaining that there are not enough Black and Asian(he means Moslems) Judges sitting on the benches.

By all accounts the Judicial Appointments Commission are not doing enough in Jack's eyes to fast track coloured people to the top judicial jobs. Apparently they only managed to put forward 8% ethnics last year. A fairly large percentage if you ask me.

Although why Jack, who has Jewish origins, would strife to push for Islamic causes and push forward Moslem lawyers (please read link) is beyond me. Then again, he has also pushed to give Muslim and Jewish schools the right to opt out of the state system and is a paid up, big fan of the Cult of the Dead Paedophile.
The Muslim community today is no exception to this rule. They are giving so much to Britain. And they have much to offer the rest of the world. I would like to see more interaction between British Muslims and Muslim communities in other countries. British Muslims can lead the debate on how we can overcome challenges which matter to all of us – Muslims and non-Muslims. They can use their skills and thinking to help the economic and political development of others.
Given so much to Britain? Like what? Aids, TB, Bombings, Honour Killings, Political Corruption?

But lets pop back now to St George's Day and an article attacking the British National Party, in which Jack Straw wrote the following:
However, it is important to consider why some people have, at times, appeared to be so hesitant and apologetic about England, its saint and its emblem, and therefore allowed the far Right to claim the lot for themselves.

Part of the answer is benign. We English are both reticent and self-confident.

We've not had the trauma of recent civil war, dictatorship, occupation or colonisation which has been the experience of most countries, which has, in turn, meant that as they emerged into independent nationhood they had to say who they were, and what they stood for.
Now that lot brought a wry smile to my face. No, we have not had the trauma of a recent civil war, yet.

But we have had experience of dictatorship. We are living in one now. It is called the rotating dictatorship of the Lib/Lab/con alliance.

And as for colonisation, well there are dozens of schools now with no white indigenous children and huge areas of Our Sad Country now entirely colonised and living under Sharia Law.

So Jack, I think we know more then you give us credit for and I suspect that is beginning to frighten you. And so it should. We will bring you to justice.

But who is this Jack saying "We English are reticent and self confident"? Is it the same Jack Straw who not so long ago was insulting the entire English People by saying they were aggressive and very violent as a race? Why yes it was. Make your mind up Jack.

A little bit of irony here. Remember Jack(Justice Secretary) being pulled over for doing 103MPH on a motorway and who subsequently had all charges dropped against him because he used the excuse he was late for a meeting with Tony Blair? Well that is an example of how the "elite" see themselves. As being above the Law. Well boys you are in for a shock. The BNP never forgets.


Anonymous said...

Is this the worm who said:

"The English as a race aren't worth saving?"

And he now has the neck to say "we English" and that muslims are giving Britain so much?

He's right. So much J-I-H-A-D. Mind you, being a red-dyed-in-the-wool marxist whose goal is to destroy our nation and our people, perhaps we should expect these and more treasonous words and deeds from this traitor.

How British people can continue to give their precious vote to parasites like Straw who abuse it and treat our country with contempt I do not know.

The man should hang for what he is doing.


Anonymous said...

OXFORD Street murder victim Steven Bigby was on bail over the brutal gang rape of a girl when he died, The Sun can reveal.

He was also on bail for a SECOND attack in which a man was repeatedly stabbed in a gang fight.

Bigby, 22 — who was knifed and had his throat slit in front of horrified London shoppers on Monday — was charged in January with nine others over the horrific rape of the 16-year-old girl.

She was beaten before gang members took turns to rape her. They doused her with skin-burning caustic soda in what cops believe was a bid to destroy DNA evidence.

At one point it was feared she would die from burns. But last Tuesday Bigby — a member of North London gang Tugs From Around — was freed on bail.

Anonymous said...

In actual fact it's very simple what labour and co are in the process of doing with regard to islam.
As always we have to know a little history to understand also who are the puppet masters behind the scenes that decide policy.
Virtually every member of the labour cabinet are Fabians.
Make no mistake this scum are wherever socialists are in power inc Australia where we can now see the same genocide of the white Australian starting.

Sir George Bernard Shaw in 'The Genuine Islam,' Vol. 1, No. 8, 1936.

"If any religion had the chance of ruling over England, nay Europe within the next hundred years, it could be Islam."

“I have always held the religion of Muhammad in high estimation because of its wonderful vitality. It is the only religion which appears to me to possess that assimilating capacity to the changing phase of existence which can make itself appeal to every age. I have studied him - the wonderful man and in my opinion for from being an anti-Christ, he must be called the Savior of Humanity."

"I believe that if a man like him were to assume the dictatorship of the modern world he would succeed in solving its problems in a way that would bring it the much needed peace and happiness: I have prophesied about the faith of Muhammad that it would be acceptable to the Europe of tomorrow as it is beginning to be acceptable to the Europe of today.”
All of the young MPs selected at the 1997 and the 2001 elections were young Fabians...clause 1v campaign in 1995 was their little chore.,10538,677698,00.html

Anyone not aware of this Fabian plot to undermine and finaly to cheat Brits out of their Country and heritage ought now to start taking note.
Waiting to learn what they are upto will leave it too late!
The Fabians started decades ago removing all our laws etc that protected us.
Well, they thought they were Gods that could change anything.
Only our apathy will allow them to do this the laws were and are protected, our forefathers knew that Scum was lurking around and one day would rise to the surface!!


Strider said...

Jack must be in knots - what with Muslims on one side and the BNP on the other, a heady mix of Jewishness and Communist beliefs just won't cut the mustard in today's damaged Britain.

Perhaps his game is to sit back and play Islam and the West against each other like some real life 'World of Warcraft' game...

odin said...

He is a snidey, nasty little man!

Anonymous said...

Mr Straw the moslems are complaining "too many immigrants coming in"
And while your at it landscape the park for our moslem Somalians that came from Holland all 4000 of them....

Anonymous said...

Surely this amounts to political brainwashing in schools therefore illagal.........
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Anonymous said...

Here's an interesting part from the works of Denis Wheatley. Note the last few lines beginning...As long as Britain stands......

I especially like these last few words.

......come what may, our island will prove the Bulwark of the World."

I think these words should be our motto GA. Could be an article in there for you.

First published by Hutchinson, 1941


Spoken by Wheatley's protagonist Monseigneur le Duc de Richleau, Knight of the Most Exalted Order of the Golden Fleece. The Duc is addressing his friends Simon Aron, Marie Lou, Rex Van Ryn and Richard Eaton who he's just helped rescue from a Nazi-Voodoo priest who has been remote viewing Britain's vital Atlantic convoy routes:

…"Whether or not Hitler and Mussolini themselves are great masters of Black Magic, nobody can possibly contest that it is through such ambitious and unscrupulous men, German, Italian and Japanese, that the Powers of Darkness are working and in recent years have acquired such a terrifying increase of strength upon our earth.

"The New World Order which they wish to bring about is but another name for Hell. If through them Evil prevailed, every man and woman of every race and colour would finally be enslaved, from the cradle to the grave. They would be brought up to worship might instead of right and would be taught to condone, or even praise, murder, torture and the suppression of all liberty as 'necessary' to the welfare of 'the State'.

"Incontestable proof of that has already been given us by the way in which the young Nazi-educated Germans have behaved in Poland, Czechoslovakia, Norway, Holland, Belgium and France. They butchered old men, women and children who did not even seek to oppose them. That was part of the Plan, and they obeyed the order to commit these murders in cold blood without a single recorded instance of any protest against them by officers or men. Seven years of the Totalitarian poison has been enough for the Evil to grip five million German youths and with it their hearts have gone cold and stony. If they triumph, within seventy years such words as justice, toleration, freedom and compassion will have ceased to have a place in the vocabularies of the races of mankind.

"In the New World Order all family life will be at an end, except for the conquerors, and only the worst elements, spiritually, will be allowed to procreate fresh generations to populate a world divided into masters and slaves. The right to homes and children of their own would be reserved to the Overlords; the rest would be herded into barracks and reduced to the level of robots without the right to read or speak or even think for themselves. There could be no revolt, because every officer, priest, deputy, editor, magistrate, writer and other leader of free thought and action in the conquered countries would already have been executed by the firing-squads; and leaderless herds cannot prevail against tanks, tear-gas, bombs and machine-guns.

"And unless men are free how can they progress upon the great spiritual journey which all must make?

"This war is not for territory or gain or glory, but that Armageddon which was prophesied of old. That is why all the Children of Light. wherever they may be, captive or free, must hold on to their spiritual integrity as never before and must stick at nothing, physically, in the fight, lest the whole world fall under the domination of these puppets who are animated by the Powers of Darkness."

As he ceased speaking they knew that although it would be many days before their burns, weals and wounds were healed there had come into their hearts a little glow of warmth. The Battle was still far from being over, but they had done the thing which they had set out to do. Their Victory was an episode¬ no more-in the Titanic struggle that was in progress, but the flame which animated their spirits was burning an the brighter for it, and they were returning to fight on for the England that they loved.

It seemed that the Duke guessed their thoughts, for he spoke again. "As long as Britain stands the Powers of Darkness cannot prevail. On Earth the Anglo-Saxon race is the last Guardian of the Light, and I have an unshakable conviction that, come what may, our island will prove the Bulwark of the World."

Let's hope he is as right about 21st Century Britain as he was about 1940s Britain eh!?

Anonymous said...

The queen has joined the new world order, she has been to Turkey and is mouthing the words of the EU regarding Islam.

Some said the queen was in on it all, at first i had my doubts, not any more.

no wonder the queen has said and done nothing as our country gets sold to the Germans and the French.

LeedsLass said...

Odin is much more succinct than I can ever be. John Whitaker Straw was a marxist leader at Leeds Uni and took his name from
and then went on to become another lawyer/politician.

The man's a prat with an ideology which is dead in the water. Blair and Brown, in trying to impose 2nd hand communism, have killed the Labour Party stone-dead, but I think that could have been the intention of the Communists/Fabians all along - so it could all dissolve, unseen by
the people, into the EU. (Look at the Conservative Party - what changes to the EU do they propose?)

How many decades have the British people been lied to? I felt like a cuckold until I found the BNP and realised others felt the same way I do.

The Green Arrow said...

Harry, check in tomorrow morning and we shall see what we shall see.

LeedsLass said...

Who's Harry?

Goodnight Vienna said...

I'm sorry but the simple fact is that the electorate, ie we the people, have been slow on the uptake. The ballot box will not be an option after the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty. Just read it online, listen to the Parliaentary debates and understand all the ramifications if this final, self amending, treaty goes through.

Anonymous said...

goodnight Vienna:

This is our future following the Lisbon treaty....

Anonymous said...

Exactly Strider, Islam's massed introduction to this country wasnt a coincidence, and ironically enough many of the powerful people who have curtailed our laws and given it precedence over the indigenous peoples are in fact the very people who profess to be its arch enemy. Turning brother against brother till man is no more perhaps isnt too far from the mark, the mark of a Bilderberg conference perhaps?


What does this lithuanian jew mean by "we English"?

Anonymous said...

I,m Harry.


The Green Arrow said...

Hi Harry, I'm working on it:)

Anonymous said...

Good question, what does this Lithuanian Jew mean by 'we English'? I wonder what his agenda is. He's not one of us.

There are too many people in this country called 'Jack Straw'. Send him off to enrich Butcher Bob's 'free' Zimbabwe. Cheeky bastard.