Friday, 9 May 2008

Empires- What are they?

Article by

Guy Leven-Torres

Empires come in two basic forms- The military and the economic. By this I mean conquest through armed invasion of territory or through trading, wherein a superior civilisation trades its way to power and hegemony. In practice of course, Empires like the Roman and the British were a mixture of both, since both used the superiority of their civilisations to trade and the military power they wielded, to enforce or coerce their will through threat or actual invasion, designed to command and control. There are other factors of course, like generals and politicians trying to make a name for themselves, like Caesar and Alexander but Empires usually found themselves through reasons of trade and the wealth to be found through human capacity to work and produce but also, in the talents that are inherent in any subjugated population, especially craftsmen and their skills in armaments in the ancient world, their technology and the raw materials often within the land to produce those armaments. But above all else Empire, is about land and the domination of it and the capacity to control the wealth in raw materials to be found in mining or in food production.
Sometimes, the possession of land controlled strategically important routes for trade and the passage of armies, such as the strip of land Rome took, that is now called Provence in Southern France, itself a corruption of the Latin provincia. The ownership of this land by Rome in the 2nd Century BC, gave access to Gallic traders and superior metal workers more highly skilled in the manufacture of swords than the Italians but also to soap and other materials, traded up and down the Rhone Valley. The possession of land and military forces placed therein, could be a strong bargaining chip as well in order to gain access and power over ‘client states’, a system easily utilised and exploited by both Romans, British and the Russian Empires. Client States are also cheaper to maintain and less costly without the expensive deployment of troops. I also emphasise again, the need to ensure that the subject population, or at least its elite identify their own interests with the conquering power. Rome managed this better than any other imperial power in history, including the British and American that I find speaking as an historian and strategist, singularly lacking in their imperial efforts.
The European Union is really quite a strange institution. It is certainly showing increased signs of being an Empire but unlike, older Empires it seeks to wage war upon its own Peoples. It has no professional legions yet to conquer land outside Europe and does not even have a strong Red Army and an internal security force to maintain control, of its increasingly helotised populace who have made it very clear to their political masters, they do not want to be part of a EuroState or EuroEmpire, which presents quite a problem of command and control for the ruling elite, who simply cannot take for granted any military forces, unless they intend to deploy more versions of the proto-legionary Eurogendfor, now being trained in secret perhaps?
At present it is held together by a Marxist political bureaucratic class that utilises migrants and an extreme Wahabist mercenary form of internal colonisation, in which its faithful live within de facto, military colonies of troops paid in welfare benefits but supported by increasingly oppressive laws and scare tactics, to cow the indigenous population. This will work for some time but there are increasing signs that the alien colonists have seen a good thing in rioting every year, in countries like France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark and Sweden, and that the European populace and even moderate Moslems have had enough. The authorities have of course tolerated these riots since they encourage, the natives to keep quiet for fear of more violence or prosecution by ‘Hate laws’ so designed to quell dissent.
The EuroState, may or may not be controlled, by larger darker forces in the form of Globalist corporations and institutions, like banks and even the City of London, that pays the political ruling class as ‘clients’, in which to enforce their imperial will on the populations and lands of Europe. The EuroEmpire, is also perhaps the first Empire in history established to rob its own people and land, in order to support itself or rather a narrow elite that lives off the population in an increasingly feudal manner. One report we have, even suggests the British Royal and European Royal families may be the driving forces in this new imperium, with a view to re-establishing aristocratic control over the democratic peoples of the Continent, as a post-democratic solution to the growth of popular power after the collapse of the ancient regime, that ruled Europe for 800 years. These aristocrats may well be what they are but they seem to be heavily imbibed with Fabian Socialism and are in active cooperation with the bureaucrats and politicians that make up the rest of the Ruling elite, that is fast becoming a ruling Caste, similar to that found in places like India and parts of the Arabian world.
I have called this process the primitivisation of society and indeed, the return of punitive ‘Hate’ laws against Moslem belief or criticism of it, has led to the imprisonment and psychological torture by a modern Inquisition in the form of police and bureaucratic witch hunts, spurred on by violent religious mobs calling for the beheading of Danish cartoons and ‘fatwas’ against writers like myself and Salman Rushdie.
The European Union Empire is effectively an Empire of Robbers, solely designed to exploit the wealth and manpower available to it within its population, rapidly but intentionally being replaced by swarms of migrants, whose attitudes to police states and imperial rule, is far more in keeping with the intentions of the ruling caste in Brussels, Berlin, London and Paris. The reports we have found indicate that the caste- a blend of the old aristocracy, politicians, officials, and public servants and corporate employees, seek to appropriate all available wealth in the form of land, housing, cash and other materials owned by the middle-class, by gradually increasing rates of tax to a point that the population is gradually sucked dry and their property taken from them in the form of fines, gradually reducing them to helotised servitude, their every movement and habit controlled from dawn to dusk by heavily policed surveillance; in other words the classic Marxist feudal state. The trouble is, that in their need to steal and live like the strategic parasites they are, they seem to have forgotten the basic tenets of Empire and how to maintain their ascendancy over the helotised populace.
No heavily bureaucratised Empire has survived for long before its inertia kills it from within and unless the EuroEmpire, is hell bent on military expansion and conquest, in order to establish a dynamic for its survival by acquiring more land and the wealth of other populations, it will collapse from within as the Roman did, and so too the Byzantine; an especial historical lesson for the EuroElite caste as the bureaucracy of the latter literally prevented the authorities from defending its imperial demesne from the invading Moslem armies, welcomed in large part by helots, tied to the land in an hereditary occupation and taxed to support a parasite, lethargic ruling caste, very similar to that now emerging in the EuroState.
The expansion of the EU to more than 27 states and now North Africa is the classic dynamic of imperial expansion-it has no choice other than to do so, otherwise it will stagnate and die. It will also overstretch itself as Rome did in 118, after Trajan the brilliant Roman Commander and Emperor died. Rome could simply nor maintain the costs of such large land masses and his successor Hadrian pulled back from Parthia, from which time the Empire went onto the defensive and Jewish and other provincials went into open revolt. tired of Roman rule and saw a chance to take back independence in an overstretched Empire- UKIP please note!
Furthermore the Moslem military colonists, driven by the spiritual violence and appeal of Wahabism may very soon, as they are in some cases already, turn out to be the arbiters of power in much the same way as the Franks and Goths were to the dying Romans. The Islamisation of Europe is already far advanced and what we may be witnessing is the rapidly increasing establishment of a European Caliphate, with a helotised populace and a former ruling European elite, having the richly deserved stark choice of becoming Moslem or facing the axe-and I kid you not! The populace tired of Marxist theft and extortion rackets- for that is what the EU is really about- your property and mine- may soon tire of this and see Islam as a relief from cheap sex, conspicuous consumption and parasitical ruling castes sucking them dry like vampires. The human being is a complex creature and cannot simply live by bread and handouts alone- And the Moslems know this as did the first Christian Jesus Christ, who said so too…..


Anonymous said...

Hizb-ut-tahrir long since muted that eventually the low morality of the UK would be the tool to bring in islam and the caliphate. weary people sick of violence, booze and filth on TV would eventually look to islam to make changes.
It's as if the government has guided the society into that direction to bring about islamic control.
Their very own SS...........
Note Guy's remark re property?

Maybe unknown outside the North.
Leeds council rufuse collectors on strike rubbish left on streets in Beeston.
Council want men to accept a £6000 pay cut when cost are skyrocketing.
Something to do with paying females more!

Anonymous said...

And then as if to back up all Guy has stated an award winning video out in the USA tells it like it is loud and clear stop the PC crap challenge even the supermarket dhimmis.
Gaunty today earned an e-mail from me.
Covering the giving of Al-qaeda PROTECTION in the UK he had to add it's not an attack on moslems most are good kind people bla bla bla.
Because you yourself may or may not believe both the EU and Gov dictats about all those peace loving moslems don't kid yourself that your'e fooling anyone! millions know full well that you and the Gov talk a load of BS.
Added link 1400 years of moslem expansionism.
I agree with this American, speak out stop spreading the BS we don't work for the NAZIS!

Anonymous said...

Interesting piece.

Some comments which might improve it:

[1] There are also empires of propaganda/ belief systems (in addition to military and economic power) an obvious one being Catholicism. Confucianism is perhaps analogous. Islam being of course an important example.
[2] These things can be interdependent - for example even during wars in the 20th century transport, arms, raw material were often sold to both sides.
[3] You omit quite a few empires: the French and Belgians in Africa had huge cruel empires. Russia had a land empire (taken over by Lenin). Japan tried to build a military empire.
[4] Europe rather than an empire perhaps is more like a monarchical arrangement, or perhaps a collection of nobles each with their own territories. Maybe the peasants revolts, statute of labourers, and perhaps wars of succession might provide interesting parallels. However instead of land being the basis as under feudalism, today man made assets are more important - infrastructure, roads, factories, entire towns and cities and environments.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe that Euoropeans would turn to Islam, I believe that Muslims have been encouraged into Europe, with or without their knowledge, to be used as a tool to divide and conquer. Once the globalists have credit crunched,taxed and fined our people out of their property, used food and fuel to further enslave us the Euro-Taliban would then become the force to keep the serfs in their place, which they would do with great enthusiasm and far cheaper, I suspect, than a traditional police or military force.

Alex Jones has got it bang on re the NWO !!

Anonymous said...

Moslems are here due to the agreements made back in the 70s in exchange for oil.
The oil embargo became the tool to ruin the west.
The agreement being; Europe would allow moslem over-spill, would also help alienate America which in turn alienates Israel.
The Franco/German Agreement with Arab states has been a success, but failure for all Europeans also a massive blunder for the UK.
It allowed a Trojan horse to enter the UK and Europe.
Guy is concentrating on Europe only, his essay is pointing out the dangers this poses to us all he likens what he now see's happening in the UK and Europe to the way the Roman empire found it's success.
Rome first conquered the cities where the power is always concentrated!
The EUSSR with their arrogance assume that they can control islam like an unruly dog but like unruly dogs when they become a pack the cowards in Brussels can easily be overwhelmed.
As for Europeans not turning to islam many are already! due to pressure from militants in areas where they have become strong.
When our financial institutions have turned to sharia when even our stock exchange is now majority owned by Arabs which signifies that the ruling elite are already almost bent double infront of islam.
Our education system is promoting islam both in primary and higher education don't hold your breath when assuming Europeans won't turn to islam.
It's the duty of practising moslems to turn any country they reside in into an islamic state orders from MO are taken seriously.
Moslems are a very eager tool!
But under PC i'm not supposed to say that am i?
How clever to try to silence those that can see what's going on, even America now is to ban certain words Jihad, Hezbollha,islamic terrorists.removing all connection with islam.
Just imagine had Churchill not been allowed to use the word nazi in relation to Germany all news regarding Germany re-arming censored!

Anonymous said...

anon 10:55
I think you have slightly misunderstood me.
I am fully aware of the oil embargo fiasco of the 70's I was issued a petrol ration book at the time and I'm also fully aware of the deals and agenda that came out of it. I read Bat Yeors book Eurabia shortly after it was published and have studied Islam and the NWO non stop since 9/11, so am fully aware of what Islam and the globalists endgame is. I never saw words like taqiya and kitman used on British Nationalist blogs until after I posted stories and links to Jihadwatch, Faithfreedom, Prophet of doom etc on the comments section of NGs blog, long before it was closed. I had emailed the BNP website with those links many times before, but they never posted any of them. The only time they did was when I sent them lots of the "Sharia justice" photo's which are now commonplace and to their credit they did post some of them in an article, but not the worst ones.

This thing runs far deeper and with many more tentacles than most could imagine. My take on why the hordes are encouraged into the West was not about who appeared to instigate it, but what the hordes themselves, not their masters believe. I think they are dupes to be used whether they know it or not, probably used by both sides for now but ultimately the elite globalists win.

The British and American Elite are and always have been far more devious in their dealings with foreigners than we could possibly imagine and as underhanded as Muslims are I wouldn't be too quick to think Islam could pull one over on the people who's empire the sun (once upon a time) never set or their counterparts in America.

Slightly off topic but nonetheless relevant, does anyone believe that our Royals are so powerless these days that they have signed our birthright away without so much as a whimper. I'm more inclined to believe they know exactly what they are doing and will come out of this EU sell-out with much more than they already have. I read somewhere recently that Charles will be given the title Prince of Europe.. God Help us all !!! only 7 months left.. National strike anyone ?