Saturday, 10 May 2008

BNP Councillors refuse a place at Mayors Trough

Three of the Lib/Lab/Con Councillors prepare for their ratepayer funded free meal

Two British National Party councillors have refused an invitation to feed their faces at the expense of South Yorkshire rate payers.

Snubbing an invite to a huge civic banquet where Rotherham's new Mayor is to be announced, BNP Councillors, John gamble and Will Blair released the following via BNP spokeswoman Marlene Guest:
"We think that, when the council is making so many cut-backs, it's totally wrong to have a banquet.

"The council is cutting services and it's appalling to have this dinner when people in the borough are struggling with budget-cuts.

"Councillors are not there to have jollies and enjoy themselves.

"The BNP councillors are very angry and disgusted and will not take part in this dinner or any others in the future."
All very true but of course that is not the way the Orwellian Pig Councillors of the Lib/Lab/con pact view things. They whined:
"The cost of the Mayoral dinner will be met from the dedicated civic budget which exists for events such as this.
So is this civic budget Magic Money? Of course not, it is still ratepayers money that they have set aside for the Pig Councillors to pat each other on the back every year away from the public gaze. The Lib/Lab/con pigs have all been feeding together for years at other peoples expense.
"This long-established traditional event will be a non-political, civic occasion which aims to foster good relations.
Well the British National Party are in politics for love of Country, not love of money, position or free lunches or in this case banquets and that is why we cannot be stopped and why we will win in the end.

So enjoy the Banquet whilst you can lads, your gravy train is about to be stopped by the BNP buffers.


Anonymous said...

It would be great to see the MSM pick up on this.No chance really, but a nice,fleeting thought.

Anonymous said...

while pensioners think twice about buying a packet of biscuits as a treat.
While babies are starving to death in Burma due to their own elite not giving a buggar.
I hope they choke to bloody death on their starter!
Good on the BNP guys for showing you have a moral guide!
LBC radio's Nick loves stories like this!!

Anonymous said...

And make no mistake, this is why the trough feeders are so against the BNP getting into council chambers, especially in any numbers. The whole fiasco of the London vote was that the establishment knew they coudnt palm the BNP off completely, so let them get one candidate on the Assembly, hoping that through being childish ignorant and intimidating they would win the day. Now imagine how dificult their game would be if the true number of votes had been allowed and the true number of candidates were present at meetings?